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UKV PLC Provides The Best In French Wine

There is so much to know about French wine. This is something that only the most experienced connoisseurs are able to talk about. This is because wine production, as well as its labeling in France, is a highly complex procedure. This is why it is important to get a few basics first.

UKV PLC believes that a beginner should get acquainted first with the appellation system of the French. Typically the wine labels show the grape variety being used. But the French wines are labeled based on their region of origin. This kind of controlled place name is always a part of a classification system that is regulated by the government. It would define the grape variety as well as the winemaking practice for that appellation. The highest classification quality will be the Appellation d’origine contrôlée.

UKV PLC further specifies how this idea of a specific region came about in terms of wine. This comes from the unique French concept of terroir. What this indicates is the way in which climate, soil, as well as altitude play a role in giving any wine its unique character. Other factors include the topography as well as the local tradition of that region to give wine its character. UKV PLC says that just the variety of grape is not important in the case of French wine. The regions where those grapes are grown are more important here. This is why UKV PLC has classified certain regions from where the best French Wines are procured.