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How Eucatex Has Grown To Become The Seventh Largest Paint Producer In Brazil

Eucatex, the seventh largest paint producing company in Brazil, announced its decision to build a new medium and high-density hardboard at Salto worth R$130 million. The company holds a market share as per the market analyst, Lafis. Eucatex is, however, one of the majority, domestically owned companies and has a short term mission of increasing its market share to five percent of the total paint and coatings market. The company’s principal sales are focused on renewable forest products making Eucatex an active participant in conserving the environment. The company processes 20,000 metric tons of wood fiber and waste wood product in a month and has ultra modern equipment for separating plastic, paper, metal and different ferrous materials.

The company commenced its activities back in 1951 while the first panels factory opened its gates to operations in 1954 at Salto and produced and marketed a variety of insulating and lining fro eucalyptus wood fibers. It was the first Brazilian company ever to come up with the idea of using eucalyptus as a raw material resource to produce panels and ceiling tiles. The company has grown large over the years and currently produces supplies for huge company construction as well as for the external market. For its sustainability, Eucatex owns 44 hectares of forest, in San Paulo State. The company also has a Forestry Unit with a Seedling Nursery.

Eucatex produces a broad range of architectural coatings that cover furniture and construction industry. They include enamels, acrylics, varnishes other wood and stucco finishes and coating, flooring, doors and partitions The company comprises of three convoluted factories: Paints, Plates and Vanishes that operate in Salto, while flooring and panels operates in Botucatu.

Many facebook users say the pain sector for Eucatex amounted to 15% of sales back in 2007 contrary to the year before when it accounted for 12%. To date, the company has built a solid standing in the architectural sector as the prominent Eucatex brand. The company includes almost 30 diverse color coatings among their product portfolio of fiberboards.

As president of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf is bestowed with several responsibilities towards the company. He became president through an agreement between all of the company’s shareholders and the family in 1997. Through the years, Mr. Flavio has made the company successful by concentrating on innovations and investing heavily to establish new products in the industry. Apart from the responsibilities towards the company, Flavio Maluf is an active philanthropist, and he volunteers and offers charity to the local community.