Lovaganza Showcases Entertainment And Brings The World Together Read more

Lovaganza Showcases Entertainment And Brings The World Together

One of the most well-known entertainment franchises is Lovaganza. It is also one of the most unique ones. Here is more information about Lovaganza.

About Lovaganza
As previously mentioned, Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise on euroweeklynews.com. Their goal is to bring entertainment to audiences and to unite the world. The company’s goal is to inspire humanity and peace. Lovaganza is two separate entities, with one being Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise (a for-profit) and the other being the Lovaganza Foundation (a non-profit).

In short, the company showcases cultures, dance and music from many parts of the world. Entertainment on celebmafia.com can connect people regardless of who they are, which is why Lovaganza does what they do.

Lovaganza celebrations were scheduled for 2015, but they will now be taking place in 2020. This is to make better use of technologies that are emerging and to use cutting-edge concepts. The celebration will last four months and there will be locations in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East.

What The Celebrations Will Consist Of
Lovaganza will consist of many things, such as a traveling show. The traveling show will hit the roads sometime in 2017. The show is to promote the celebrations that will take place in 2020, and the missions and goals will be attached to it too.

Cinematic glasses will be presented by Lovaganza, which will be followed by three motion pictures. Standard 3D and 2D theaters will play the motion pictures, and filming has already started in various countries, which include the United States, France, Spain and shooting will resume in India, Africa and other parts of the world.

About Filming
One of the films that will be released is called Follow Your Sunshine, which takes place in the 50s. The first part of the trilogy was directed by Genevieve and J?F Gagnon from France. The pair brought aboard a team of 50 people and dozens of extras.

The filming has impacted the town it was taking place in. In fact, the shooting required hiring staff, renting vehicles and renting interior spaces. More than $30,000 was added to the town of Frigiliana, Spain.

Those who are interested in learning more about Lovaganza can visit their official site. The company regularly provides updates.

Attention Facebook Users Beward of New Community Standards Read more

Attention Facebook Users Beward of New Community Standards

Are you ever scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and wonder why sometimes you see some pretty disturbing stuff and other times not? Or perhaps you went back to find something someone posted and suddenly it’s gone? Well, a recent overhaul of the ever popular social networking sites Community Standards left avid users scratching their heads.


Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg delivered the Community Standards Address on Monday, illustrating just how Facebook classifies and controls belligerent and offensive content posted by users for others to see. The Community Standards Address touched on a variety of topics, all the way from bullying to personal business.


In particular, the social networking site has tightened their policies against hate speech and threats of violence. Facebook will be more observant and cracking down on those making any sort of terroristic threat or bragging about criminal activity. Instead of explicitly banning inappropriate content as it’s posted, Facebook will be relying on users and members of the Facebook community to help determine what is appropriate and what is not.


One thing Facebook does not want to do is act as a barrier or prevent certain rights of free speech from its members, though. Instead, Facebook still plans to allow community members to share controversial content with others so long as there is a justifiable and accountable motive in doing so. Sergio Cortes has learned that Facebook will hold all members of the Facebook community responsible for their posts and actions on the social networking site.


Tom Rothman Among Contenders for Prime Sony Position Read more

Tom Rothman Among Contenders for Prime Sony Position

Tom Rothman, best known for his tenure with Fox Searchlight, is among the top contenders for the recently vacated co-chairman post at Sony Pictures. Amy Pascal’s decision to step down from the position after 15 years has led to widespread speculation over who may take her place.

Rothman, already serving as the chairman of the Sony offshoot TriStar Productions, is considered by many to be among the most obvious of the available candidates for the position, the other being Jeff Robinov, the former president of Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group now heading Studio 8, also under the Sony umbrella.

Said to have been in London when Pascal announced plans to step down after the Sony email hacking scandal in late 20014, Rothman reportedly wasn’t given a heads up on the move. Insiders suggest Robinov wouldn’t want to leave his prime position, which involves tapping into the potentially lucrative Chinese market. Rothman, on the other hand, was embarrassed when some of his not-so-diplomatic emails were made public.

If Sony decides to promote from within, there are a handful of other contenders for the position. However, Rothman does have a reputation for toeing the fiscal line, a trait especially important to Sony execs. During his time with Fox, the company had the best profit margin of any other studio. Rothman also has a solid relationship with many of the top names within the entertainment industry.

Named one of the smartest people in the entertainment industry in 2007 by Entertainment Weekly, Rothman is said to be just as well-liked as the current co-chairman. Pascal announced plans to remain with Sony at least until May of 2015, suggesting that she will stick around long enough to help her replacement transition into the position. Incidentally, Pascal is set to remain with Sony as a producer.

New Sergent General Believes That Medical Marijuana is Helpful Read more

New Sergent General Believes That Medical Marijuana is Helpful

Brian Torchin told me that the new Surgeon General of the United States, Vivick Murthy, who took office in December, told CBS that he believes marijuana is helpful in treating certain medical conditions. He was interviewed by CBS to discuss his policy on the vaccination debate and resurgence of measles that the country is facing, but also discussed his views on medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana, as well as the general legalization has been a hot topic for the last few years. 23 states now allow the use, growth, and sale of marijuana for medical purposes, and Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Washington DC have fully legalized growth, sale, and use of marijuana for all citizens.

The white house has not changed it’s official policy, which is that the legalization of marijuana is counter to the White House commitment to the health and safety of the citizens of the United States.

Murthy believes that more research on medical marijuana needs to be done, but that so far, the data shows that marijuana is useful and helpful for certain medical conditions. He said that he believes that policy should be driven by the data from theses studies.

This is good news for advocates of legalizing marijuana, because it is the first time a White House official has spoken favorably on the issue. He did not talk about the legalization of marijuana in general, but the push towards legalizing it for medical reasons seems to be growing.

Antique Wine Company: An Outstanding Vintage Wine Merchant Read more

Antique Wine Company: An Outstanding Vintage Wine Merchant

Founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company is an exceptional wine merchant that deals with only rare and fine wines. It is a private enterprise situated in London and currently serves over 20,000 clients in seventy countries. It has been specializing in exceptionally fine wine since it first opened its doors in London, and it now holds more than 10,000 bottles of only excellent vintage in its cellars. The AWC is popular for record breaking collections of wine as well as the best wine events.
Stephen Williams is a self-taught and highly motivated wine connoisseur. He has managed to drive The Antique Wine Company into a world class wine merchant through his unique skills of efficiently tracking down wine for his clients. Sourcing the wines has been the backbone of his business. He concentrates mainly on Bordeaux and a bit on Burgundy since Bordeaux has been the historic market for UK wines. He has maintained a stellar reputation for selling fine and rare wines all over the world, and this has seen him and his company attain several major awards.
One of Stephen’s significant achievements was assembling each and every consecutive vintage between 1860 and 2003. This collection was sold to the highest bidder; The Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, in 2007. His most recent coup was achieving a sale of an 1811 bottle at a record 75,000 Euros. Stephen is so good at what he does such that he can tell about a wine’s authenticity just by looking into the eyes of the seller. Other than that, he is the leading inventor of scientific experiments used for dating wine.
Most of the wine at The Antique Wine Company is sourced directly from chateaux or through secondary markets. Most sellers prefer selling their wines to this company due to the high reputation it has in running its business. Similarly, Stephen might opt to buy wine at auctions since here collections are sold in lots.
The Antique Wine Company is always dedicated to meeting each and every need of its clients. At times, you might find that a customer needs a whole wine cellar; as a result, it becomes the company’s obligation to spend millions building one. Marketing the wine is always crucial and, for this reason, the company introduced the Grand Chateau Series; a limited edition cabinets of wine. These cabinets are crafted from only fine woods like ash, sycamore and rosewood and are architectural models of nine the most celebrated chateaux in Bordeaux. They contain 18 bottles of the best vintage from the corresponding estate produced in the last 100 years.