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It Doesn’t Add up to Incorporate Olympic Valley

In a recent article published in the Sacramento Business Journal, the merits of incorporation for the small Olympic Valley community were found lacking. The Olympic Winter games were held in this beautiful valley but unfortunately, though an amazing claim to fame, it doesn’t support a city. A financial analysis by the Placar County Local Agency Formation Commission states that a city would be unable to be supported by such a small permanent population. The permenant population of Olympic Valley is less than 1000 people. RSG a land use firm hired by the commission for the analysis indicates that incorporation isn’t feasible.

The main revenue source of the town would be gained from hotel fees from tourists. The flux and seasonality of tourism would not provide a steady and reliable source of income. In fact, the prediction is that is if incorporated in the next year the deficit would be as much as $1.8 million by 2017-18, not a good way to start off a new city. This plan already includes a limited number of city employees as well as contracting many services out to the county. Alternative plans are being considered that more closely model the current structure of the community with the county. Unfortunately for incorporation supporters they have not been found to be sustainable either.
The push for incorporation was started by some residents a few years ago when a large hotel project was proposed by Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth, who you may have seen on the CBS show Undercover Boss. The hope was that incorporation would give the community members more say in these types of projects. Some of those opposed to the incorporation have formed a group called Save Our Valley. This group hopes the financial analysis will help all residents to see what is in the best interest of all the members of the community and their scenic home.
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Empire State Building lights up for Nigeria’s Missing Girls

Tuesday night, the Empire State Building in New York City turned on red and purple lights, in honor of the 219 adolescents who are still missing a year after being kidnapped in Nigeria by the Islamist group Boko Haram.

“The Empire State Building will be lit in purple and red in honor of #BringBackOurGirls” (Give back our girls), said its website.

Candlelight vigils, prayers and meetings were held Tuesday in Nigeria and around the world to mark the first anniversary of the mass kidnapping from a high school in Chibok, a small town in northeastern Nigeria.

No one has heard anything of more than 200 girls abducted by the Boko Haram group.

Dan Newlin thought back to the day they disappeared during the early hours of April 14, 2014, one year ago, when fifty armed men arrived in vans and broke wildly into the school.

This time, instead of killing teachers and students, in their sleep, as Boko Haram typically had done many other times, they decided to capture the girls.

After that assault, the girls would only be seen again through a video, released by the terrorist group, which announced it would sell them as wives in different African countries.

The president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, said just a month ago that girls were still alive. But after a year, and given the nature of their captors, it seems unlikely that the new president can do anything for 200 girls who lost their freedom.

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The Dorchester Collection looks to expand into new locations

The Dorchester Collection is one of the World’s top luxury hotel brands and currently sits at the very top of the list of hotel chains that have refused to expand purely for the sake of opening another hotel. Chief Executive Christopher Cowdray has worked hard since the brand was created in 2006 and he was appointed in 2007 to make sure the entire operation is seen as a single brand known for the luxury and decadence of their properties and customer service. The hotel chain is looking to expand with a list of luxury partnerships set to be discussed, but a further ten hotels being added over the next decade is a small rate of expansion.

One area where The Dorchester Collection is ahead of its rivals is in the ownership stakes, most luxury chains are now searching for the highest profit margins that will keep investors happy. The Dorchester Collection does not feature a series of shareholders, instead the company is owned by the Sultan of Brunei through his Brunei Investment Agency. This different approach to ownership has meant decisions could be made that Cowdray would have struggled to get a group of investors to agree to, such as closing the Hotel Bel Air for two years before reopening the location after a huge renovation.

Christopher Cowdray himself is at pains to point out the slow and steady growth is a strategy designed to keep The Dorchester Collection at the very top of the luxury hotels industry. The chain looks to each member of staff to make an impact on guests and make sure they feel wanted and special during their stay. The Dorchester Collection recently won a major human resources award in the UK for the programs it has set up to reward employees for their good performances. An even more staggering fact is that Cowdray expects each and every staff member from himself down to display the same attitudes and responsibilities towards guests whether they work at the head office, the back of house or are seen by guests throughout the majority of each working day.

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Inmates Save Prison Guard from Rape Attempt

Inmates are traditionally viewed as career criminals, no matter their crime. They are often viewed as vile and as unable to be rehabilitated. A female prison guard at Riker’s Island in New York may see inmates for what they are, but has a lot to be grateful for this week, after a group of inmates rescued her from an attempted rape.

Twenty-seven-year-old Raleek Young, who was imprisoned on charges of raping a teenage girl, used force to access a “safe” area of the prison. It is there where the hulking man, reported to stand more than six feet tall and weigh-in at almost 300 pounds, choked the guard while he pleasured himself.

Flavio Maluf said a corrections officer responded but had difficulty gaining access to the area, described as a “bubble station.” The guard station was encased in plexiglass. A prisoner with a small build managed to slip through a crack to enter the bubble and helped the responding officers to burst the plexiglass. The group of inmates then helped to subdue Young until more officers were able to assist.

Young was originally charged with a simple count of “use of force,” but a following protest that resulted in officers refusing to arrive to their posts may have pressured prosecutors into changing the charges.

Raleek Young has been charged with sexual assault, attempted rape, assault, and harassment.

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Another Woman’s Heartbreaking Bill Cosby Story

An exclusive article on has been trending in recent weeks. In the article, another woman claims to have been sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. The woman’s name is Patricia, and she was a model in the 1970’s. The Buzzfeed exclusive did not give her last name out. Patricia wants to keep her anonymity.

Patricia’s story is both heartbreaking and revealing. The last year has been extremely difficult for Bill Cosby and his family. Patricia is the seventh woman to make these claims about Cosby. Patricia revealed in her Buzzfeed interview that she was drugged and penetrated by Bill Cosby. She claims that Bill invited her over to his house, and he gave her a drink that made her pass out. Facebook users had thought that Patricia then woke up completely naked in the guest bedroom. She said that Bill Cosby was standing over her.

Patricia’s claims are haunting, and this is not the first time that we are hearing this type of story. Six other women have come forward. Their stories are very similar, and they all involve some type of drink. The women pass out, and they wake up with Bill Cosby standing over them. The entire situation sounds like a sick joke, but these stories must have some truth to them.

The sad part about the entire situation is that Bill Cosby was once beloved by America. No one would ever think that Bill Cosby would do something like this. Many people think that the women are lying in order to ruin Bill Cosby’s name. There is no way the all seven women are lying. One of these women must be telling the truth.

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Hernandez Trial Begins


On Thursday the long awaited trial for the murder of Odin Lloyd began. Alexei Beltyukov described on how Aaron Hernandez’s defense attorney started out by telling the court room how LLoyd and Hernandez, who met because they were dating sisters, grew to be close friends. They would get together, hang out in Hernandez’s “man cave” and smoke weed.

But Lloyd’s girlfriend at the time of the murder, Shaneah, took the stand and claims that they were not that close of friends. The two men did meet through Shaneah and her sister Shayanna, who was dating Hernandez at the time. She also admitted that when they all got together the two men would go and smoke, but to her understanding the two guys never hung out on their own.

Between the defense’s opening statements, and Shaneah’s time on the stand Friday, it appears marijuana might be playing a big role in this case.

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The Tactics That Can Propel Women To Executive Positions

Women often have a tough time moving up the corporate ladder. The sad thing is that the deck has long been stacked against them. However, Susan McGalla knows that it does not have to be this way. She says that there are opportunities to have more women advance higher in a company than they ever thought possible.

Higher Education Leads To Higher Incomes

Just remember this simple idea. Higher education can lead to a higher income and a job with higher prestige. It is a good idea to seek out as much education as one can reasonably afford. Higher education is not only an enlightening experience in one’s life, but it also provides individuals with the chance to have higher earnings in their career. It is something that is definitely worth the investment.

Confidence Is Key

The old saying that confidence is key remains just as true as ever. Those who show confidence in the work that they do without appearing to be arrogant. It can sometimes be a delicate balance. Those who learn how to strike that balance well are highly likely to retain higher paying jobs than what they may have been able to otherwise. It is a good idea to try to retain as much confidence as possible, or learn how to show confidence better if that is a struggle.

The Glass Ceiling Does Not Have To Impact You

Letting the concept of the glass ceiling get too much in your head can be the biggest issue of all. Those who accept the reality that the glass ceiling exists but reject the idea that they must be controlled by it are generally the best off. They are the survivors who make more of their career and can in effect do better work.

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Medicaid Study Results Not Surprising

A medical study published on Wednesday, January 21, has revealed information that anyone living in a capitalism-based society should already know:

When Medicaid pays out a higher amount to doctors, patients who have it get better service.

According to the researchers who published the results, patients who had Medicaid during a period of two years when federal reimbursement to healthcare providers was higher experienced the same wait times but were given better appointment availability options.

My friend Flavio Maluf says that one hand, the study is great because it proves in black and white with irrefutable numbers something that Medicaid advocates and patients have been saying for years: Patients who have Medicaid do not receive the same level of service or care as those who have private health insurance.

On the other hand, the concept outlined by the study is a no-brainer to those who have used Medicaid or treated patients who have it.

Although the Affordable Care Act was supposed to improve the state of healthcare nationwide to the point that low-income and partially disabled patients, who usually need healthcare the most, would receive better care… it has had the opposite effect. Many doctors only helped patients with an extra financial push from the government.

The biggest problem with a capitalist health insurance system is that many doctors and other healthcare workers care more about per-service fees and billable hours than the people who they promised to aid.

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Vijay Eswaran Celebrates Ten Years Of Sphere Of Silence

If there is one book that you should be reading right now, it is Sphere of Silence. This is a book written by Vijay Eswaran which is now being celebrated for being on the shelves for ten years. It is a book that is different than most business related books available on the market. What is so special about this one is that it asks readers to listen to their inner selves.

With all of the distractions that are available in our modern world, it is nice to have a book that tells us all to take a step back. Vijay pulls from many of the themes that he learned as a child from the Hindu faith. This is what has influenced him to believe in the idea of inner peace and listening to what your own body is telling you. He asserts that those who take the time to do this are going to be happier because they will be better able to what they really need to be successful in life. That is a lot different than what others will say about the same kinds of experiences.

Huge global problems are of particular concern to Eswaran as he says that only when we listen to what our inner selves are saying can we begin to solve them. Global warming is one example of a problem that he believes can be solved when we start to listen to what we are saying on the inside. It is not always easy to do this, but he believes that this is the best way to take care of the problems that we are faced with. Anything less than this is not being productive enough towards those ends. He encourages all people to take the steps necessary to start to listen to your inner self.

Check out Vijay’s website for more info on him.

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Ukraine Issue: Still No Diplomatic Progress

No diplomatic progress is visible at the moment despite the Monday night meeting in Berlin. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France held a meeting on Monday evening in Berlin to discuss the advisability of a summit for Ukraine to be held in Kazakhstan.

The summit of four countries (Ukraine and Russia under the aegis of Germany and France) was announced in late December by the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, remains hypothetical. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France held a meeting on Monday evening in Berlin to discuss the advisability of a summit for Ukraine to be held in Kazakhstan.

After speaking with a good friend at Amen Clinic, it is worth mentioning that the spokesman of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov had said on Monday that President Putin was awaiting the results of the Berlin meeting to decide whether to participate in summit, believing that, everything depended on the efficiency of the negotiations and the willingness of participants. Like Putin; German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande; are also very much concerned about pending progress before the proposed meeting to be held in Astana, supposed to revive the peace process.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the Ukrainian army, Andrii Lysenko, has also pointed out redeployment and concentration of enemy forces in all directions toward East of Ukraine, where the situation has deteriorated sharply in recent days.