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Whitney Wolfe: The CEO of Bumble Has An Amazing Wedding In Italy

As the CEO and founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, knows all about matchmaking, because it’s her business to. Recently, she was wedded to her new husband, Michael Herd, who is an entrepreneur and businessman. They met each other before the Christmas of 2013 during a ski trip and quickly hit it off with each other. Michael proposed to Whitney Wolfe during a trip they were taking together while on a horse ride, and a couple of days later they spent some time in Italy. After that, they hired Cynthia Cook Smith, a wedding stylist, and Diana Sorensen of Sugokuii Events to do the wedding, and then they planned the entire wedding at a venue they had never even visited before; Villa Tre Ville.

For the wedding, Whitney Wolfe, wore a gown made out of corded rose lace by couture Oscar de la Renta, and Michael wore a Tuxedo made by the Italian menswear line, Isaia, as did the rest of the groomsmen. Mr. Isaia, himself, showed up to make sure that the final fittings were precise, and this was exciting to the couple. On the day of the wedding the area experienced a flash-flood, and since the people of Italy believe that rain on a wedding day is a sign of new beginnings, Whitney and Michael took it in stride as they put off the wedding at the time. As luck would have it, the rain cleared up by the evening and they seized the opportunity to puit together a last-minute wedding.

The wedding ended up coming together at around 7:30pm, and it was a spectacular event to behold; with a view of the sea being available to everyone who attended. The amazing dinner for the event consisted of grilled pezzogna with lemon and locally sourced vegetables, ravioli with tomato sauce, and beef carpaccio with burrata. The tables that the dinner was served on were created by local blacksmiths, and Whitney Wolfe and her new husband had some of them shipped to their home afterwards because of their beauty.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble, which is an online dating platform that allows people to make connections through a safe and secure network where the woman always makes the first move. Bumble BFF is an extension of the dating platform that allows people to find friends when they move to a new city or are just looking for someone to connect with. Bumble is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is helping women, everywhere, to rediscover the excitement of finding a quality date or partner through an online platform.

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