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Denmark Heads to the Polls Today in Tight Race

A very close national election in Denmark has left political commentators wondering who will emerge as the Prime Minister of the country. The incumbent, Social Democrat party leader Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, hopes to retain her office. However, she faces strong opposition from an alliance of center and right wing parties, which have emerged as leaders by a slender margin in national polls in recent weeks. As many as one in five Danish voters remains undecided going into the election today according to Boraie Development LLC.

The polls close at 7 p.m. Danish time. News broadcasters widely expect to know the results of the election by 11 p.m.

Denmark maintains ten large political parties. In a memorable race from 1998, late results from the Faroe Islands tipped the outcome of the election. That scenario might well reoccur this year.

The central issues in the race have involved the national economy, immigration and welfare. The Prime Minister has agreed that the election is likely to be a cliff-hanger, noting: “It’s going to be really close.”

Recently, Denmark implemented immigration reforms that restrict the situations in which the country will grant political asylum and generally tighten immigration requirements.

The left-leaning Social Democrats are calling for increased public spending. Their opponents want some new tax breaks and a limit on government expenditures. Many political analysts wonder what, if any, impact the relatively newly formed Danish People’s Party, will have on the election.