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Review of Purina Dog Food

Dogs are a common sight in most homes. These dogs require nutrition, proper shelter and care from the veterinary doctor to keep them healthy and strong. Dog owners spend an average of $47.7 billion on dog treats and food per year. A number of companies have been offering different brands and treats aimed at making your dog healthy. Nestle Purina Company has their renowned brand of dog food. This brand is known as Beneful. The brand is popular because of its dry, wet and baked dog foods that keep dogs healthy. The company has several branches all over America. These branches manufacture different dog food products. Beneful dog food has been on facebook and in the market for more that 25 years. The foods contain vitamins and minerals that are meant to keep dogs active, healthy and happy. The ingredients used to make the dog foods are wholesome and natural. They are made under high sanitary conditions. The oven baked dog snacks made by Purina are tasty and colorful. First, the snacks are designed, decorated and finally, baked in the oven. They come in an assortment of flavors such as bacon, cheese, peanut butter and beef with cheese being the main component. The treats have different flavors such as beef and cheese, chicken and cheese, hickory smoke and cheese, peanut butter and cheese and bacon and cheese. Some of the snacks have cream fillings at the center. The others treats are airy crackers and shortbread cookies. The treats are rich in antioxidants, omega, fiber and iron. The wet food category has delicious flavors that come in different blends and shapes. Wet foods are easily digestible. Chunks come in diced, sliced and chopped blends that have visible ingredients. Dog food is packaged in resalable and reusable tubs that have varying sizes of between 3 oz to 10 oz. The foods are packed with wholesome proteins such as lamb, beef, chicken and pork with visible accents of barley, rice green beans and carrots. Blends come in medleys, chopped and hearty roasters. Purina dog products are safe for dog consumption, as the Food and Drug Administration have certified them.