An Investment Without Financial Guidance And Proper Planning Does Not Exist Read more

An Investment Without Financial Guidance And Proper Planning Does Not Exist

There is something to learn from everyone. You might have conflicts of beliefs with someone but it does not mean you have to reject even the good advice they have to offer. Donald Trump, the candidate for next US president and a billionaire, says his father told him to know the ins and outs of things before he did them. If a simple advice made him a billionaire and what he is today, anyone could bring about such big changes in their lives by following simple words. There is always a moment of realization in a person’s life and you might have just met yours too.

 Making Safe Investment

You have realized the potential threats of being financially weak after retirement and want to avail an investment opportunity to secure your post-retirement life. Now, investment is defined as purchasing of an item with the good hopes of gaining benefit from it in future i.e. you purchase an item whose value appreciates with time.

The problem here is, you are not sure where you must start from. To get value out of your investments, you have to make several profitable investments – your intuition might only work once or twice.

 The First Step

Patrick Soon-Shiong, the co-founder of Vivo RX Pharmaceuticals and major contributor to Abraxane (a breast cancer treatment), admits that the best advice he held on to was to invest in oneself and the people one could believe in. When you are making your first investment, your hands and confidence may shake a little. After all, it’s your hard-earned money and you don’t want to lose it for nothing. If only you could get a hold of someone who not only knows the ins and outs of investment but is also an honest person dedicated to helping people with their investments.

 Richard Blair

There is a lot of general advice made available on blogs and forums about investment. Some people share this information for the sake of it and others share whatever limited experience they had with their investment ventures. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions, on the other hand, is a name you could trust without second thoughts.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a firm providing invaluable investment advice to small business owners, families and aspiring individuals in Austin, Texas. Inspired since childhood to educate people on financial matters, Richard has lived a life dedicated to investment advice and education.

He has been helping people make successful investments and financial decisions since 1993. His undying passion to help people with their post-retirement finance planning and investments has earned him several certifications such as RIA, CTS, CIS, CAS, CES, CFS and RICP.

It is his experience of nearly 25 years and the invaluable knowledge of finance industry that has made him one of the most successful finance and investment advisors for hundreds of families and small businesses in Austin, Texas. One of the most valuable advices from Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors in the world, is to invest in what you know. Alternatively, you could start with someone who knows it all.

Trump For President: The New White House Will Be Trump Tower In New York! Read more

Trump For President: The New White House Will Be Trump Tower In New York!

Okay. The Donald is serious. He’s tired of all these lame Republican candidates for president. The only woman he thinks is smart enough to sit in the oval office is his daughter, Ivanka, so he has no choice but to throw his comb in the ring, and give it his celebrity best. Trump wants to make the country great again. He knows the United States has some serious issues. The US need a man like Trump, at least Trump and his supporters think so.

But what kind of president would Trump be? He knows how to make money says Eric Pulier. He knows how to put together a hit TV show, and he knows how to raise money for good causes, but can Trump make the right decisions for the country, and can he surround himself with the right people? If Trump is elected there’s no doubt his sons and daughter will have some official title in his administration, and the old guy that Trumps brings on his TV show now and then will certainly be around to give the real estate mogul some New York type advice. But is that enough to convince voters that he is the man?

Trump thinks he has a shot, and hey, who can argue with “making America great again?”