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Festive Alpaca Brings Joy to Nursing Home Residents

Napoleon, a therapy alpaca, spent some time visiting residents at Maryville, a nursing home in Oregon. Maryville Nursing Home surprised their residents with a visit from Napoleon for their Christmas gift. Napoleon arrived at Maryville Nursing Home dressed to the nines in in tinsel, ornaments, and even a pair of reindeer ears!

What a lovely idea by staff to bring some joy to their residents. Therapy animals have been proven to improve not only their moods, according to Dr Rod Rohrich,  but can also lower their stress levels which in turn can lower blood pressure. If you aren’t convinced, just check out the pictures below!

To see pictures of the elated residents with the most festive alpaca ever check out Cosmopolitan.co.uk. These are seriously some of the sweetest pictures.

Napoleon is an official therapy alpaca who makes visits to nursing homes, hospitals, and schools bringing joy wherever he goes. He even has his own Facebook page!