George Soros’ Predictions For The Business’s Future Read more

George Soros’ Predictions For The Business’s Future

Knowledge is crucial to the success of a business. George Soros’s predictions for the year 2016 based on 2008 recession on will give the opportunity for businesses to discover everything about prevailing market condition around the world. His predictions are where he focuses on a great penetrating assessment of the investment market including the economies across the globe.

Like many financial analysts who have been talked to in interviews, George Soros’s interview is based on how far along the economy in countries like China have been traveled. He examines in depth the myths and realities surrounding this economy and will take the view from the top, as a successful country to future predictions and declining tends. How China made the choices regarding currencies and how it manages its falling economy on can give you insight into making tough decisions for businesses in the future. George Soros explores the roadblocks that the country is facing and provides some proven strategies that are essential to face the reality. George Soros examines the steppingstones along the path to business success as well. He has some fascinating ideas that a good many big companies use to escape the dangerous tide. He says most businesses who have failed in the past have chalked up their failure to luck. In fact, majority tend to not plan their future. Today George Soros firmly believes that if more businesses want to succeed, they must aggressively keep an eye on the market condition and its past performances and plan ahead accordingly. They need to envision where they need to go from the moment and ask for how they will survive in the harsh economy.

George Soros’s interview on Twitter gives an insight into what a business must do and what it requires to build a road map. This will also help the businesses identify long term goals and provide a list of what elements in business require focus in the future. There was a time when the notion of market condition in another country was totally foreign to other parts of the world. But times are changing. The diminishing boundary in terms of trade among various countries means the impact of a declining economy in one area is felt across the globe. With the advice George Soros offers, more and more businesses are realizing this fact. There is an enormous demand for all kinds of solutions tot his problem but very few solutions to make the economy sustain. Countries are fighting for the ability to retain their resources and by looking a decade out, that is going to be a battleground if proper measures are not taken. George Soros’ predictions in these aspects have been proved right in many instances and continue to be so.

China Thinks George Soros Is Dreaming When He Says China Is The Catalyst For Another Great Recession Read more

China Thinks George Soros Is Dreaming When He Says China Is The Catalyst For Another Great Recession

The Chinese don’t like bad press. That’s one of the reasons the Chinese news agency is controlled by the government. The Chinese really don’t like billionaire investors betting against their currency either. In fact, in a rare show of annoyance, the Chinese recently told George Soros that he was playing with fire if he bet against the yuan. Soros is not the kind of guy that is intimidated by foreign governments. In fact, he has more money than some of the governments in the world today. The Chinese want him to stop talking about them, but that’s not going to happen


George Soros is a man on a mission. As a former refugee, waiter, Wall Street newbie, and Hungarian-born human rights advocate, Soros has experienced the highs and lows that come from climbing the ladder of success. Mr. Soros is now considered one of the wealthiest people on the planet, and a social activist that has spent $6 billion during his lifetime to promote democracy and open societies on But Soros is also a philosophy major that dabbles in world economics, and his dabbling has made him famous as well as controversial.

Mr. George Soros has been studying what has been going on in China as well as in other emerging markets over the last eight years, and he believes the world is in the beginning stages of a global recession. Countries like Brazil, Russia, and South Africa were the first to feel the strain of the Chinese meltdown, according to an article on the website. Then Greece, Spain, Portugal and Asian countries were next. The European countries that are in a recession or depression mode didn’t get in that mode because of China, however. They put themselves in that mode by poor government choices and free-spending when they joined the European Union.

Even though George Soros told that China’s weak economy is the main reason for another global recession, he also said the European Union is to blame as well. The European Union is on the verge of a collapse, and if that happens, Europe will be in serious trouble. Europe is already feeling the symptoms of a recession, and if the EU breaks up, those symptoms will become a serious illness. 

When wrote about Soros and his humanitarian efforts around the world, the article also mentioned the Soros prediction that a global recession is imminent. Soros said the global recession is unavoidable, but the consequences can be less if the world reacts fast enough. But Soros said that reaction is based on the United States recognizing the signs, and it seems the Federal Reserve doesn’t believe in a global recession or they wouldn’t be considering raising interest rates. 

It Doesn’t Add up to Incorporate Olympic Valley Read more

It Doesn’t Add up to Incorporate Olympic Valley

In a recent article published in the Sacramento Business Journal, the merits of incorporation for the small Olympic Valley community were found lacking. The Olympic Winter games were held in this beautiful valley but unfortunately, though an amazing claim to fame, it doesn’t support a city. A financial analysis by the Placar County Local Agency Formation Commission states that a city would be unable to be supported by such a small permanent population. The permenant population of Olympic Valley is less than 1000 people. RSG a land use firm hired by the commission for the analysis indicates that incorporation isn’t feasible.

The main revenue source of the town would be gained from hotel fees from tourists. The flux and seasonality of tourism would not provide a steady and reliable source of income. In fact, the prediction is that is if incorporated in the next year the deficit would be as much as $1.8 million by 2017-18, not a good way to start off a new city. This plan already includes a limited number of city employees as well as contracting many services out to the county. Alternative plans are being considered that more closely model the current structure of the community with the county. Unfortunately for incorporation supporters they have not been found to be sustainable either.
The push for incorporation was started by some residents a few years ago when a large hotel project was proposed by Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth, who you may have seen on the CBS show Undercover Boss. The hope was that incorporation would give the community members more say in these types of projects. Some of those opposed to the incorporation have formed a group called Save Our Valley. This group hopes the financial analysis will help all residents to see what is in the best interest of all the members of the community and their scenic home.