ClassDojo – An Exercise in Education Read more

ClassDojo – An Exercise in Education

ClassDojo was founded in San Francisco, CA in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. Its founders wanted to create an app that connects students, parents, and teachers thereby creating an individual group focused on children’s education and behavior. Their goal was to inspire and create new content focused on the student. What they wanted to accomplish was creating an atmosphere of student focus with an emphasis on education, student behavior, and parent-teacher involvement.

If there was one word describes ClassDojo it is innovation. ClassDojo has received numerous awards from prestigious places like Forbes, TechCrunch, Newsweek, and Fast Company. ClassDojo is translated into over 35 languages and is used in over 90% of classrooms in the United States.

In the past, children have run home from school proud of an achievement they won in class. Now, mom, dad, and the student will all be there to “watch” via the ClassDojo App. Students and teachers can post videos, messages, and photos and mom and dad can participate in classroom activities in real time.

Since its creation, ClassDojo has been focused on bringing a positive and creative environment to the classroom. Students are encouraged for bravery and leadership and teachers can +1 their students while class is in session. Also, students can create their own digital portfolio. Beats waiting for Progress Reports and PTConference. Now parents can see what students are doing in the class day-to-day.

This app is great fun while encouraging positive input from the class.

There’s nothing since Sesame Street that made learning this fun.

How E-Governe is Reducing Redundancy in Brazilian Health and Education Systems Read more

How E-Governe is Reducing Redundancy in Brazilian Health and Education Systems

All across the world, leaders always want to deliver quality services to their citizens in a bid to get re-elected. With the advent of technology and innovation, governments across the globe have found that they can improve on efficiency during service delivery, and at the same time minimize on operation costs. Thanks to e-governe, residents of the Municipality of Osasco can now access health and education services through the local government portal. Through the website, you will be able to gain access to vital information of all the schools in the municipality as well as be able to easily communicate with the Municipal Education Department and The Continuing Education Center.



Because of e-governe, the education system in the Municipality of Osasco has significantly improved. Cases of corruption have subsided while vital learning information now happens to be protected from sabotage. Above all, it is now easier to schedule education meetings for all school heads than it was one year ago. When it comes to health, e-governe has incorporated ambulance, hospital, and bed services into its website. In so doing, people living in Osasco have been empowered to access the services mentioned above quickly. Also, e-governe has proven to be essential to health in the Municipality of Osasco since it allows the relevant health bodies to keep tabs on medicine stocks so that pharmacies in the area never run short of supply. In the past, nation-wide vaccination drives have not been as active as expected. However, e-governe now allows the Municipality of Osasco to schedule vaccination drives with a lot of success.



E-governe has also been instrumental in the scheduling of doctor-patient appointments. In so doing, the online system has made it possible for patients to access treatment almost when they need it thus reducing wastage of time as well as the loss of human lives. In the short period that e-governe has been in effect, the Municipality of Osasco has been able to successfully control how patient referrals from other localities access their services. Also, the system has helped simplify the budgeting process thus reducing chances of under and over spending. Finally, e-governe has assisted in building on capacity especially on health facilities in the municipality based on patient numbers.



Because E-governe is a tool that is relatively new to government officials and consumers, local authorities like the Municipality of Teresina have embarked on training drives meant to gain more information on how to use the website. So far, representatives from the health, education, and finance department have already met to discuss on the best way forward to sensitize the public on the use of e-governe. Moreover, the Instituto Curitiba de Informatica has found e-governe to be extremely helpful in all its operations. Due to the use of e-governe, municipalities can now identify problems in their health, financial, and education systems quite quickly thus helping reduce redundancy by finding quick and lasting solutions on the same. Therefore, with e-governe, we can accomplish a lot especially by providing people with security in both health and education.


Kabbalah Enlightens People Through its Teachings. Read more

Kabbalah Enlightens People Through its Teachings.

Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that tries to reveal the coexistence of life and the universe. Looked at from a literal level, the word Kabbalah means to receive. Its knowledge was revealed thousands of years ago. It is believed that the wisdom came straight from God. It was handed down from generation to generation and was only allowed to be studied by married men above the age of 40 years. The study of this wisdom tries to help individuals have a sense of fulfillment in their lives. It is common for people to feel lost at different stages of their lives. Today, it has become harder to attain a sense of fulfillment as the number of necessities increases. Consequently, the feeling of accomplishment has by far, eluded most of us.

According to Kabbalah, fulfillment is a connection to the inner self. It’s a state of being always aware of who you are. It is a special connection with an energy found from deep within our bodies. As such, for long lasting fulfillment, the connection should be maintained. Kabbalah mostly teaches about all the branches of life. It teaches about relationships, health, and careers. All of these factors comes from one source, the universe world.

Kabbalah wisdom is based on fundamental universal principles. These laws apply to almost all religions and faiths. Regardless of the ethnicity, anyone can join the Kabbalah class and learn. All the individuals learning Kabbalah have an advantage in that; it does not force people to think in a special way. It also does not result in radicalization or force individuals to incline their beliefs towards one superior religion. Kabbalah does not exercise religious coercion.

Teachers of Kabbalah share this great wisdom with people with the intention that it will be used to uplift their daily lives. It’s also their hope that the teachings will be applied in their daily lives to boost their morals. As of today, Kabbalah teachings have been associated with prosperity and positivity by those who have had the chance to share in its wisdom and learn more about Kabbalah.

We have an inner desire to discover the reason for our existence. We have our goals, but are they the reason we were born? What is our purpose in life? Everyone wants a successful life and while it can’t be achieved without love, good relations, self-esteem and financial security, Kabbalah strives to answer these questions and consequently establish a sense of fulfillment and resume of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is found in Zohar. A book authored by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai. The book contains important teachings that help people live harmoniously.

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Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal Oncotarget And The Impact It’s Making In Research Read more

Peer-Reviewed Medical Journal Oncotarget And The Impact It’s Making In Research

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed medical journal that is open-access and has achieved a high Impact Factor in the research community. The journal, published by Impact Journals, was started in 2010 by Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov. Both doctors work at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York and are co-editors-in-chief of Oncotarget. Oncotarget was originally focused on the field of Oncology but has recently expanded into accepting research papers in multiple medical disciplines and new issues are released weekly.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a Professor of Oncology at the institute. He also conducts research that includes molecular and cellular biology. He also performs clinical investigations into tumor suppressors, anticancer therapeutics, and signal induction among other areas. He also conducts research into the cancer drug rapamycin and how it can be used for life extension due to the way it affects TOR signaling. Dr. Blagosklonny has written over 300 research papers, book chapters, and reviews. He is also an editor or assistant editor for several other journals in addition to Oncotarget.

Dr. Andre V. Gudkov also performs research into cancer treatment. He also holds two chairs at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute including the Senior Vice President of Basic Science Chair in Cell Stress Biology and the Garman Family Chair in Cell Stress Biology. His research involves DNA damage and repair and photodynamic therapy in addition to other research efforts he is involved in.

Oncotarget’s mission is to make scientific research results widely available as quickly as possible. The journal also seeks to break down the walls between different medical disciplines in order to foster interdisciplinary discussion and collaborative scientific research. Some of the research papers that they know publish, in addition to Oncology, are now in several specialties including among them Cardiology, Cell Biology, Endocrinology, and Pharmacology.

Beyond Oncology the Oncotarget website now has 5 additional sections. These sections are Chromosome, Immunology and Cell Death, Gerotarget/Aging, Pathology Beyond Oncology, and Immunology and Microbiology. With the addition of these new sections Oncotarget seeks to contribute to the progress of science in making life without disease possible.

ClassDojo Achieves Success And Starts Looking Towards Making Money Read more

ClassDojo Achieves Success And Starts Looking Towards Making Money

Since its founding in 2011, ClassDojo has rapidly become a necessity in a large percentage of classrooms all over the country and also in places around the world. More than two-thirds of all schools have at least one teacher in the school using the app, in this country alone.

A simple app, ClassDojo completely changes the way classes are taught and how communication between teachers and parents work. Teachers can post pictures that parents can see and they can have a better understanding of what is happening in the classroom. CEO of ClassDojo, Sam Chaudhary has been voted as one of Inc.’s 2015 30 Under 30 and believes that if one can change what happens inside and around classrooms, education can experience changes.

The app’s claim to fame was its point system that allowed teacher to reward students for their good behavior, but since then has become so much more than that. It creates a connection and a community in which teachers, students and parents and can communicate. This communication helps to create a better classroom environment, and happier students.

The app resembles a different colored Facebook where teachers can post pictures and information about their lessons and parents can comment on them. At one time, ClassDojo even borrowed an idea from Snapchat, introducing student stories that allowed the students themselves to post pictures and videos about what happened at school that day.

Now that ClassDojo has great success with connecting parents, teachers, and students, the company is ready for the next step. Now they have their eye on monetizing the service. While ClassDojo has no plans on selling any advertising, they are contemplating the idea of selling educational content. With excellent distribution capabilities, the company is looking at the possibility of being able to spread educational videos to audiences on levels that have been before been accomplished.

ClassDojo’s mission is to transform the education of every child around the globe. They plan to connect students, parents, and teachers in each and every classroom. The company believes that not every classroom is the same and that every classroom should have the power to create the classroom that is best for them. ClassDojo believes that if you give good people an easy way to do the right thing, marvelous things will occur.

Their app is used in 90 percent of K-8 schools in the country and is used in an astounding 180 countries. It is translated and used in over 35 languages and received Series B funding in 2015. Over 20 percent of the staff at ClassDojo has teaching backgrounds and one-third of American children ages 5-14 have learned growth mindset and empathy using the ClassDojo app.

ClassDojo Helps With The Development Of Empathy Read more

ClassDojo Helps With The Development Of Empathy

Empathy is a very important quality to have in people. Unfortunately, a lot of people may not necessarily learn how to develop that quality. Fortunately, ClassDojo has a program that may help children develop empathy. This is one good thing about ClassDojo. They are not successful because they do all the right things. They actually go above and beyond and look forward when it comes to providing solutions for their clients. One example is in Jennifer Ellison’s class, when students were paired off, there was one student who was autistic. The other students came to her with ideas on how to make him feel comfortable.

One thing that is important about education is that the student feels comfortable in the environment so that he could learn better. If one is always faced with anxiety, then that could get in the way of his education. However, with a supportive environment, one could achieve a lot. One could also learn to stand on his own two feet.

Among the things that the class has done in order to help erase the anxiety of the student is come up with ways to randomly assign reading partners. For Ellison, this has been a very rewarding experience because it shows that she is reaching these children and helping them develop the needed qualities to make life better for others.

One thing that could be said for ClassDojo is that it is the latest development for social media. For one thing, adults already have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, this is for people to interact with their peers. ClassDojo allows people to interact with teachers, and children. This also deepens the connection and makes sure that the parents are also involved in the growth of their children.

ClassDojo is definitely going to help children develop and create a productive and successful life. Not only are elementary school students and teachers experiencing the benefits of this app, but high school students are also getting to experience the benefits. ClassDojo is definitely going to change the educational system for the better. It is not only presenting people with education, but also helping people develop care for one another.

Keith Mann’s Business, Dynamic Search Partners Is Active In The Local New York Community Read more

Keith Mann’s Business, Dynamic Search Partners Is Active In The Local New York Community

Keith Mann is a young entrepreneur and investment strategy expert who is CEO of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP). DSP is an alternative investment company specializing in hedge fund management and private equities, and also helps fortune 500 clients and major firms find qualified executives. Keith Mann has been working in this field for over 16 years, starting off at Dynamics Executive Search as a Managing Director, and later would be promoted to Vice President, and would get the autonomy to start DSP as a branch company. Since about 2001, Mann has helped clients all around the world fill over 2,000 executive positions.

Consulting and filling executive seats for big corporations is not all that Keith Mann and DSP do, they’re also very involved in the local communities of New York City. As part of their philanthropy, they support the Uncommon Schools group in an effort to improve New York’s education. Uncommon Schools is basically a network of charter schools reaching across the greater northeast, and is focused on bringing in trained leaders and administrators to the schools to help them achieve high academic status. Mann and his company have held fundraisers, and brought programs to the curricula that help prepare students for college and the business world beyond.

Keith Mann and his company have also stood in solidarity with New York’s men in blue. It’s been tumultuous over the last couple years in the city amidst all the anti-police protests, and while most of those protests have stayed peaceful, at times they’ve turned violent and Mann has spoken out in support of the police department and even offered gifts to them.