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Greg Secker: A Man of Diverse Talent

Greg Secker is a man of diverse talent. He is a successful entrepreneur, an experienced trader, philanthropist, and a well-informed international speaker. Mr. Seckker is a multi-billionaire who has already cemented his place in the league of the rich. He owns various firms and software such as the Learn to Trade, Capital Index, and SmartCharts Software. As Greg progressed in his career as a philanthropist, he was inspired to initiate the Greg Secker Foundation which is a non-profit organization that is committed to changing the face of the present day community and state of life. This foundation’s ultimate objective is to improve the quality of health in the community and make poverty a forgotten menace. George Secker has made young entrepreneurs have a chance of progress. He has lit their flames of hope through his leading firm that coaches the youth of how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Greg’s career started in a financial firm, Thomas Cook Financial firm. He would later move to the foreign exchange business platform to open up his business which he was named Virtual Trading Desk. Virtual Trading Desk was the epitome of the online foreign exchange market. It opened avenues for customers to be accessed to real-time quotes for large foreign money exchange rates. Greg progress was gradual and irresistible. He moved to Mellon to serve as Vice President. He later landed in a bank where he gained experience from working with fellow traders. Greg later left Mellon after developing a worthy capital to start something of his own. He set up a small trading floor from his home which later gave birth to Learn to Trade. 13 years down the line, Greg has established his trading floor to the extent of organizing seminars and workshops that are being attended by a diverse group of people from all over the world.

Greg contribution the economy was recognized in 2010 London Excellence Award. Learn to Trade also clinched the 49th position at the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Accolades. Greg Secker aims at giving back to the community after having attained so much success from a tender youth stage. Recently, he was in the Philippines to aid in initiating a project that aimed at rebuilding homes for those who had been affected by typhoons and cyclones.