Sheldon Lavin And OSI Group Progress To New Heights Read more

Sheldon Lavin And OSI Group Progress To New Heights


Sheldon Lavin, Chicago native, is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at the prestigious OSI Group. He is an active and respected member of the food processing industry and his success is backed by years of experience in the field. He is dedicated to ensuring that the OSI group is able to achieve their full potential. He always has his eyes open for new possibilities in terms of expansions and product improvement. In order to stay involved with the companies operations overseas, Sheldon Lavin also serves as the president of OSI International Food Ltd.

Due to all of the hard work that he contributed to the success of the company, Sheldon Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary Award. He was given this honor by India’s Vision World Academy and the accomplishment greatly humbled him. He believes the success of OSI is thanks to their close knit team and dedication to teamwork. He has been working in this industry for over 40 years and progressing one step at a time. He did not have any experience in the food industry when he first got involved and previously worked as a banking investor. Click Here for Sheldon Levis News.

The OSI group really took off when McDonald’s began ordering their hamburger meat from the company. This gave them the push they needed to achieve global success. Sheldon Lavin was the one who pushed for their global expansion because he believed the company had a plethora of untapped potential. Now the OSI Group has operations in the Philippines, South Africa, India, China, Australia, and much more. Sheldon Lavin is now in his late 80s and he has not slowed down one bit. He continues to push the OSI group toward the grand future he knows is waiting. Learn More.

Sheldon Lavin is also a philanthropist that is devoted to improving the lives of other people. He wants to be able to use his success to help other people who are less fortunate. One way that he is able to do this is by contributing to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He serves as their Chairman and he works to improve the public’s awareness of the benefits this charity has to offer. for more.

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Eric Pulier: Unsung Hero

Did you know that many of the people in this world who do great things to make society a better place never seem to get the recognition that’s deserved? Unlike entertainers and professional athletes who seem to receive the most credit, other great individuals seem to “fade to black.” These people are known as unsung heros and even though they aren’t household names, these special individuals have done many great things to make life better for others. Eric Pulier would be considered an unsung hero even though he has an impressive resume of success. This guy is similar to a jack of all trades, thanks to his broad knowledge in the fields of education, technology, healthcare, and business. The Harvard University graduate has founded at least 15 companies in his lifetime, all of which have gone on to become very success. Service Mesh Inc, Digital Evolution, FLY, People Doing Things, XPRIZE, Akana Software, and many more. Eric Pulier sold his last company for $350 Million.

Having such intellect and expertise is a great thing, but this remarkable guy takes it step further. Eric Pulier has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations, raised millions for capital venture deals as well as for technological start-up companies. Many of these businesses have gone on to become a huge success in their own rights. This proud father of four from Teaneck, New Jersey currently resides in the Los Angeles Area where he owns a popular restaurant in Santa Monica as well as a club. Pulier just seem to have his hands in everything which has turned out to be a winning strategy.

Pulier on the other hand, can take a small idea and make it into a reality. His creativity has been shown throughout his life from as far back as childhood. Being a philanthropist adds to his prestige since he’s helped to bring in much needed innovative technology to underprivileged communities as well as developed multimedia educational programs for people who suffer from specific diseases. The present and future are looking very bright thanks to Eric Pulier and his brilliant way of thinking.

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Sanjay Shah Brings New Meaning To Autism Awareness Read more

Sanjay Shah Brings New Meaning To Autism Awareness

Citizens of Dubai geared up for Autism Awareness Month in April with an action packed Autism Rocks Festival. Popular rappers and hip hop performers like Tyga and Flo Rider were in attendance, and gave guest a very entertaining live show. Autism Rocks is out to change the way the world views Autism and the children affected by it. Donations received during the festival are used to fund more research into the condition, and ways to better manage and possibly prevent Autism. Autism Rocks was founded in 2014 by Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife Usha with motivation from their autistic son Nikhil. Since its launch, Autism Rocks has raised more than £600,000 towards the fight against Autism and raising awareness about the condition.

SanJay Shah is a successful businessman and philanthropist. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital Partners and the co-founder of Autism Rocks organization. He has been in heavy support of children in India for the last decade through Plan International. Shah grew up in Central London where he studied medicine at King’s College. After a few semesters. he decided that medicine was not his calling and left medical school to become an accountant. He began working as an investment broker for Merrill Lynch. This to was short lived, and Shah quickly grew tired of the traditional eight to ten hours a day office job.

Eager to break free from the stress and repetition that his current position offered, Shah began t o formulate his own business plan. Armed with his education and investment banking experience he purchased a small office and hired a small team of recent college graduates and traders. Shah founded Solo Capital Partners and within five years he manage to grow his net worth to $280 million. Once he felt that Solo Capital was stable enough to stand on its own, Shah retired from the business world and turned his attention to the world of philanthropy. After several disappointing visits with specialist regarding his sons condition, Shah and his wife decided that someone needed to do something more, to help the children affected by Autism. Today, he and his wife spend a tremendous amount of time and effort toward fighting Autism and bringing an end to the suffering.