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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Nails the Market

The idea of a company that sells only at leisurewear is something that can be difficult in a market where people want all different options to be able to shop with. The Fabletics company, though, has been able to find exactly what they need with this market and they have been taking advantage of it.

Fabletics does not use traditional shopping options that people are used to. Instead, they use a reverse showroom where women are shown one or two outfits that are geared perfectly toward them. This allows them the chance to see only what they need and to be able to find the outfit that is just right for them. It is a perfect way for women to make sure that they are getting what they need from the outfits and from the company in general so that they are able to do more with what they have to offer them.

The blog, A Foodie Stays Fit, did a review on Fabletics. As someone who is very into sports and interested in staying fit (while looking great), the brand seemed like it would be perfect for this blogger. She knew that she was going to have to make an investment of her own money if she wanted to show off the true feelings that she had for the brand. Otherwise, if she did it sponsored, she would have to talk about how much she loved it. While doing the review completely not sponsored, A Foodie Stays Fit found that she really did love the clothes. She felt that they were perfect for the activities that she did and she knew that it was going to work out for her. She also loved the price but did state that she loved the clothes so much she would actually be willing to pay even more for them.

The Krazy Coupon lady, on the other hand, did a review after hearing about the great price. She found that the clothes were right in line with the price that they were. As a blogger on a budget, she also found that the price point was reasonable. While she always tried to save money on the things that she bought, she felt that the clothes provided by Fabletics were a really good price and something that she knew she would be able to get for a great deal thanks to the subscription service.

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Succeeding in a Male Dominated Environment with Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an American native from the state of Pennsylvania. She is well known for her involvement with the American Eagle Outfitters Inc. where she serves as the president. Susan McGalla was born and raised in a middle-class family in East Liverpool, Ohio. Susan grew up together with his two brothers and attended Mount Union College for her first degree. Susan McGalla holds a degree in marketing and business. As a result of her remarkable success in business, Susan was requested to sit on the board of advisors of Mount Union College where her contribution has helped the institution rise to become one of the best colleges in the state. As a family woman, Susan McGalla is the wife to a wealth manager called Stephen McGalla.

Other than American Eagle Outfitters, this remarkable businesswoman has being involved with other companies such as Wet Seal Inc. where she served as the chief executive officer. She has also been involved with other companies such as HFF Inc, Magee-Women Hospital Research Institute and Foundation and she previously served as a trustee for the University of Pittsburg. Susan McGalla is also concerned with giving back to the community as she is involved with a community development institution known as the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Check pittsburgh.cbslocal.com.

Susan McGalla acknowledges that her family shaped her into the woman she has become today. They taught her the importance of confidence, especially when speaking about herself and her ideas. She believes that a woman can succeed in a male-dominated environment without necessary playing the woman card. Soon after completing college, Susan McGalla was fortunate to land a job at the Joseph Horne Company. She worked at this institution from the year 1986 up to 1994, and she held several managerial and marketing positions within the company.  Related post on here.

Looking for a new challenge and venture, Susan McGalla left Joseph Horne Company in the year 1986 and began working with the American Eagle. Her first role with this company was as a divisional merchandise buyer but later on held various positions. Her greatest achievement with this firm was launching more than 77 kids brands. She worked with this company till 2009 when she left to become a private consultant.

As an entrepreneur, Susan McGalla founded a company of her own called P3 Executive Consulting that specializes in marketing. Susan McGalla has a belief that the key to success is hard work, passion, and determination.

Read more about McGalla, visit her at https://twitter.com/susanmcgalla