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Paul Mampilly Is Bringing High Yield Investing To Main Street

An upstart investment newsletter is getting a lot of attention lately, and with good reason. Profits Unlimited is the brainchild of investment expert Paul Mampilly. It began publication as of June, 2016. Banyan Hill Publishing announced in a PRNewswire article that the newsletter has achieved a major benchmark. Profits Unlimited now has a total of 60,000 subscribers as of March, 2017.

The newsletter is aimed at bringing high yield investing advice to average investors. Mampilly says he accomplishes this by focusing on growth investments, small-cap stocks, technology and any special investment opportunities he finds. Profits Unlimited is innovative. The centerpiece is a monthly eight page newsletter in which Paul Mampilly recommends one stock to add to a model portfolio. The monthly publication is supplemented by a weekly update that talks about one or two of the portfolio stocks. More information is available on the newsletter’s website. As of the date of the PRNewswire announcement, 11 of 13 stocks are in the black. Four are up 18, 21,31 and 38 percent.

Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager with 20 years of investment experience. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing to serve as Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited in 2016. As a fund manager, Mampilly worked with top clients, including ING, DeutschBank and Kinetics International. He also writes a column for Spansberry Research each week.

In 2009, Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation investment competition by increasing the value of a $50 million portfolio to $88 million. What is even more impressive is that he did this at the height of the Great Recession. Paul Mampilly received his MBA from Fordham University in 1996.

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Vinny Parascandola Understands The Insurance Industry

The need for insurance is something that most people have to consider concerning a variety of situations such as their home, car, and health. Insurance is a major consideration for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that insurance provides a level of financial protection in case of unexpected problems with a home or car that requires repairs or related things.


Concerning health, insurance is a primary consideration because if there is a health problem that requires medical attention or hospitalization, insurance will pay for all or a portion of the cost. In addition, the cost associated with health problems can be very high. Many people without health insurance face financial problems because of the medical bills that they receive. Insurance is something that provides peace of mind for people. It is not mandatory in all cases to have insurance. However, there are consequences that must be dealt with related to some situations if people do not have insurance.


There are many insurance companies that provide insurance. An insurance company that is highly respected in the insurance industry is AXA Advisors. The company is a multi national insurance company with offices located around the world. AXA Advisors has its main offices in France. AXA Advisors has been in business for over 100 years. The company has been through several name changes over the years. The current name of AXA Advisors was began around 40 years ago.


There are numerous people in the AXA Advisors insurance company who provide outstanding leadership, one of these people is Vinny Parascandola. A senior level executive in the company who has a lot of managerial responsibility that covers various aspects of the company’s operations, Vinny Parascandola is looked to by many in the company for guidance and expertise.


Vinny Parascandola has many years of insurance experience. He has held various types of jobs in the insurance industry that have provided him with an array of insurance knowledge. The first job that Vinny Parascandola had in the insurance industry was as an insurance agent. In his role as an insurance agent, Vinny Parascandola performed very well and received awards for his job performance.