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Marc Sparks Great Ideas Transform the Entrepreneurial Culture

Marc Sparks discovered a particular flow in an office that is needed to optimise output and collaboration. He has then commenced several successful companies. In Marc’s book, They Can’t Eat You; he shares his entrepreneurial journey. This book outlines Marc’s entrepreneurship journey, a few failures, and a few successes as well. Marc Sparks was able to use this experience to commence Timber Creek Capital, LP, which represents his journey and the numerous steps of starting a sustainable enterprise. Marc handles several companies and provides them access to resources like office space, marketing, banking, and capital.


As a student and a serial business person who knows well about what is necessary to succeed, Marc found that collaborative, conducive and quality work environment constitutes more than 25% of the components needed to achieve. Throughout his years of experience, Marc Sparks understands the devastating circumstances and the challenges that entrepreneurship can produce. His greatest desire is to assist future entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses and developing them to a higher level.


Marck Sparks outlines focus, faith, tenacity, passion and a sense of urgency as some of the qualities that have contributed to his success. Marc Sparks has witnessed all levels of entrepreneurial failures and successes in his fascinating career. This is the reason why Creek Capital, LP can transform ideas into flourishing business models.


About Marc Sparks

Mark Sparks is the current CEO of Creek Capital, LP, a company that he co-founded. He is further a philanthropist, author and a businessperson who is continuously transforming concepts into businesses. His publication provides an outline of the steps that help entrepreneurs should take to a successful path. His other works also include philanthropies like giving one thousand laptops to at-risk children with American Can! Academy and building low priced houses for families with Sparkey’s Kids. Marc has also been engaged with the Samaritan Inn since the late 1980’s. Samaritan Inn is a Texas-based homeless shelter that accommodates more than 150 people who are in need during the night. Learn more:


About Timber Creek LP

Timber Creek Capital, LP is a private equity firm that majorly focuses on transforming the ideas and dreams of entrepreneurs into income generating products and services. Timber Creek Capital, LP offers equipment, web development, merchant banking, customer service expertise, office space, capital, support staff, intellectual capital, graphic arts, banking, networking and more than three decades of entrepreneurial experience to navigate business from the start to success.