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FreedomPop Launches New Budget Friendly Campaign in UK

FreedomPop has already started to make a name for its popular, budget friendly cell phone plan in the US but now the cell phone company has taken their act overseas. FreedomPop has launched a new campaign in the UK aimed at adding competition to the market with such carriers as Tesco Mobile and Talk Talk.

The FreedomPop plan as well as the Tesco and Talk Talk cell phone plans are also known as “freemium” plans. for ridiculously low prices a consumer can have and use a cell phone with basic talk, text and data plans that will not break the bank. This launch of FreedomPop in the UK is the beginning phase of an international push by FreedomPop which plans to add several other locations.

The way this free cell phone model works is consumers pay a one time fee of £7 in order to get the service activated. Then there is no extra charge monthly, ever, if the subscriber sticks to the basic 200 minutes of calls, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data. If the subscriber wants to buy more, then there are packages they can purchase that range between £4.99 and £16.99 monthly.

Also, the cell phone company has put in place a way for consumers to get extra free data and minutes with the use of paid surveys. Just as some survey companies give away gift cards and virtual currency, FreedomPop has set up their site so that customers can earn free minutes and data. This helps keeps consumers costs down.

Stephen Stokols is the brains behind FreedomPop. As CEO of the company, Stokols originally tried to launch FreedomPop in the UK before the US, but was rejected by the BT board. After his success in the US BT has agreed to give FreedomPop a go. According to Stokols, only around half of the subscribers in the US actually buy extra minutes and data. This is good news for the British consumer. FreedomPop will operate by buying space on the 3G network and then giving it away to consumers. The cell phone company will then aim to push most of the calls and data needed over to free WIFI networks. According to Stokols, the UK only needs 50,000 subscribers in order to break even and then have a positive cash flow. This is a number that will most certainly be easily accomplished.

Right now FreedomPop can only be purchased online. This will not be the case for long though as FreedomPop is in talks with 2 major retailers in order for the service to be purchased street side. Before the launch of FreedomPop, about 250,000 UK citizens expressed an interest in purchasing the service. This goes way over the initial 50,000 consumers needed and the company has stated that they may have to cut off subscriptions at a certain point in order to manage capacity and growth.

The Little Dating App That Could Read more

The Little Dating App That Could

Perhaps you have heard of some of the latest dating apps that are making a splash onto the scene. If you have, you are not alone. There are now plenty of people who are trying their best to use dating apps and anything else that they can in order to get a date. The variety of different types of dating apps now is rather impressive. However, there are some that stand above the rest and really make an impact, and that would have to be Skout.

Skout: The Little App That Could Change The World

Skout is one of the latest dating apps to hit the scene. It has been made available to both Android and iPhone users, and it has been making a splash in a lot of social circles already. Some might wonder what is so impressive about this little creation. The truth is that the app is harnessing something about human nature that was already known but not yet being widely used. This was that humans tend to like to date people in their nearby area.

How Skout Uses Geo-Location

One of the beautiful things about Skout is that it uses geo-location to try to connect users. This means of course that the app uses the location of one smartphone user to try to connect them with other smartphone users that are in their nearby area. This of course matters because the people who meet on Skout may well want to end up meeting in the real world. If they are not able to do so, then Skout fails in its mission. As such, it is a great asset to only show people who live in the nearby areas to users of all kinds.

Skout Is Getting Noticed By Investors

Skout is not some fly by night operation. Rather, the company has already received more than $22 million in outside funding from investors. This is a huge sum of money for such a small company. However, it is the idea that the investors are really behind with this one. They realize the potential that Skout has, and they do not want to miss out on the opportunity to latch on to that potential and make a nice sum of money for themselves along the way. As a matter of fact, the investors are hoping for a nice score so that they can walk away from the process and know that they have in fact done well.

Skout Can Be Used For Friends As Well

Even those who are not on the dating market or may prefer to not date at the moment can still benefit from Skout. There is still every opportunity for them to enjoy a nice friendship that they can build up on the site. It doesn’t particularly take much for them to start chatting with someone and then make a friend as a result. For the most part, Skout can be used to easily talk with just about anyone, and is also compatible with other popular apps like Fuse.

Everyone can find something to benefit from when they are using Skout. For those who are serious about meeting another person, perhaps this is the route that they should take. They may just undercover that they are actually about to land a great friendship or maybe even something more. It is always worth giving it a try.