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A Pet Friendly Company for Pet Friendly People

Nestle’s Purina is a pet friendly company for pet friendly people. Founded originally in 1894 by the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company, it’s gone through a makeover since Nestle acquired it in December of 2001. Since then it has not only grown to become the biggest producer of pet foods in the the United States (second globally) but it has also sponsored various pet friendly events and programs, all the while providing healthy and balanced diets for our four-footed best-friends.

Sure, they entertained us this past Grammy’s season with their #IGETBEGGIN campaign, featuring an adorable corgi catching Beggin’s treats from a pop-top lid, but they’ve also sponsored various pet-friendly events. As they organized the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge in the streets of Boston. An event that had dogs competing in “Olympic-style” events that ranged from obstacle courses to the reported “crowd favorite” that features the dogs running off of a 40 foot dock into a 19,000 gallon pool of water. The event took place earlier this July and the winners of that competition will go on to compete this September in St. Louis, Missouri, which will feature competitors from the Boston games facing up against winners from the Western Regionals who competed in California earlier this year.

But they care about more than the elite athletes of the dog world, offering up various lists on their website for dog safety and for fun activities for you and your pet in the summer months. And are currently in the middle of their “Pets At Work” movement. A movement in which they partnered with Mississippi State’s College of Veterinary Medicine to conduct a new survey that found that more than half of pet owners who want their pets at work are indeed willing to do something about it. They even set a world record, bringing the most dogs to work on their aptly titled “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”. The movement is still ongoing and if you’d like you can join said movement by visiting their site.

All in all, the Purina News Center shows that this is a company for pet people, who understands that not only do we want to feed our dogs a healthy diet, but also understands that we as pet owners want to contribute in the betterment of our pet’s lives. Whether that be through simple competitions to movements, all founded with the goal to improve the lives of furry friends.