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Why Did Jim Larkin And Michael Lacey Start The Frontera Fund?

The Frontera Fund is a result of a hardship that Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey faced where they turned a negative into a positive. There are many people who will see help coming from this organization, and this article explains how the Frontera Fund started. It is a unique story that will help show how lives change, and it explains that there is a way to serve those in the southwest who have no advocate.

#1: How Did It Start?

Michael and Jim were arrested under false pretenses by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and they were sent to jail because they had unfavorable information about him. There was a public outcry, and the outcry forced them to be released. They immediately sued for false arrest, and their adventure began.

#2: They Won Their Judgement

The judgement that they won become something that they used to start their charity. They took money from Joe Arpaio that was won in a civil suit to fight for the very people Arpaio hates. The state of Arizona is one of the most-conservative places in America, and it is susceptible to being fooled by conservative rhetoric. They have seen people get elected to office showing fake videos of ISIS operatives walking over the Mexican border. This is quite important to remember as Michael and Jim are fighting against this level of hate every day.

#3: There Are Many Migrants In The Area

Anyone who has come through Arizona from another country came there because it was safer and better than where they came from. There are many who are oppressed or arrested by the police, and the Frontera Fund hopes to help them with legal services.

The migrants who need help may call from jail, and the fund wishes to offer as much information to the public as possible. They believe that there are many people who will see a change in the way they are served, and they must have a place to go.

#4: How Does This Change America?

America must change into a more tolerant place to live, and these men believe that they may spread enough information about these topics to help people understand. They have a large online presence that makes a difference to all, and they know that they must continue to disperse information.

The information they are sending around the country will help people learn how to serve those who are less fortunate, and they hope that they may give money to people who need the most help.

There are many people who will find it quite a lot of fun to help the Frontera Fund because they want to see America become more tolerant, and they will donate their money and time. It is important that they know the mission of Michael and Jim is a serious one, and they believe that it will make a difference to all those who are traveling to America. They will come here without fear, and they may be treated much better.

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