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3 Reasons You Should Invest In Gold Today

Throughout the course of history gold has always been respected for its value. For many centuries people have held on to gold for a variety of different reasons. Here are just 3 of the many reasons you should invest in gold today.

#1 – It Never Loses Its Value

Unlike paper currency which is technically worth nothing, gold never loses its value. This is why people hold on to it for many generations. Its a great way to preserve your families wealth.

#2 – The U.S. Dollar Is Weak

It is no secret how important the U.S. dollar is when it comes to reserve currencies. However, when the dollar falls, which it often does, people turn to gold for security. As the countries budget continues to increase, and the deficit continues to rise, you can expect the dollar to continue getting weaker and weaker (details here: http://www.retailmenot.com/view/usmoneyreserve.com).

This of course makes gold an even more attractive investment.

#3 – Its The Perfect Way To Diversify Your Portfolio

When it comes to diversification, the key to success is finding investments that aren’t closely correlated. Gold has a history of not being correlated to stocks in any way. A smart investor will diversify his portfolio by investing in both stocks and bonds, and gold. By doing so you will decrease your overall risk and better protect your wealth.

Why You Should Buy Gold From US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve has been around for over a decade and has helped over 300,000 clients diversify their portfolios by investing in gold. When you buy from US Money Reserve you buy with the confidence of knowing you are buying from one of the largest and most respected distributors of U.S. government-issued coins in the industry.

They also sell the highest quality gold coins on the market. When you work with US Money Reserve you will get to work with a team of highly knowledgeable professionals who can help you make the best decision based on your unique situation.

The team consists of experienced account executives, industry leading numismatic experts, coin research professionals and much more.

If you are interested in investing in or learning more about gold, contact US Money Reserve at 1-866-MINT-GOLD. You will get to speak with a knowledgeable professional who can point you in the right direction.

You can also visit their website at www.USmoneyReserve.com and request a free gold information kit be sent to your home.

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Gold ETFs & George Soros Increase Gold Coin Demand

There are more types of gold-backed assets for investors nowadays; this allows them to find the best fit for their portfolio. While Billionaire George Soros has the expertise to invest in gold mining stocks, the novice might be better served with gold electronic traded funds (ETFs) or government-issued gold coins. US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl discusses why gold ETFs have increased demand for gold bullion coins.

“What Are ETFs?”

Many of the most important numbers quoted in financial circles, like the Dow Jones or Standard’s & Poor, are indices measuring a group of selected corporations to present an overall view of the markets. ETFs are the same. The gold ETF allows an investor to profit from precious metal changes.

Many gold ETFs will actually purchase the physical metal and make adjustments in their stock based on price changes. Gold is traded all around the world. Originally, the City of London set the gold spot price, but this has since expanded to New York City and Shanghai.

The actual price of gold may be different in different cities. Due to scarcity, some dealers might charge a “premium” above the spot price. For investors, it can be challenging to try to convert prices based on different denominations of currency. The gold ETF allows investors to track the price change based on buying and selling of said shares.

“George Soros Bought Gold Mining Stocks”

More sophisticated investors, such as George Soros, have the expertise to purchase gold mining stocks directly. In 2015, George Soros purchased more Barrick Gold Mining stock for his investment fund. Soros also owns shares in the Market Shares GDX ETF.

“Gold ETFs Versus Gold Coins”

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl discussed the growing popularity of gold, which has made his government-issued bullion coins even more valuable. He mentioned gold ETFs as a factor in the growth of the precious metals industry during his US Money Reserve Podcast with Eric Dye. Having a beautiful gold coin in your hands gives you much more direct control of your investment.

More sophisticated investors might balance their financial portfolios with a combination of gold mining stocks, ETFs and bullion coins. If the gold price falls, you might be able to purchase more coins to increase your stake. Collecting gold coins can be fun and profitable. Learn how George Soros and others use gold to protect their wealth.

What You Need To Know About The President Of The US Reserve. Read more

What You Need To Know About The President Of The US Reserve.

Philip Diehl is currently the president of a well-known coin distributor known as the U.S. Money Reserve. The company will be soon getting rid of the penny. Mr. Diehl is the person behind the campaign, and he started this even before joining U.S Money Reserve. It is believed that the initiative started when he was still working as the director of U.S mint.

Philip Diehl, the former director of U.S Mint, has always had a different opinion about the penny. According to Philip, anyone who comes across the penny should not bend to pick! They should just ignore it and walk away. He believes that the penny brings less value than the minimum wage.

Before coming to work at Mint, Mr.Diehl was working as the chief of staff in the US Department Senate Finance Committee. He also held the position of staff director in the Senate Finance Committee for some time, and then he was nominated by Bill Clinton to become the director of the current United States Mint. While in this position, he worked closely with the senior officials in the executive branch. This helped him have a deep understanding of fiscal and also monetary policy, and this influences his work in every position he acquires.

When he Joint Mint, Diehl’s first initiative as the Director was a multi-year customer service and it ultimately led to the Mint getting the second highest score in all the Federal agencies that were surveyed by the University Of Michigan School Of Business Customer Satisfaction Index.

In his campaign to get rid of the penny, Philip has experienced some challenges. The penny costs more that it’s real value. Many individuals in the United States do not want to get rid of the penny too, and this has made things difficult. The US Mint, the company that produces the penny, claims that every year, it gets a major loss.
A few groups believe that the coin is still important to the people of the United States. They think that the absence of the penny will result in mild inflation and distortion of prices for the ordinary consumer. Philip believes that this will not happen.

Philip says that this argument has been there for more than 25 years. He has been in the profession for quite some time, and he urges the penny supporters to do away with the penny. At the moment, many transactions are either done in cash or electronic forms so that the penny will have little or no effect.

Source: prnewswire

Is George Soros Fanning The Fire To Push Sales For The US Money Reserve? Read more

Is George Soros Fanning The Fire To Push Sales For The US Money Reserve?

Philip N. Diehl is the President of the US Money Reserve. He was the 35th director of the US Mint. He qualified for the job of president due to his extensive background in wholesale, retail and creating investment opportunities in the precious metals industry. He established a trade agreement with Antarctica.
He became acquainted with bullion coins and led the US Money Reserve in the direction of becoming an Entrepreneurial agency and extends their distribution network. Philip had a six-year plan to strengthen customer service relations and increase customer service satisfaction.

Philip Diehl and Eric Dye have published the US Money Reserve Podcast explaining the reasons why so many are purchasing gold.

The customers are attracted to the different weights and purity of the gold, silver and platinum precious metals. The gold, platinum and silver coins are backed by the US and are guaranteed legal tender. The other forms of bullion that is manufactured and sold is not backed by the US and is often a good forgery.

The financial crisis of 2008 increased the demand for gold and trade through EFT transfers. India and China are consistent with purchasing 65% of gold from the US. The US will see an international increase of sales from Russia and Brazil. The US Money Reserve began an IRA program for customers to buy gold as a way to protect their wealth and the steady increase of gold prices.
Visit usmoneyreserve to discover why buying gold coins and bullion would increase the wealth of your portfolio.

According to Crunchbase, the US Money Reserve is leading the way to help people hold onto their wealth. The billionaire George Soros has predicted the rise and fall of countries’ currencies, stocks and housing markets for decades. His analysis of the situations that would cause the crisis did occur. He is positive that US is getting ready to face another economic crisis that mirrors the 2008 fiasco.
George Soros speaks his mind regardless of how the US Money Reserve is trying to help the public.


U.S. Money Reserve’s Philip N. Diehl Obsessing About Customer Service During Podcast Read more

U.S. Money Reserve’s Philip N. Diehl Obsessing About Customer Service During Podcast

Source: CBS 19

During a recent podcast interview with Philip N. Diehl, host Eric Dye asks Diel his how his experience as Director of the U.S. Mint helped him in his role as president of U.S. Money Reserve. Diehl says his time at the U.S. Mint introduced to him to legal tender gold bullion coins, therefore, he decided that the U.S. Mint should have an entrepreneurial focus, stressing excellent customer service. Diehl tells host Eric Dye that his commitment to giving U.S. Mint customers an excellent experience easily transferred to U.S. Money Reserve. Diehl’s focus on treating the U.S. Mint like a business with superior service worked well. When Diehl took over as Director of the U.S. Mint, it was earning about $450 million per year, in Diehl’s final year, the annual earnings increased to $2.5 billion.

Diehl’s excited about his company’s latest product. In addition to legal tender gold, silver and platinum coins, U.S. Money Reserve now offers Individual Retirement Accounts holding gold and silver, instead of stocks and bonds. U.S. Money Reserve’s website explains how customers can transfer their traditional IRA to a gold and silver IRA if they are concerned about the financial market’s performance. They offer free IRS consultation by phone for individuals with questions that the website does not address.

When asked why U.S. Money Reserve is better than its competitors, Diehl stresses customer service again, along with his firm’s selection of legal tender gold coins produced by the U.S. Mint. Consumers know the U.S. government backs the purity of these coins, which have a 30-day, 100 percent money back guarantee, highlighting Diehl’s obsession with offering consumers top-notch customer service. U.S. Money Reserve is also unique among its competitors; the company has highly trained gold and numismatic experts who serve customers, as opposed to the salespersons used by some of U.S. Money Reserve’s competitors. If anyone asked Philip N. Diehl why U.S. Money Reserve does so much to garner consumer’s trust, he would probably say that trustworthiness is just another aspect of superior customer service.