Keith Mann offers Scholarship for Professional Achievement Read more

Keith Mann offers Scholarship for Professional Achievement

The executive search industry has enjoyed the services of Keith Mann for over 15 years. Keith Mann is a renowned expert in hiring strategy and hedge fund compensation. In 2002, Mann started the Alternative Investment Practice incorporation with the Dynamics Executive Search. This was pushed by the favorable environment and after realizing that the hedge fund industry has a healthy future. In 2006, Mann privatized the practice and in 2009, he transformed the Dynamics search Partners (DSP) to a premier executive search corporation rendering their services mainly to the alternative investment firms. Keith Mann currently holds the responsibility as a CEO of DSP overseeing the management of the firm. DSP conversely works with different entities in the United States, Asia, and Europe, and with over 200 client overflow every year.

Good news for all the future innovative business leaders as the BROOKLYN, N.Y-(BUSINESS GURU)–Keith Mann the co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners announced the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The scholarship is aimed at building and educating the next generation business innovative leaders. Keith and Keely Mann are very enthusiastic to work with non-profit charter management organization, Uncommon Schools that are situated in New York City, to make this scholarship opportunity accessible to one graduating senior each year at one of the remote Brooklyn-based high schools.

On the other hand, the schools received this news with open hands and were very grateful for the generosity portrayed by Keith and Keely Mann. The scholarship has been termed as a door opener for students who can’t afford college thus making their dream come true.

Nonetheless, the applicants are put into task to come up with a 1,000-word essay entailing why this scholarship is of great importance to them. Mann is a philanthropist and an advocate for education. Being the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, he is obliged to identify capable future leaders that only lack motivation. Hence cultivating them and building their skills. The scholarship is open to all graduating seniors studying at the Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, New York. The process of the application is open from Feb. 29, 2016 to March 2016 where the winner will be unveiled. The winner stands a chance to receive a $5,000 scholarship that will be used for their college tuition.

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Why Avi Weisfogel Launched a GoFundMe Campaign for Operation Smile Read more

Why Avi Weisfogel Launched a GoFundMe Campaign for Operation Smile

Are you familiar with the name Operation Smile, then you know that they provide the best surgical care to children for cleft palate, cleft lip, and other facial deformities. This organization is highly regarded as one of the foremost international charities, striving to give care to those who are less fortunate in other countries. This medical charity is also classified as medical missions, a concept often supported by churches and religious organizations.

A dentist from New Jersey, Avi Weisfogel D.D.S., has a passion for the work that this charity is doing. This is why Weisfogel has reportedly started a GoFundMe campaign for this charity. Weisfogel’s passion is the driving force behind his chosen profession as a dentist, and his desire to see children get top-notch surgical care for cleft palate and related issues.

Recently in an interview, Weisfogel stated that “children deserve to be treated as if they were our own.” As a parent, the best dental care for our children is always important. It’s hard to fathom that a child would be unable to get the proper dental care or get the surgery they need to give them more confidence.

The focus of Operation Smile is to work with local medical professionals as well as local governments. The proper procedures and equipment is a must if these children are to receive the very best care available.

When Dr. Magee and his wife Kathy started the organization in 1982, they were focused on helping children in the Philippines, but since that time the charity has branched out around the globe.

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Keith Mann Gives Back

Keith Mann is an advocate for education and is committed to helping young leaders achieve success. He knows the importance of cultivating new leaders and the preparation for the roles they will play in later years. That is why Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners, announced the scholarship that will recognize the new generation of innovative business leaders. Partnering with Uncommon Schools in New York City, this scholarship awards the opportunity for a four year college degree to the winning recipient.

To apply, applicants must write an essay of 1,000 words detailing how a college degree will enable them to fulfill their professional goals. As business leaders, they will give back to the community, by building strong businesses and enabling the economic success of each one. The scholarship is awarded annually to one recipient. The scholarship will include 5,000 dollars to be used to pay for tuition at the college of their choice.

Keith Mann has worked for over 15 years as a hedge fund expert. He identified the hedge fund industry as a growing market for development. He is the premier executive of Dynamics Search Partners as well as the CEO. Keith is still active with the day to day management, but is also responsible for investments in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Throughout his long career, Keith has stayed active as a philanthropist and is active with many nonprofit organizations and causes. His goal is to see that new businessmen have the opportunity and groundwork to build an economic future.

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Avi Weisfogel and the Operation Smile GoFundMe Drive

Operation Smile, an international charitable organization, launched GoFundMe campaign earlier this month. The purpose of this drive is to raise approximately $2000. Avi Weisfogel, a prominent dentist, and philanthropist expressed his desire to lend a helping hand in launching and steering the campaign to success.

The funds that will be gotten from the drive will benefit Operation Smile, which is a global medical aid organization that offers cost-free surgical solutions to children. Young adults who are suffering from cleft lips and cleft palate among other deformities will benefit from these services. Avi devotes his support as to ensure that all children are hopeful for a better future.

While speaking at an interview recent, Avi Weisfogel explained how operation smile believed all children deserve outstanding health care among other things. This charitable organization desires to let children know that there is hope irrespective of the uncertainties of life. During the same interview, Avi also revealed how his background and passions have been influential in his decision to join hands with operation smile in running the GoFundMe drive.

Apart from the GoFundME campaign, operation smile has formulated various other surgical care replicas. It does so, in collaboration with hospitals, governments, and local health experts. These medical models are strategically designed to meet the needs of multitudes of children. To achieve this, the charitable organization conducts various missions in different parts of the globe. Some of the roles played include importing medical expertise and, or equipment depending on the needs on the ground.

About Avi Weisfogel

Apart from being the owner of a dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor, Avi Weisfogel also expanded his practice by establishing Old Bridge Dental Care. This medical professional is known for his extensive history of the treatment of sleep disorders. While managing the office, this doctor earned several accolades from the community including Best Dentist. After exploring human sleep patterns, Avi Weisfogel founded Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. This company collaborated with physicians and directed them to matters to do with formation and control of sleep labs.

Two years after that, Avi Weisfogel formed Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. This platform served by educating dentists on how to not only serve but also enhance sleep patients. He also went ahead to form Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. This organization, Avi started to enable dentists to achieve milestone breakthroughs by using oral appliances in the treatment of sleep malfunctions.

Weisfogel is also famous for using sleep apnea to enhance his knowledge and understanding of matters concerning sleep problems. Sleep apnea is an adverse health condition that can affect a person of any age bracket. This condition is especially prevalent among persons with excess age and weight. Thankfully, this medical guru is capable of treating the condition and has been doing so for close to 7 years now. He has been doing so using oral appliance techniques.

The Keith Mann Scholarship Opportunity Arrives Read more

The Keith Mann Scholarship Opportunity Arrives

Keith Mann is a person who instinctively knows how to recognize talent. He has to. Keith Mann is in charge of Dynamics Search Partners, a firm that seeks to hire the best professionals a company could hope to bring into the fold. Recently, Keith Mann has sought to search for highly talented graduating seniors. His goal for the search is a noble one. Mann wants to provide several scholarships to graduating seniors.

Dubbed the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, the financial award is for graduating seniors at the Uncommon Schools charter schools in the Brooklyn region. The purpose of the scholarship is to deliver a means of making college financially accessible to committed students who would benefit greatly from the funds.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the applicant must write an essay on a very basic – and important – topic. The essay, in 1,000 words, is to explain how a college education would support an eventual professional career. There are no excessive rules associated with the content of the essay. The amount of the scholarship is $5,000, an amount that could cover a solid amount of the tuition for school. The students whose essays lead to the receipt of the scholarship will be announced in March.

Kevin Mann is opening doors to students the high cost of education may have closed. Mann is not only known for the great work he does in the corporate executive search world. He is a well-known philanthropist. Mann has now chosen to extend his philanthropic endeavors to help low-income students achieve their educational goals.

The Uncommon Charter Schools in Brooklyn are known for their commitment to helping young persons maximize their educational potential. Keith Mann is doing his part to further help these students – and the schools – with their goals.

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Raising Money for Operation Smile Read more

Raising Money for Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel grew up in New Jersey. He went to Rutgers University and attained a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. From there, he went on to the New York University College of Dentistry where he got his dentist degree. He started out working as a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care and has been awarded for his outstanding work many times throughout his career. He is the proud owner of Dental Sleep Masters Seminars. By means of this business, he educates people on how to treat sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Avi has more than 15 years of experience treating sleep apnea, common sleep problems, and performing a variety of dental treatments.

Throughout his career, Avi Weisfogel has established a variety of educational businesses that are aimed at helping teach dentists and other medical professionals how to help their patients who experience sleep problems. He began Healthy Heart Sleep in order to help doctors learn more about sleep problems. Avi began a lecturing tour through Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients that had the goal of educating dentists on the link that exists between sleep apnea and dental issues. Dental Sleep Masters was also set up in order to educate dentists on how to use different oral devices in order to cure sleep problems and to show the link between sleep issues and dental health.

Avi Weisfogal has recently set up a Go Fund Me campaign in order to help an organization called Operation Smile. This organization was established in 1982. Dr. William MaGee and his wife were working in the Philippines to help children who experienced facial deformities, like cleft lips and cleft pallets. Since they established their organization, they have been able to perform over 250,000 surgeries on young individuals in the Philippines and around the world. There are many volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists and other professionals who have volunteered to work with this organization. Avi Weisfogal would like to raise money in order to help them with their cause and continue to change the lives of children and teenagers around the world who have been born with facial deformities.

Operation Smile has staff members in more than 80 countries. They work with children and teenagers who live in more than 60 countries. Individuals who work with this organization include medical professionals who perform surgeries. Also, there are many individuals who donate equipment and supplies as well as provide financial help to the organization.

Keith Mann Scholarships Read more

Keith Mann Scholarships

Low income children face many challenges. One of the most difficult challenges is pulling themselves out of their current financial situation. For many children, a college education is their best opportunity. With a college education, low income students can receive a higher education, and earn a college degree. This can ultimately help them get a good paying job, but one of the problems that low income children have is paying for a college education.

The cost related to attending college can make the dream of going to college appear beyond the reach of many low income children. However, there is help for low income children to attend college through financial assistance such as scholarships.

Keith Mann, a businessman in New York recently established a scholarship for low income students attending Uncommon Charter High Schools. The scholarship will be available to all graduating seniors from an Uncommon Charter High School. The schools are located in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

The scholarship that is named the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement will be awarded to one graduating senior from an Uncommon Charter High School each year. The value of the scholarship is $5,000, and the scholarship is intended to help pay for college tuition.

Uncommon Charter High Schools is a network of public charter schools that focus on helping urban students gain a quality education. Also, the schools help their students to gain admittance to college and graduate with a degree. Uncommon Charter Schools accepts students from K-12.

Keith Mann, the provider of the scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon Charter High School, is the CEO and founder of Dynamics Search Partners. He started the company in 2009 to provide executive search assistance to fill positions in various businesses. Dynamics Search Partners handles searches for alternative investment firms.

Keith Mann has over a decade of experience in the executive search industry. He is an expert in the area of staffing and hiring strategy. He currently handles the day-to-day business operations for Dynamics Search Partners.

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A Renaissance Man Dr. Avi Weisfogel Brings a Smiling Remedy to Children Read more

A Renaissance Man Dr. Avi Weisfogel Brings a Smiling Remedy to Children

It is not often that one runs across a life that rather than thinking about their needs and wants instead offers their vast expertise in service of others. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is such a life and his passion is to try and make sure that every child no matter what their station in life, no matter what part of the world they live in they will have the simplest of gifts. The gift to simply smile. To smile without pain, agony, humiliation, or the constraints of a physical abnormality, Dr. Avi Weisfogel offers to those children his services as an accomplished oral surgeon.

From his beginnings in New Jersey Avi Weisfogel has expanded his personal dentistry and oral surgery practice to encompass the globe. Receiving his degree in oral surgery from the University of Dentistry in New York Avi Weisfogel began exploring ground breaking avenues and methods to help his patients. In conjunction with that he began ‘Healthy Heart Sleep’ an educational program to help other dentists and doctors aid their patients that have sleep disorders. Discovering that many sleep disorders such as ‘sleep apnea’ stem from dentil complications and can be rectified through several methods that are employed by Dr. Weisfogel those methodologies were shared with his peers as an avenue to help those in need.

In addition, Dr. Weisfogel was introduced to the charity organization ‘Operation Smile’ started by Dr. William Magee and his wife. Dr. Magee who is a highly skilled plastic surgeon and his wife who is also in the medical profession as an accomplished nurse began ‘Operation Smile’ in order to offer free surgery to children throughout the world who have facial and mouth disorders such as ‘cleft palate’. Dr. Weisfogel upon hearing about this commendable work immediately started a ‘GoFundMe’ page in order to help defray and facilitate the tremendous costs involved in this world wide endeavor.

Dr. Weisfogel, and his staff have begun this ‘good work’ with the ‘GoFundMe’ charity page in order to ensure that not one child in need of surgery is left unaided. The costs are enormous when thinking about supporting a staff of well trained technicians as well as doctors that have performed over 250,000 free surgeries for children all over the world. In addition, there is a great deal of equipment, supplies, and work space that must be paid for. Some of it is donated, and there are volunteer workers, but there is still a vast amount of support that is needed in order to ensure that this good work will continue. It is up to us to help support this most worthy cause by visiting Avi’s  ‘GoFundMe’ page.


Koch Brothers Planning to Launch Read more

Koch Brothers Planning to Launch

Charles Koch, controller of a political and policy empire is creating a non-profit wing focusing on poverty and the quality of education. He is calling it, Stand Together and looks to raise about $15 million for it this year even though it is still in its start-up phase.

Charles Koch is an American businessman who is co-owner and chairman of the board for Koch Industries. Koch Industries, inherited from his father, is shared with his brother who owns the same 42% of the business as he does. Together the two brothers have expanded the business. The company originally only dealt with refining oil, but Koch Industries now process pollution control equipment and technologies. Some of the brands they produce are; Stainmaster, Lycra, Quilted Northern and Dixie Cup.

Koch also supports many free market educational organizations and contributes to various charitable and cultural institutions. Through the Koch Cultural Trust, he and his wife along with the Koch family also fund artistic projects and creative artists.

The sole purpose behind Stand Together is to solve problems and make a real difference in the lives of real people. Koch says they will not enter into policy fights but will instead focus on partnerships to address social problems such as the violence involving gangs and from reoccurring crime rates.

The Democrats are expressing a lot of skepticism regarding the Koch brother’s motives. They claim the anti-regulation crusades are more about the well-being of their corporation than it is about social well-being. A civil rights veteran, Woodson disagrees with this claim.

Woodson was contacted by Koch officials more than two years ago and he believes his organization will receive grants and coaching from Stand Together to help individual programs. Woodson finds Koch’s philosophy and operating principles to be 100% compatible with the way they help the poor.

While waiting for Stand Together to be launched; he and his brother are sending millions of dollars to programs which will help the poor. Together they are working on broadening their outreach to help people who really need help.