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Dr. Jennifer Walden Changing Lives In Austin, Texas

Coming off her residency from the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Jennifer Walden continued on to a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York City. Once her fellowship was over, Dr. Walden opted to stay in New York City. She worked on Upper East Side in New York for seven and a half years. It was during her time in New York that she worked on clinical trials which introduced her to use of silicone implants.

After the birth of twins, Dr. Walden returned home to Texas to allow for her children to be closer to family. After arriving back in Texas, Jennifer was asked about opening Walden’s own practice. Not knowing if it would be a hit or not, Jennifer took a chance and opened a practice. Soon after opening, Dr. Walden found herself extremely busy. The amount of people who came to be patients of hers was astounding.

Brought in as an spokeswoman at the ASAPS in the Daily Mail, in December 2015, she spoke about labiaplasty surgery. She was also named as the Best Plastic Surgeon in America from the American Way that same year.

Dr. Walden specializes in technology of 3-D imaging. This allows for the patient to see what they look like following the surgery. She is just one of the many surgeons in the country that use this technology.

Jennifer Walden is the daughter of a well known dentist in Texas and her mother is a surgical nurse. She graduated at the Anderson High School and earned her undergrad from the University of Texas. Her undergrad was in biology. Her masters degree came from the University of Texas Medical Branch. She was originally on the waitlist from the university and even following being waitlisted, she was the salutatorian of the class of her year.

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The Background And Well Established Career Of Drew Madden Read more

The Background And Well Established Career Of Drew Madden

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur in the field of Healthcare IT. He has a passion for building trusted partnerships with his clients, an attractive, and unique company culture, and creating teams of a high caliper. Drew Madden went to work for Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. He became the President of the company in 2011, and served until 2016. Nordic Consulting Partners is the biggest Epic consulting company in the world. They received the KLAS award on numerous occasions for their excellence in consulting. This included their ranking as #1 in both 2012, and 2014 for their Epic implementation services.

Drew Madden has a lot of passion for Electronic Medical Records. He has spent more than ten years in collaboration with the industries brightest, and best in the implementation, optimization, and troubleshooting of complex challenges. He believes every EMR project encounters these challenges. During Drew Madden’s tenure at Nordic Consulting Partners, he was responsible for the growth from 10 to 725 employees. He raised the client partners from 3 to 150, and increased the annual revenue from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000.

Before Drew Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners, he was working for a subsidiary of United Healthcare called Ingenix. He was an Epic consultant, and worked in business development. His career in Healthcare IT began at the Cerner Corporation. Drew Madden graduated from the University of Iowa College of Engineering with his focus on Medical Systems, and his B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering. He has accumulated over ten years of experience in advising, managing, optimizing, and implementing EMR projects. He has combined his experience in consulting operations, and management with his technical EMR background. This has helped the leaders in IT Healthcare build extremely successful teams for Epic implementation.

Drew Madden began his career working for the Cerner Corporation, and he worked with Inpatient clinical solutions for four consecutive years. He spent an additional four years moving into a position for Business Development at Healthia Consulting, starting in 2005. He is currently in the position of President for Nordic Consulting, and his responsibilities include recruiting, business development, and client relationships. He maintains the relationships with their Epic clients internationally, and throughout the country.

USHEALTH Group – Ensuring Customers Get High-Quality Insurance Products at Affordable Price Read more

USHEALTH Group – Ensuring Customers Get High-Quality Insurance Products at Affordable Price

The insurance market in the United States is a highly competitive one, and there are hundreds of insurance companies fighting it out to reign at the top. One of the insurance providers that has continued to offer excellent insurance products backed by exceptional customer service is USHEALTH Group, which has till date served more than fifteen million consumers till date across the United States, and the count continues to grow with each passing day. The company has a very innovative and economical range of insurance products, which offers the consumers an advantage of flexibility and personalization.



The customers can choose the insurance product they want and personalize it accordingly, which helps them choose the coverage they want, the deductibles, and other features. It means that the customers just pay for the coverage and features they want rather than to have to go and buy the insurance product they don’t need all features of, but in any case pay for all of it. It is mostly seen that most of the people, even with the small budget for the health insurance, end up buying an expensive insurance product. It is partly because of the lack of knowledge and awareness of the consumers and also because of the mischief of the agents of the insurance companies who want you to take the most expensive insurance products. https://www.indeed.com/cmp/US-Health-Group



However, the agents of the USHEALTH Group are trained to help people not to snatch from them unnecessarily. You only get what you pay for and vice versa, and the customer service of the company is also very attentive and responsive. The customers can reach out to the customer service desk in case of any queries or grievances, and it would be acted upon quickly. Few of the products sold by the USHEALTH Group includes the income protector, PremierVision, Accident Insurance, Disability Income Protector, Specific Illness Insurance, Eye Insurance, Dental Insurance, Term Life Insurance, General Health Insurance, Group Insurance, Family Insurance, and more. The company is also an expert insurance solutions provider for the small to medium sized corporate companies. The customer service of the company can provide customized insurance solutions that specifically meet your needs.


The Changing World of Health Care Read more

The Changing World of Health Care

If you want to change the world, one of the best ways to do that is through new technology. There is a huge need in the market today for people who can innovate and lower the cost of products and services. This is particularly true in industries like health care. Over the years, the cost of care has risen greatly. People are now struggling to afford the basic necessities of life. With this shift, you need to figure out how you can invest for the future in a variety of ways. Now is the time to figure out how you can drive value in this industry. Clay Siegall is a great CEO in this industry, and he is working hard to help others get to the next level.


Clay Siegall

From the time he started in business, Clay Siegall has wanted to change the world. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are starting to take place in his life and his business. If you want to excel at a high level, he is the person to go to. He knows how to grow a business the right way. Not only that, but he is really passionate about the work that he is doing in the industry. He wants to change the world with everything that he is working on, and he knows that he can do that over time if he is willing to put in the work to get there.


Future Plans

In the world of health and biotechnology, things are always changing. You need to figure out a plan that is going to make sense for you over the long term. Not only that, but you need to start thinking of ways that you can add value to the lives of other people in your life and career. With all of the changes that have taken place in this area over the years, Clay Siegall is still doing a great job of helping others with his work. He knows that he is saving lives through lower health related costs in his business.


USHealth Group: Providing Affordable Health Insurance And HealthCare Read more

USHealth Group: Providing Affordable Health Insurance And HealthCare

This is a group for insurance provisions that’s based out in Texas and caters for medical expenses on coverage plans that include healthcare on all levels. It is currently boasting a subscription of about 15 million people who are all covered by their comprehensive medical plan.


Aiming For The Underprivileged


They are geared towards availing insurance when it comes to Specified sickness, life, accident, disability and other diseases. They are mostly concerned with helping the people who have a hard time getting medical care whenever disaster strikes.


These include: individuals who employ themselves, small business owners, casual laborers, employees in small businesses and practically anyone who has a hard time getting access to quality medical care because of low income.


What They Have To Offer


When it comes to the provision of care in terms of specified diseases, they are willing to go the extra mile and be flexible about this in order to make sure that their customers are well catered for in accordance with their specific needs.


They have a portfolio that allows you to chose and get what you really need so that you can have the best of care when it comes to it. This makes USHealth capable enough to care for each customer in an affordable manner that will impress even the insurance skeptics.


It’s Cheap


When it comes to the principle of paying a certain fee before you can be considered covered by insurance, you will not have to worry about that much because you can just commit with very little money when you use the specified diseases/sickness program and work your way up.


Expert Trained Staff

USHealth Group has several baby companies that are geared towards the actualization of making this group the best when it comes to medical care and other facets contained here. They have a program that ensures whoever is serving you in any capacity, goes through comprehensive training that ensures the customer get what they deserve.


In Conclusion


In this group, they believe in HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday), a program that guides their staff towards helping people. They believe in custom tailored coverage and services. That is why you get the best only.