Handy Spring Cleaning Gives You Options For Services Read more

Handy Spring Cleaning Gives You Options For Services

Winter time is almost over and spring is here which means, spring cleaning. It is time to get rid of that winter blah and step into fresh and clean with spring cleaning through companies such as Handy home cleaning services. Handy is launching a new mobile app that helps both the consumer and the service personnel. Handy is a company that takes good care of the workers. They provide great working incentives as well as a great salary. The workers can choose their hours to work. This is great for stay at home moms and students needing time to study. Home cleaning and business cleaning is an option with the Handy service.

When spring cleaning time arrives a consumer must set time for things to be out of place temporarily. Spring cleaning involves care and cleaning of things and places in the home or business that normally go unnoticed during the winter months. The smells of a home that has been shut off because of the cold will be erased by the thorough cleaning it receives. Handy services are servicing over 25 towns across the United States. They also offer services in London and Canada. Handy also helps homeowners and business personnel with small “handyman” repairs. Homejoy is part of the Handy service application that is helping people schedule easier and quicker. If you have issues such as plumbing problems you can contact Handy or Homejoy for a plumber to come out.

What type of things do people expect when they are spring cleaning an office. A person spring cleaning an office may do a thorough clean to bathrooms. Rugs will be cleaned and light fixtures sparkling when they are done. All mirrors will be wiped down and old deodorizers replaced with new fresh ones. It is awful Handy to have people to come in and clean everything from top to bottom. Even ceiling fans and wall pictures will be wiped clean when they are complete. Extra services can be requested like washing curtains and bed linens. This is up to the person that is handling the contract. Most spring cleaning contractors know that when they leave your home or business it must look and smell fresh like spring. Using the application is easy and convenient. Techcrunch.com and Forbes.com can help you understand the process and benefits of using Handy or Homejoy services. Over one million customers agree.

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Snoop Dogg, Autism and Music

The words Snoop Dogg, autism and music might not make much sense together, but the combination of those three things led to the founding of one of the most innovative autism charities today, Autism Rocks.

The non-profit organization supports autism research by teaming up with international celebrities. Famous musicians like Prince and Elvis Costello donate their time and talent to perform at special concerts where donors give anywhere from $750 t $1,500. What makes Autism Rocks standout among many charity fundraisers is the exclusive feel of the top-secret concerts. Their methods are apparently working, because their first concert raised over $3 million.

For the founder of Autism Rocks, Sanjay Shah, the charity is a combination of several of his passions, particularly music and family. Shah’s interest in autism research began when his own son was diagnosed with the condition. He says, “As a dad your first question is ‘How can I fix this?’ And when you’re told you can’t – that it’s something that you have to live with – it’s very hard. But if it can’t be solved, you have to ask yourself, ‘What’s the next best thing I can do?” Shah decided that while there were many resources providing support for families with autistic children, there wasn’t enough money being dedicated to researching the causes of the condition, so he decided to focus his efforts on supporting research.

Shah was a very successful hedge fund manager whose company had grown to the point where he was able to semi-retire. After a visit from rapper Snoop Dogg, Shah was reminded of his interest in music and organizing concerts. He decided to organize an event, which although not very profitable, led to a connection with Prince. Combining his interest in music with his dedication to autism research, Shah organized the first Autism Rocks concert. Since then, he’s worked with more artists, arranged other concerts and even has hopes for a compilation album. Autism Rocks is a real benefit to autism research, and it all started with a visit from Snoop Dogg.

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Sergio Cortes’ Advice on the Best Attires to Wear During Summer Season Read more

Sergio Cortes’ Advice on the Best Attires to Wear During Summer Season

As the summer approaches, a lot of people tend to worry about the rising temperatures because they lead to excessive sweating. The rise in temperature is inconvenience to those who sweat a lot especially in the armpits, according to a Brazilian medical expert Dr. Sergio Cortes. People feel ashamed when they are in public areas, more so when greeting others with a hug, because they are afraid of the stench. Dr. Cortes advises people to wear appropriate clothes during the summer in order to minimize excessive sweating.
According to the expert, several people associate the stench to the areas they are coming from especially the feet and the underarms, and he says that those areas have no smell, but it is the sweat. Sergio stresses that there are bacteria in these areas that cause the odor, and they become active when temperatures increase. People should be cautious when choosing the right attires to wear during the summer season so as to mitigate the adverse effects of sweating according to Sergio Cortes. He attributes that people should put more emphasis on materials, colors and sizes of their clothes. These are the major contributing factors that lead to sweating.
Tight and dark clothes are not the best to wear during this season because they retain extra heat and humidity. The expert advises people to go for light-colored attires because they are ideal and makes the body to be more comfortable. As for the best types of tissue to use, Dr. Cortes tells people to choose the more natural ones like linen, cotton, silk, and satin. He attributes that cotton is regarded as a natural fiber that makes the skin to breathe properly. Additionally, linen is also suitable for high temperatures because it has lighter colors.
Another favorable artificial fiber that is made from cellulose is the viscose. This is fresh and light tissue that is capable of absorbing moisture faster. Silk is also another alternative that is on the expert’s list. It is soft, smooth and an appropriate fabric that should accompany looser clothes because it leaves the skin breathing freely. Satin is an interesting material according to Dr. Sergio Cortes because different materials are used to make it. It is comparable to silk or cotton because it’s very light. Dr. Cortes is found on Twitter and on LinkedIn.
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Artificial Sweeteners and Our Gut Read more

Artificial Sweeteners and Our Gut

Artificial sweeteners allow us to enjoy sweet treats without the sugar content that most treats contain. When we drink sodas sweetened with artificial sweeteners we enjoy them in a guilt free way. We believe that we are safe when we consume artificial sweeteners. When using artificial sweeteners we think that we are living in a good and healthy way.

It seems that artificial sweeteners may be causing some damage to our bodies. A study has been released that claims that artificial sweeteners may be affecting our gut in a bad way.

Do you care about your gut like Bernardo Chua? Do you want to look out for that part of your body like millions on YouTube? If so, you may want to be more careful in regard to your consumption of artificial sweeteners. Yes, artificial sweeteners allow you to enjoy sweets without the added calories of sugar, but they just may be harmful in a different way.

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Diet Soda Is on the Decline Around the World


According to a recent article in The Washington Post, diet soda sales are on a downward slide. Consumers in America, and around the world, are turning away from these low calorie drinks in droves. Sales of diet sodas dropped nearly 20 percent around the world this past decade. The decline in the United States is linked to people drinking less soda in general as well as a growing suspicion of artificial sweeteners. Also, younger people are increasingly seeing soda as an occasional treat instead of a daily drink. If a person is only going to treat themselves occasionally to the drink, then they will want the real deal and not some diet version.

The decline in diet sodas is accompanied by what expert Fersen described as slow sales of the regular versions of these sodas worldwide. This is a positive step for global health. Despite their manufacturers billing the diet version of these drinks as a healthier alternative, there is some evidence that they are still bad for our health especially in the area of weight gain where the word ‘diet’ implies their one purported benefit over the non-diet varieties. There are so many truly healthy alternatives out there such as 100 percent fruit juice products on store shelves everywhere. Soda contributes nothing to us and may be one of the most harmful parts of our daily diet. World health will only be boosted by any trend of people moving away from it.

Drinking Diet Soda Makes One Gain Belly Fat Read more

Drinking Diet Soda Makes One Gain Belly Fat

The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published a new study saying that people who drank diet soda gained almost three times as much abdominal fat as people who didn’t drink diet soda. The study analyzed data taken from a questionnaire of 749 people who were at least 65 years old. The survey asked the subjects how many cans of soda they drank per day, and how many were diet or regular.

Even after adjusting for such factors as diabetes, exercise and smoking, the researchers found that people who routinely drank diet soda gained 3.2 inches around their waist over the study period, while people who never drank diet soda gained 0.8 inches. Occasional drinkers of diet soda gained 1.8 inches.

While scientists do not yet have clear answers they do have some hypotheses. First off, diet sodas contain chemicals that make the soda far sweeter than a regular soda. In addition, real sugar triggers a sense of satisfaction of fullness. The body knows that a sweet taste accompanies something with a lot of calories according to Monster.com. Artificial sweeteners confuse the body on that point and can cause cravings for sweeter and sweeter foods.

A recent study of mice showed that artificial sweeteners changed their gut bacteria and made them vulnerable to glucose intolerance and insulin resistance, both of which are linked to weight gain. Other studies with mice indicate that artificial sweeteners are linked to a drop in leptin, which is a hormone that controls the appetite. The mice with a lot of leptin in their systems ate significantly less than did the mice with only a little leptin.