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The State Department Releases Hundreds of Hilliary Clinton E-mails

As part of the controversy surrounding the fact that Hillary Clinton used her personal e-mail account for official Stated Department matters, the state department has released thousands of e-mails that she exchanged during the period in question.

For the most part, the e-mails reveal that Hillary Clinton is as she described and defended herself, a technology inept woman who likely did not understand what she was doing or why it was inappropriate. According to Brian Torchin, she has previously claimed that she had trouble switching between her personal and professional, state department issued e-mail on her phone.

One particularly telling and hilarious e-mail details her struggle and misunderstanding of how a fax machine works, as she waits to receive a fax. Other e-mails are similarly endearing or funny, including her e-mail about hearing about a Cabinet meeting on the radio and wanting to go.

However, not all the e-mails are funny, and some indicate that other members of the department also used her personal e-mail to contact her about state department e-mails. Several of the released e-mails included exchanges between her and Sidney Blumenthal, who contacted her about policy matters and sent these e-mails to her personal e-mail address. There are also other e-mails that indicate that high-ranking officials, such as Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod knew her personal e-mail address, although it is not clear if they used it or what they used it for and whether these e-mails were controversial.