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Handy Spring Cleaning Gives You Options For Services

Winter time is almost over and spring is here which means, spring cleaning. It is time to get rid of that winter blah and step into fresh and clean with spring cleaning through companies such as Handy home cleaning services. Handy is launching a new mobile app that helps both the consumer and the service personnel. Handy is a company that takes good care of the workers. They provide great working incentives as well as a great salary. The workers can choose their hours to work. This is great for stay at home moms and students needing time to study. Home cleaning and business cleaning is an option with the Handy service.

When spring cleaning time arrives a consumer must set time for things to be out of place temporarily. Spring cleaning involves care and cleaning of things and places in the home or business that normally go unnoticed during the winter months. The smells of a home that has been shut off because of the cold will be erased by the thorough cleaning it receives. Handy services are servicing over 25 towns across the United States. They also offer services in London and Canada. Handy also helps homeowners and business personnel with small “handyman” repairs. Homejoy is part of the Handy service application that is helping people schedule easier and quicker. If you have issues such as plumbing problems you can contact Handy or Homejoy for a plumber to come out.

What type of things do people expect when they are spring cleaning an office. A person spring cleaning an office may do a thorough clean to bathrooms. Rugs will be cleaned and light fixtures sparkling when they are done. All mirrors will be wiped down and old deodorizers replaced with new fresh ones. It is awful Handy to have people to come in and clean everything from top to bottom. Even ceiling fans and wall pictures will be wiped clean when they are complete. Extra services can be requested like washing curtains and bed linens. This is up to the person that is handling the contract. Most spring cleaning contractors know that when they leave your home or business it must look and smell fresh like spring. Using the application is easy and convenient. Techcrunch.com and Forbes.com can help you understand the process and benefits of using Handy or Homejoy services. Over one million customers agree.

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The “Sharing Economy” In your Home

It seems as if a new Uber for X service is coming out every day now. Just when you thought life could not get any more convenient in comes Handy, a cleaning and home repair booking service. Launched by two former Harvard Business School graduates in 2012 the company has taken off recently going from $3 million in bookings a year to over $1 million a week.

The service has been a hit with customers as people warm up more to the idea of booking services through mobile devices. Handy also helps to ease this process by thoroughly screening its applicants through a series of background checks, in-person interviews, and reference checks. The company prides itself that it is more difficult to work for Handy than get admitted to Harvard. Customers also can be relieved that they no longer need to leave behind wads of money for the cleaner to pick up because just like with similar services all payment is taken care of through your mobile device. Finally, the company provides a money back guarantee on the chance you are not satisfied with your service and will replace any broken items that occur due to a cleaning.

The experience with the app itself could not be more simple. All a client needs to do is enter in their zip code and the amount of rooms needed to be cleaned in order to receive a quote. If the price, which includes tax as well as a tip for the cleaner, is to your liking you can charge it to the card that is already on file and the cleaner will show up at the agreed upon time. No longer do homeowners need to be worried about being charged exorbitant rates after the fact. This process protects the contractors as well who are safe from being stiffed by customers as the payment has been collected prior to the scheduled service.

Although very difficult to get begin work for Handy currently employs over 5,000 workers who complete at least one job a month. The service has not only been helpful to clients, but also to the thousands of contractors who work for the company. Traditionally house cleaners have been paid under the table in cash which can be good in some cases but hugely detrimental when trying to get an auto or home loan. By providing documentable income Handy is filling a huge need by those in the industry. Those who receive work through Handy are also rewarded with consistent pay between $15 and $22 an hour with $18 being the average.

Currently Handy operates across the United States in 25 cities, two in Canada, as well as London. Although currently a vast majority of the company’s revenue comes from cleaning the founders have big plans to expand past this in the future. By getting access through cleaning they hope to build a brand which will not only clean your home but take care of it as well.