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Thor Halvorssen Continues To Try And Bring Democracy To Russia

The Russian people are living under a form of tyrannical rule in the eyes of Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen, who has recently been seen as one of the main political opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Through his work with the Human Rights Foundation he established in 2005, Halvorssen has become one of the best-known campaigners for human rights in the world; among the impressive aspects of the work of Venezuelan-born Halvorssen are his writings and appearances with major news media in the U.S. and U.K., plus his appearances at the British Houses of Parliament and as a speaker during the United Nations Human Rights Council election.

Halvorssen believes President Putin is a consistent abuser of human rights and has spent much of the time during the lifespan of the Human Rights Foundation looking for ways to make his point to the wider world. In creating the Human Rights Foundation Halvorssen looked to build the legitimacy of the organization by creating an international council that has been filled with former political prisoners, broadcasters, and world leaders with a reputation for protecting and furthering the human rights of their citizens. Former political dissident and Czech President Vaclav Havel was the original chair of the HRF Council, after his death in 2011 the work against the Russian regime began in earnest for Thor Halvorssen when he appointed Russian political opponent and former Chess World Champion Gary Kasparov as the Chair of the group.

Gary Kasparov and Thor have formed a formidable team for the Human Rights Foundation as they have looked to build the pressure on the Russian government with a growing number of events aimed at supporting Putin’s opponents like the anarchist group “Pussy Riot”. The imprisonment of three members of “Pussy Riot” led to the arrest of Kasparov as he attended the court proceedings held over the group’s supposed crimes; Thor Halvorssen himself has held a number of events detailing the human rights abuses of Russia and calling on the European Union to act against the Putin-led nation for the breaking of the European Convention on Human Rights by the Russian regime. for more.