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The Rise in Islamophobia, Super PACs and George Soros


Islamophobia is on the rise with America and Republican Party leaders are supposedly responsible for the rise in anti-Islamic rhetoric. Leading Republican candidate Donald Trump has made some eye opening remarks about Muslims within the United States and abroad. Trump reportedly said that there should be a complete and total band on all Muslims entering the country. This type of speech is not appreciated by the Muslim community within the U.S. and abroad.

Billionaire and political analyst George Soros is no stranger to hate speech. When he was a young man his father had to remove him and the rest of his family from Hungary when the Nazis had joined Hitler during World War II. Soros is Jewish and his father knew the fate of his people.

At the time Hitler’s speeches made it clear that his intentions for Jewish people was not going to be pleasant. While Soros is not going as far as to say Donald Trump is another Hitler in the making (though some would disagree); he does think it is wise to have someone like him in office.

In a New York Times article, Soros stated that the intense anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric is deeply offensive. That this type of speech is harmful to America’s democracy and national interest. Soros clearly does not want Trump in office and is working hard to keep him from getting in.

Keep in mind that many American’s share Trumps views toward Muslims. Since he is representative of the people, his thoughts reflects their own. This also worries many Democratic party members and supporters. Especially in light of the Paris Bombing attacks that took place in November of 2015 and the San Bernardino shootings that happened in December of the same year. The migrant crisis in Europe is also creating discontent among some groups of Americans.

President Barack Obama said on NY Times that the U.S. take 10,000 refugees that are fleeing Syria and Afghanistan into the country. This will help to ease the burden that they are placing onto European countries. However, many Americans do not feel they should be let into the country at all. Quite a few people honestly believe that some of them could be potential terrorists. Crimes and threats against American Muslims have significantly increased since the Paris Attacks took place.

George Soros has donated $5 million to the Immigrant Voters Win Super PAC. The primary purpose of this political action committee is get hundreds of thousands of Latino voters out to the poll. However, it is also being used to reach out to minorities everywhere; including Muslim Americans. Soros’s is hoping that this super PAC will be able to give the Democrats the push they need to secure the White House in 2016.