The Future Looks Great For Securus Technologies Read more

The Future Looks Great For Securus Technologies

When people think of solving and preventing crimes in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice, they think of the company Securus Technologies. This company is known for what it can do, and they are creating new technologies all the time. Their latest one is the Video Visitations, and it has been getting rave reviews.


The Video Visitations have helped numerous correction facilities across the country. These facilities are the company’s customers, and they are pleased with how well the technology has worked for them. The entire environment is safer for all concerned because the inmates are calmer because they are able to speak to their loved ones via the videos. The company is glad to have been of assistance in this way.


Securus Technologies is a company that will continue to create more and more technologies on a weekly basis to benefit the public safety sector, and they are known for what they do all across the country and world. They are experts at solving and preventing crimes. The government uses them on a regular basis, and they are in contact with a million plus prisoners every year. When they want to make a difference, they use techniques such as videos, interview, investigations and more to clearly creating safer environments. They have a professional and dedicated staff that wants to make a difference in the public safety that is for the better.



Securus Technologies Helped My Daughter Avoid Robbery Read more

Securus Technologies Helped My Daughter Avoid Robbery

Just A note of thanks to Securus Technologies for helping my daughter. My daughter is engaged to a young man in your prison system. That I am not proud of. But the young man does seems nice and intelligent. She goes every weekend to visit him. She tries to look her best during her visit. According to her, it helps him not to be in a depressed state when she is all dolled up for him. She wears extra perfume and extra jewelry. I told her I thought it was too much for a visit to a prison. But my daughter has a mind of her own. She does get a lot of compliments from the women she meets there. And she is a head-turner with the guys for sure.


On her last visit, her fiancé expressed to her that he wanted her to scale down with the jewelry. He let her know that he had grown up since being in jail and wasn’t as materialistic as he had previously been. He also told her that the authorities let him know that through Securus Technologies, they were made aware that his fiancé was going to be a target in some upcoming visits to get her jewelry. Her fiance was very concerned and told her right away to stop wearing any jewelry at all. He even convinced her that she no longer needed to come up every weekend, maybe just once a month. That let me know also that this young man cared about my daughter’s safety above all else.


It is due to the quickness of Securus Technologies alerting my daughter’s fiancé that kept her out of harms way. I would have never forgiven myself if she was hurt in any way. Her fiancé feels the same way as I do. Thank you so much Securus Technologies.


Seamless Streaming Technology for All Read more

Seamless Streaming Technology for All

Securus Technologies is an information technology company based out of Texas. While many other companies within their field provide the same level of technology and support to their customers, Securus Technologies is unique in that it focuses most of its attention within the United States prison system. Incarcerated individuals currently serving time within the justice system are an untapped consumer resource that many companies overlook. Securus Technologies has decided to embrace these people and has offered them any security and communication Solutions throughout the years of operation. It was recently released that Securus technologies will be promoting a series of its video chat conferencing technology, which will undoubtedly open new doors and bring in much more customers to them in the future.


This software is a free downloadable application that is available for both Android and Apple devices. The device is simple and whenever a customer wishes to use it all they have to do is log into a Wi-Fi connection and then open the application. Inmates can now call their loved ones and family members on the outside and use seamless streaming video chat technology to communicate with them openly and freely at any time. This is great news for consumers families as it means that loved ones no longer will have to travel long distances to visit their family members in the prison itself. This will allow them to avoid uncomfortable situation such as mandatory Security checks as well as allow them to avoid potential dangers from other inmates.


The promotion of this technology will undoubtedly increase potential customer base is Securus Technology significantly. New Revenue that these customers will bring to the company will allow them to further research and develop new and more advanced forms of communication technology to support their customers in the future.


Securus About To Make Life Easier For Law Enforcement And Prisoners Read more

Securus About To Make Life Easier For Law Enforcement And Prisoners

The Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search is the first software program that allows police officers to lock on to the voice of an inmate or a called party on the outside. Every phone call going into a prison or out of the prison involving an inmate is recorded. Each voice on either end leaves a voice signature particular to that person, like DNA. This software saves that voice and searches for it during future phone calls.


The innovators of the software, Securus Technologies, is a leading provider of criminal justice technology. Their innovations enhance public safety, make investigations and corrections easier for law enforcement, and allow for the monitoring of prisoners. These technological tools make law enforcement more precise and effective.


But this technology also helps the inmates and their families. Families of a prisoner should count themselves lucky if that prison facility is serviced by Securus. The technologies company makes it easy for families of an inmate to communicate with their prisoner. All they have to do is create an account on the Securus website, request a time to chat with their loved one, and wait for approval. It is as simple as logging back in at the appropriate time.


But Securus is about to make things even easier. The telecommunications giant just announced the stock purchase of a company called JPay. JPay makes it easy for anybody in the corrections system to use technology on the inside. They have even gone so far as to provide prisoners with tablets. Securus Technology plans on using those tablets to allow prisoners to enjoy video chats.


But JPay’s real innovation comes in the form of payment. Communicating with the prisoner on the inside costs money. JPay technology will make it easier for the families of prisoners to pay, streamlining the process and connecting loved ones.