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Sahm Adrangi, the credit and bonds giant

In a recent interview, Sahm Adrangi a former wall street bond trader now hedge fund analyst revealed that his hard work and his ability to click and blend in easily with people is what got him to where he is currently. Adrangi’s kick-started career at Merrill Lynch’s Credit desk where he was working as an intern. Here he was able to cement his career and like stated earlier his socializing skills are what enabled him to stay three more years with the company this time on the bond desk where his role was trading credit. The skills he earned while on this desk are what acted as a foundation for his success. Sahm then moved on to Longacre and later to Paulson & Co credit team. Here he managed to make approximately six billion dollars through shorting mortgage bonds. Sahm is currently owned his hedge fund known as Kerrisdale Capital and is an author who releases publications regarding matters bonds and trade. Some of his works include The Pebble deposit isn’t commercially viable which has helped many companies move up the market.

About Sahm Adrangi

Anyone who is involved in trading bonds is undoubtedly acquainted with the name Sahm Adrangi. He is a man of many titles as he has ventured in one too many fields and has worked with a diverse number of companies in the banking and financial sectors such as Paulson & Co, Longacre, and even as a creditor advisor at Chanin Capital Partners. His services at Chanin were quite efficient and very much needed as he helped represent the debt holders and even bankrupt companies. Prior to the company, Adrangi also worked with Deutsche Bank where he also left quite a mark due to his expertise. Today, the thirty-three-year-old man owns his firm known as Kerrisdale where he uses his skills to expose fraudulent companies which tend to take advantage of their clients unknowingly. Sahm can achieve that by shorting them, and some of the firms which he has successfully exposed include China marine food group among many others. He is a Yale University graduate and holds a BA in economics from the institution. He is apparently a jack of all trades as he is an author known for his research publications which he helps spread knowledge regarding current and future stocks, he is a speaker and also plays the role of an activist in investments.

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Martin Lustgarten Brings A Different Attitude To Investment Banking

One of the most challenging types of banking in the banking industry is investment banking. The banking services provided through investment banks require management and staff who must be very familiar with all aspects of investment banking. There are many complexities associated with the banking services provided at investment banks.

The very structure of investment banks contribute to some of the complexities because the structure of investment banks give three separate areas of banking services that can be provided through an investment bank. However, every investment bank can decide what service areas are offered at a particular investment bank.With the options available regarding what services are offered at a particular investment bank, the people working at investment banks must be prepared to help with banking services that may or may not be offered at one investment bank while being offered at another investment bank.For investment banks to be able to function and operate efficiently, there must be specific personnel in place who can make correct decisions concerning an array of questions, problems, and needs. In many investment banks, one of the primary people put in place to help run investment banks are investment bankers.

As a vital position in the investment banking industry, investment bankers play many roles. In actuality, investment bankers must be able to fill several key roles through one position. This is what makes the investment banker position one of the hardest positions in the entire banking industry.An investment banker who has made a name for himself in the investment banking field is Martin Lustgarten. Known as a savvy businessman and someone who can get results, Martin Lustgarten brings a different attitude to investment banking. He understands the investment banking industry and what is needed to achieve success in the investment banking industry.

Martin Lustgarten gives a total effort with every task that he is given in his investment banker role. This attitude has allowed him to accomplish great things in the investment banking industry. One of Martin Lustgarten biggest accomplishments to date is the establishment of his own investment banking firm, which is Lustgarten Martin.

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Raj Fernando is a Brilliant Business Leader

The financial markets are dominated by extremely intelligent men that work extraordinarily hard. These brilliant men are able to see the winds of change before they start blowing and make the best possible moves. There are hundreds of people that increase their profits every day by simply working harder and knowing more than their competition, but one of the smartest is Raj Fernando.

Raj Fernando has been involved in the markets since his college years. He spent his time in college working as a volunteer on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He fell in love with the inner workings of the trading floor and when he graduated he immediately started working as a trader. Throughout the nineties, Raj worked in several positions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. Raj developed a reputation as a both a hard worker and an extremely intelligent man. In 2002, Raj decided to change jobs and start his own trading company.

Raj started Chopper Trading in 2002. At first, the firm was rather small, but during Raj’s time with the company it grew to more than 250 traders. The firm trades on the NASDAQ, CME, ICE, Eurex, and other major trading markets. Raj loved building the company from the ground up, and Chopper quickly gained a reputation as one of the most powerful companies in the trading world. Chopper continued to grow throughout the 2000s, and in 2015 Raj sold the company to DRW Trading Group.

Raj made a great deal of money from the sale of Chopper Trading, but he was not satisfied to rest on his laurels. In 2016, Raj decided to start his own internet start-up, Scoutahead. Scoutahead is a company designed to improve professional growth and productivity. The company utilizes secure and advanced communication systems to meet their goals. Fernando currently serves as chairman and CEO of the company.

Raj Fernando has already had a long and storied career, but he is not satisfied with his current position. He plans to take Scoutahead to the next level, and he hopes to work with the company for years to come.
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Halliburton Cuts 5,000 Jobs Due to Lower Oil Prices

On February 25, the Houston-based oil services company Halliburton announced it was cutting 5,000 jobs, 8% of its staff, according to CNNMoney.

This is yet another sign of the economic trauma caused by plunging oil prices over the past two years. The company has been trying to cope with falling energy prices by merging and consolidating operations in 20 countries. In another two countries, it has completed closed down its operations. The latest lost jobs make the total of Halliburton employee layoffs add up to nearly 27,000. The affected employees are around the world.

Halliburton’s stock price has reflected the company’s business woes. It’s lost half of its value since the company’s shares peaked in mid-2014. It was in mid-2014 that the price of crude oil reached its most recent high. And it was in mid-2014 that Halliburton’s staff numbers hit their high. For Halliburton and the entire oil industry, it’s been downhill since then.

Other oil services companies such as Baker Hughes (BHI) and Schlumberger (SLB) are also laying off people. According to Haynes & Boone, a law firm, since 2014 44 small oil services companies have filed for bankruptcy. According to article by the New York Times, journalists Leslie Picker and Julie Creswell, discuss Energy Transfer Equity’s acquisition of the Williams Companies. Energy Transfer Equity’s CEO agreed to purchase the company for roughly 38 billion dollars. The deal took months of negotiating and Kelcy Warren, Energy Equity CEO, though it would be the biggest achievement of his career. Unfortunately, the deal has not faired well.

In one day, the deal lost almost 1 billion dollars in value and over the course of months, the shares dropped by 37 billion dollars in value. This 60 percent drop in value has made Energy Transfer Equity’s stock drop nearly as far as it did in 2009. The reason for this decline is because of investor’s doubt. Many investors are tending to see the merger as being too complicated. There have even been verified rumors that discussions are underway to allow Williams to buy back the company for a meager 2 billion dollars.

A possible reason for the deal to end so badly is that the individuals on the Williams side of the merger never wanted the deal in the first place. The CEO of the company wanted it to stay independent and two of the board members were eager to sell. Another problem that is not helping is the decline in energy prices. The article went on to point out that consumers are enjoying these low prices but what they do not realize is that it is cutting deep into the pockets of companies and investors all across the country. The problem is so extreme that over a third of the energy production and exploration companies might be forced into bankruptcy. Many oil companies like Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell are being forced to let people go because of the falling prices. Even the banks are effected. JP Morgan Chase will be forced to increase reserves for bad energy loans that it gave out. And the same story is true for other big loan providers.

Madison Street Capital is one such firm that is paying close attention to these happenings. MSC is an investment banking firm that was founded in 2005. They specialize in several sectors, including transportation, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, construction, manufacturing, health care, consumer retail, oil an energy, telecommunications, media and technology. Within these sectors, MSC provides private equity and debt financing investment services for its clients who are generally in the middle market. The firm is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois but it not only has offices in North America, but also Asia and Africa.

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Madison Street Capital: Leading The Hedge Fund Industry Read more

Madison Street Capital: Leading The Hedge Fund Industry and HedgeWeek both covered the early February announcement and report from Madison Street Capital. The investment banking firm announced big growth in 2015. In fact, the amount of hedge fund deals closed or announced went up by 27 percent from the previous year. In 2014, there were 32 deals made, but in 2015, 42 deals were made. Madison Street Capital also made the comment that with the type of momentum they are seeing, 2016 will see even more deals in hedge funds.

The summary by the news outlets also covered the report from the firm, which stated that hedge fund managers are looking at strategic alternatives in order to raise revenue. This is happening because hedge funds are being pressured to lower their fees but they are facing rising operational costs at the same time. A big problem is facing smaller hedge funds managers because they are not able to bring in new capital and therefore they are not able to fill their portfolio and operate at capacity.

Madison Street Capital, an investment banking firm founded in 2005, has a strong group of professionals leading the firm. One of the professionals in Reginald McGaugh. McGaugh is a Managing Director at the firm and he has years of experience with managed care companies, healthcare provides, healthcare REITs, healthcare medical device firms, diagnostic imaging firms, tele-medicine firms, pharmaceutical firms and biotechnology firms. Besides healthcare, McGaugh also specializes in advising deals that a structured to be compliant with Sharia law in the Middle East and Africa. Reginald McGaugh received a finance degree from the University of Nebraska and a Masters in Business from Florida A&M University.

The firm specializes in 3 services, including valuation, mergers and acquisitions and advising domestically and internationally on corporate governance and independence. The firm has assisted in transactions between Ohio Valley Manufacturing, Inc and First Merit Bank, Investment Evolution Global Corp and Boston Finance Group, LLC, Atlantic Jet Support, Inc and Citibank, N.A., and Caroll Hotel, LLC and Equity Financing. Madison Street Capital is able to assist with these transactions because of their large base of investors, including foundations, endowments, unions, local governments, state governments, pension funds, mutual funds, money managers, corporations and financial institutions.

The firms goal is to understand the value of a company and assist them with the services that will benefit them. They want to create a transaction between two parties, buyers and sellers, that will be mutually beneficial. They do this by being creating with unique structures and designs that fit their unique clients. Madison Street is for any middle market company that is looking to improve their standing in the market.

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What You Need To Know About The President Of The US Reserve.

Philip Diehl is currently the president of a well-known coin distributor known as the U.S. Money Reserve. The company will be soon getting rid of the penny. Mr. Diehl is the person behind the campaign, and he started this even before joining U.S Money Reserve. It is believed that the initiative started when he was still working as the director of U.S mint.

Philip Diehl, the former director of U.S Mint, has always had a different opinion about the penny. According to Philip, anyone who comes across the penny should not bend to pick! They should just ignore it and walk away. He believes that the penny brings less value than the minimum wage.

Before coming to work at Mint, Mr.Diehl was working as the chief of staff in the US Department Senate Finance Committee. He also held the position of staff director in the Senate Finance Committee for some time, and then he was nominated by Bill Clinton to become the director of the current United States Mint. While in this position, he worked closely with the senior officials in the executive branch. This helped him have a deep understanding of fiscal and also monetary policy, and this influences his work in every position he acquires.

When he Joint Mint, Diehl’s first initiative as the Director was a multi-year customer service and it ultimately led to the Mint getting the second highest score in all the Federal agencies that were surveyed by the University Of Michigan School Of Business Customer Satisfaction Index.

In his campaign to get rid of the penny, Philip has experienced some challenges. The penny costs more that it’s real value. Many individuals in the United States do not want to get rid of the penny too, and this has made things difficult. The US Mint, the company that produces the penny, claims that every year, it gets a major loss.
A few groups believe that the coin is still important to the people of the United States. They think that the absence of the penny will result in mild inflation and distortion of prices for the ordinary consumer. Philip believes that this will not happen.

Philip says that this argument has been there for more than 25 years. He has been in the profession for quite some time, and he urges the penny supporters to do away with the penny. At the moment, many transactions are either done in cash or electronic forms so that the penny will have little or no effect.

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Is George Soros Fanning The Fire To Push Sales For The US Money Reserve? Read more

Is George Soros Fanning The Fire To Push Sales For The US Money Reserve?

Philip N. Diehl is the President of the US Money Reserve. He was the 35th director of the US Mint. He qualified for the job of president due to his extensive background in wholesale, retail and creating investment opportunities in the precious metals industry. He established a trade agreement with Antarctica.
He became acquainted with bullion coins and led the US Money Reserve in the direction of becoming an Entrepreneurial agency and extends their distribution network. Philip had a six-year plan to strengthen customer service relations and increase customer service satisfaction.

Philip Diehl and Eric Dye have published the US Money Reserve Podcast explaining the reasons why so many are purchasing gold.

The customers are attracted to the different weights and purity of the gold, silver and platinum precious metals. The gold, platinum and silver coins are backed by the US and are guaranteed legal tender. The other forms of bullion that is manufactured and sold is not backed by the US and is often a good forgery.

The financial crisis of 2008 increased the demand for gold and trade through EFT transfers. India and China are consistent with purchasing 65% of gold from the US. The US will see an international increase of sales from Russia and Brazil. The US Money Reserve began an IRA program for customers to buy gold as a way to protect their wealth and the steady increase of gold prices.
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According to Crunchbase, the US Money Reserve is leading the way to help people hold onto their wealth. The billionaire George Soros has predicted the rise and fall of countries’ currencies, stocks and housing markets for decades. His analysis of the situations that would cause the crisis did occur. He is positive that US is getting ready to face another economic crisis that mirrors the 2008 fiasco.
George Soros speaks his mind regardless of how the US Money Reserve is trying to help the public.


George Soros on the Economy Read more

George Soros on the Economy


George Soros is one of the best people in the world when it comes to making predictions on the economy. Over the past couple of years, he has been one of the most accurate people on the global economic environment. This is one of the biggest reasons that many people are unsettle by his latest prediction. George Soros has said that this year is shaping up to be a lot like 2008. Over a long period of time, this could have far reaching implications on the overall economy. In this article by Bloomberg, George Soros makes it pretty clear that there is a lot of weakness around the world when it comes to the economy. Here are some of his biggest reasons for being bearish on the overall economy.


China has long been a nice engine for growth on the world stage. However, there has been a lot of weak data coming out of China in recent months. If this trend continues, it could signal a slowdown in China that the world is not expecting. There are many areas of the world that are experiencing low rates of growth. However, if the developing nations of the world are not growing quickly there could be a lot more issues than we were expecting. The world markets tend to respond very negatively when there is an issue they are not aware of. The weakness coming out of China is something that really took a lot of people by surprise.

Interest Rates

One of the biggest factors on the overall economy is the interest rates. This is essentially how much it costs to borrow money in the current economy. There is a theory that says the higher the interest rate, the slower the rate of growth will be in the economy over the long term. Anyone who is looking to make an impact in the economy can lower interest rates in an attempt to spur growth. However, low interest rates really punish the savers and those who have been trying to build up wealth. A low interest rate environment is difficult to invest in. Anyone who wants to try and earn a high rate of return in this environment is going to have a difficult time doing so.

George Soros

George Soros has been known to make a lot of economic predictions over the years. He is one of the few people who simply do not care whether or not people believe what he has to say. In 2008, he was one of the few people who were saying there was a lot to worry about in the economy. Over the long term, many people tend to follow what he has to say when it comes to the economy. George Soros is someone who has a track record of success when it comes to making economic predictions. This is one of the biggest reasons that so many people are worried about what he has to say on the subject.

US Money Reserve IS The Best And Most Reputable Gold Distributor Ever Read more

US Money Reserve IS The Best And Most Reputable Gold Distributor Ever

As long as gold has been valued, there have been people involved in the sale or trade of gold. Other precious metals are worth significant amounts of money, but gold is the most commercial popular precious metal that is worth the most amount of money. Most people who are interested in gold is because of the guard against inflation so the gold can always bring the owner the same amount of money adjusted for inflation, if not for more than it was originally worth.

There are other events that would cause the worth of gold or the reliance on gold to increase, but gold will always be worth a lot of money. Even if lots of gold is found in new reserves in the future, people will still demand gold very highly.

US Money Reserve sells both coin and bullion. Bullion is another word for gold bars or other types of precious metals that have been minted into bars or other shapes of bricks of precious metals. This is great for storing the gold, as most of the gold is stored in an area that has been approved for the storage of many different investors’ gold supplies.

There are many hefty fees traditionally associated with obtaining gold but US Money Reserve has helped lower that price by providing the same amount of precious metals that other companies would offer for the same price, and even providing better customer services for these cheaper costs on behalf of US Money Reserve.

Keeping customers happy that might be dissatisfied with a purchase because it is not what the consumer expected or they did not mean to get that type of coin are usually able to turn the coin back in, and then get the refund of money once it is received in the mail. Companies that do keep their customers happy traditionally have been leaders of their industries, barring other deficiencies on behalf of the company.

Orders placed are always treated with the utmost concern and urgency. US Money Reserve will never receive any forms of payment that could be from a fraudulent source to protect the investor involved or the person who might be getting scammed by someone who is not authorized to use their forms of payment.

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Facts About Madison Street Capital’s Recent Award Nomination Read more

Facts About Madison Street Capital’s Recent Award Nomination

Madison Street Capital was in the very recent past announced as a Finalist for the 14th M&A Advisor Awards that are held by very high regard by players in the financial industry. The award seeks to recognize those who are good at making deals, financing and restructuring as well as recognizing all achievements and contributions by the leading firms and professionals. According to, Madison was also nominated for the Cross-Border Deal of the Year Award in regard to its acquisition of FabTrol Systems. Leading the transaction was the company’s Managing Director and Senior Managing Director.

Speaking when the announcement was made, the company Chief Executive Officer said that it is always an honor to be recognized by other professionals in the industry when they do exemplary work for clients who have hired them. He also said that the FabTrol deal was very good and because the company is a major player in the fabrication management software space niche, the acquisition played a very integral role in making Madison get recognized as a reputable and trusted player.

The winners were set to be announced after a month from the nomination date at the New York Athletic Club. The M$A Advisor was started in 1998 to help offer intelligence as well as insights to matters related to mergers and acquisitions. For a period of not less than seventeen years, they have continued to a network of premier finance professionals and companies.

On its part, Madison Street Capital is a global name when matters related to international investment banking are concerned. The company has been fully committed in providing top notch services in matters related to integrity, leadership and service, excellence as well as offering top notch valuation services that are firmly guided on the precepts that all public and privately held businesses should get the best investment banking services and advice.

These unique services go a very long way in positioning clients to be able to offer their services much better in the global market place. When Madison takes a new client, it literally owns the client’s ambitions and goals and works in tandem with them to ensure that they are achieved. Through its professional and most sought after services, it has managed to earn its clients trust around the world because it always ensures that they are offered in the most professional way so that they can bring fruition in the shortest time possible.