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James Dondero: The Investment Adviser Company CEO and Philanthropist

James Dondero has been in the scene of financial investments. As the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, their company has a 70 billion dollar asset as alternative credit managers.

The success story of their company has a long history 20 years ago, and they have come a long way. Being able to work at JP Morgan and eventually in American Express gave him his business idea at catapulted his way to financial success. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

However, it isn’t just success that James Dondero is after. After many years of working as the co-founder and President of a billion-dollar company, he has found a passion of serving others in his community. This Dallas self-made CEO has invested money for uplifting the residents of Dallas, Texas.

At present James Dondero and his company donated to the local Dallas Zoo, Perot Museum of Natural Science and George W. Bush Presidential Library and institute. James Dondero aspires to be a company which not only after financial success, but also giving back and providing value to Texans.

At present, they also sponsor a program called Education is Freedom. This program provides opportunities for out-of-school and at-risk youth to avail of scholarships and educational financial assistance. He believes that education is one way out of the vicious cycle of poverty and aims to help these individuals succeed in life.

They are also participants and sponsors of the Snowball Express. The Snowball Express is a program for the children of military fallen heroes. They provide a 4-day event which offers amusement parks, dancing, sports and other recreational activities for the children.

Capital for Kids is also a program that offers management advisers opportunities to help children in need. They offer low-income families quality educational assistance coming from the volunteers and donors of the program.

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Most people would say that profit and philanthropy don’t go well together, but here is James Dondero who is doing his best with his company to deliver just that. He has brought about tremendous change and is continuing to do so for the people of Dallas. An inspiring success story and a leader with a heart, he hopes that many other people would achieve success and make a difference in their own communities. Visit nexpointliving.com to know more about James Dondero.

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Paul Mampilly Studies The Details And Stays Steady

Absolutely, there is enough substance, sacrifice, vision and good-old-fashioned soul in Paul Mampilly’s past to teach a higher education course on business success and ethics. There is enough “there” to write a bestselling novel on how to build a life and then make it all your own, while improving everyone you know along the way. There is a laundry list of big names and big-game moves that have truly impressive amounts of profit attached to them, in his past. And, the best part about all of those accomplishments is that they combine to be the antecedent events of his reaching a dream life.

More fascinating than Paul Mampilly’s leading a dream life is the details, actions and thought processes that go into how he works to serve more and people year in and year out. It all starts with routine and an early start time, for him. And, this routine starts with a daily feed of information both global and specific in its nature. He wants, to know what is going on with anything that can affect his portfolios. With laser focus, he uses a portfolio tracker for that. His service and expertise derive their value and dignified worth from this daily dedication.

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This dedication very much mirrors the methods in which Paul Mampilly brings his ideas to life. For every decision that he acts on, there is at least a week’s worth of research, study and analysis behind it. He also finds similar situations and comparisons when brainstorming on a decision, which is really genius when one stops to think about. Why make someone else’s mistake? Especially, when there is a clear enough record of it.

Perhaps, the most influential factor of Paul’s journey to professional ascension is that he is not afraid to think big and break a situation down to all its smaller parts. For example, he is a true believer in the Internet of Things and sees it clearly coming out a winner in the future. He is also a big follower of millennials and sees them as driving the American and world economy whether they like or not through their preferences. This combination of thinking big and serving steadily are the cornerstones of how Paul takes care of business, and it is yet to let him down.

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Igor Cornelsen Gives Financial Investment Advice On His Blog

Mr. Cornelsen is a former banker and financial investor who is now retired. The bulk of Cornelsen’s career was in his home country of Brazil. Now, Igor lives in Florida where he enjoys playing a game of golf and the tropical beaches.


While he was a banker and investor, Igor had the opportunity to lead some of Brazil’s largest banks. One of the notable moments in his career was when Igor managed to steer Brazilian banks away from economic collapse during the worldwide recession of 2008. Cornelsen in fact managed to make his banks profitable during a time when dozens of banks were going under.


Igor Cornelsen publishes a blog where he shares investment and financial advice. Below are 5 tips that Mr. Cornelsen has highlighted and agrees with that were laid out by fellow financial investor Peter Lynch.


One of the first words of advice is to invest in your comfort zone. Cornelsen says that a top investor like Peter Lynch only invests his money into something he really comprehends and feels confident in. If you are a financial advisor yourself, you should only advise people to invest in things that you yourself would invest in or that would make sense for the client.


Another tip is to look at the earnings and use it gauge the price of stock in a company. Cornelsen says that Lynch is correct when he noted that higher stock prices often follow higher earnings in a company. If you think a company will have more revenue, it is highly probably that their stock will increase as well in the future. This is one of ways of gauging whether a stock is a good buy or not.


Igor Cornelsen says that you should also ask yourself stock questions if you think are thinking about purchasing stock in any company. One of these questions is, are the prices of stock at the company reasonable based on the company’s earnings? Another question is, what is the company doing to warrant an increase in the price of its stock. When ask yourself questions about stocks before buying you are much more likely to weed out the bad ones and find the good ones that will net you a return. http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/igorcornelsen

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Igor Cornelsen: A Man Of Financial Expertise

Igor Cornelsen is someone who knows the Brazilian banking scene all too well, having spent so many years working in the field. Investment banking is not something everyone can do, and only a few manage to be successful in this field of work, with Igor Cornelsen being one of them. He has a firm grasp on the Brazilian economic scene and is known for his incredible foresight when it comes to making smart investment moves. He has an incredible pool of knowledge, which he implements every day in his work. This dedication to the field is what has made Igor stand out from the crowd and be one of the top investment bankers in the country.


Igor Cornelsen knows he possesses a great deal of knowledge which other investors might not have, and therefore tries his best to impart this knowledge to other people in the field through his numerous blog posts and articles that he publishes from time to time. He believes that by helping people in the field, he can, in turn, assist the economic scene in Brazil. His articles have a business flair to them and are usually talking about tips and tricks that investment bankers can implement when making their deals. He also gives them the latest updates on the new happenings in the economy, and how they can use those to work in their favor. But it isn’t just other investment bankers that he aims to help. He also writes blogs and articles that can appeal to people who aren’t too familiar with the economic world but are looking to still get into investing their money in some form or the other. Be it for property investment or alternative investments, Cornelsen knows the perfect course of action for any financial background.


Cornelsen has always been of the opinion that his clients should be given the top priority and a plan made for the purpose of investments should always have the clients best interests in mind. Cornelsen had had an enormous impact on the Brazilian economy, coming to the aid of numerous banks when the country was in the midst of a financial crisis. He is one of the main reasons why certain banks are still going and making huge profits.


Cornelsen does not limit his services to just companies that are coming from within Brazil. He has also worked with numerous international clients, offering his expertise in global investments.


The Brazilian Investment Space as Explained by Igor Cornelsen Read more

The Brazilian Investment Space as Explained by Igor Cornelsen

Brazil has an agriculture-driven economy. It is the world’s largest exporter of sugarcane, coffee, soybeans and beef. Other top exports from Brazil include energy, cars, spare parts, and medicines. In addition, the country has some of the most refined financial and banking infrastructures in the world. Igor Cornelsen is an experienced financial investment expert passionate about guiding new investors around Brazil’s diverse economy.



He has extensive experience in the financial markets in Brazil. Igor has handled consultations and advisory for financial institutions and banks. His strategy is to research, identify and invest in undervalued assets with the potential to bounce back to profitability. It is important to illustrate the opportunity clearly to avoid damaged unrecoverable assets.



There are a few points he offers for new investors considering the Brazilian market. The banking and financial infrastructure is very sophisticated and matured. Most big banks are solid global players, and most products have been updated to keep up with modern times. An unexpected result is a tight grip on the foreign currency. Similarly, Igor Cornelsen notes that the banking industry is tightly controlled and most mainstream banks rely on the credit rating service to evaluate credit-worthiness and issue loans.



Policy reform by the ruling political class is expected to make the markets more investor-friendly, accelerating an economic boom. Additionally, Brazil has a strong trading relationship with China. The effects of this correlation on the economy cannot be ignored. Igor postulates that an in-depth understanding of the stock markets is key to making prudent investments. Proper research to understand the benefits and risks of potential assets is also crucial.



Igor Cornelsen is passionate about educating people so that they can make smart investment options in Brazil. He runs active online channels including a blog, where you can find useful investment advice. He advises new investors to undertake passionate business networking to keep your finger on the pulse of local assets.



According to Igor, while the bureaucracy in the country can seem daunting, the system works. It is fundamental to figure out a way to cut through the red tape early on to avoid preemptive frustrations.