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The Work of Matthew Autterson as a Professional Investment Manager

Investment management is the professional management of investor’s assets and financial securities with the aim of earning maximum benefits. Some of the managed assets and securities include shares, real estates, and bonds. Investment managers’ services mainly involve analysis of financial statement, stock selection, asset allocation as well as implementing and monitoring investment plans. Investors are the principal beneficiaries of investment management as they receive professional financial guidance and investment decisions designed for maximum profits.

A Recent ranking by CNBC of the top fifty investment management firms placed Pacific Investment, Capital Research Management CO. Inc., J.P Morgan Asset Management and FMR Co. Inc. in the top five. Vanguard Group topped the list with assets worth more than $3,006 billion under its management. Besides offering best financial result to their customers and relatively low prices, leading investment management firms have developed a trusting relationship with its investors.

Hiring a competent investment manager is essential for investors in the financial market. One such manager is the Denver-based professional investment manager, Matthew Autterson. He works as the chief Wealth Advisor at WIN Wealth Management firm. He helps investors match their investment strategies to their financial goals. After the client has invested, Autterson continually assesses the risks profile of the investment. He also guides his clients through the unavoidable market upsets. Additionally, he has an extensive experience in estate planning, taxes, long-term care and life insurance plans.

Matthew Auterson’s experience in the financial industry spans over two decades. Currently, he is actively involved in WIN’s 401(k) plan where he conducts portfolio analysis and heads its investment research, group. He is the deputy chairperson of the organization’s investment policy committee and the Chief Compliance Officer. He also works as a partner with the Denver –based CPA firm, Winterscheidt & Autterson, LLP. Autterson graduated from Buena Vista University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance.