Cassio Audi Expertise in the Corporate World Read more

Cassio Audi Expertise in the Corporate World

Cassio Audi is a Brazilian music legend with more than two decades of experience in the different areas of expertise. Currently, he holds top executive positions in various prominent ventures in the Brazil assuming the role of a leader. He is a prime example of leaders with senior financial management expertise. Cassio has contributed to the growth of various startup businesses in South America.

Cassio Audi, currently, is an investment manager at Guardian Venue Management International, a privately held company with operation centers in both the United States together with Brazil. The firm deals with real estate investments, capital funds, along with transportation businesses. In addition to his expertise, Cassio currently holds the chief executive position at NameRossi Commercial Properties since 2013.

Cassio Audi professional studies started at Pontifical Catholic University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Later on, he advanced his business skills at Sao Paulo University where he graduated with a master in finance. He began working as investment officer.

Over the years of working at different ventures, he gained core qualifications in accounting and financial management, controllership, and decision support together with business planning, modeling, and analysis. Today, Cassio is internationally recognized for his artistic styles of solving corporate world problems.

In the early 1960s before joining the corporate world, Cassio was a Heavy Metal Drummer. He associated with the Viper rock band and produced two essential albums which brought them into the limelight. His most groundbreaking handed-down demo record is known as The Killer Sword.

The killer sword had a collection of songs such as Princes from Hell, Nightmare, together with Killer. In addition to band’s achievements, Allmusic, an association that recognizes music efforts, ranked the killer sword album an honor rating of four stars. Meanwhile, the viper remains the most successful band ever to be created in Brazil.

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Agora Financial Is Helping People Understand The Concept Of Financial Investment Read more

Agora Financial Is Helping People Understand The Concept Of Financial Investment

The journey to create real wealth requires one to make smart investments. For you to make the right decisions on what to invest in, you expect reliable and in-depth news and markets analysis. Individuals with a professional background in finance can make sound investment decisions. For those who are not well acquainted with how the money markets work, they require the guidance of professionals.

Agora Financial is one of the institutions of repute that help people invest wisely in the financial world. The company provides the latest news on the trends in the financial markets. The firm guides investors to wade through the volatile waters of investment. On top of helping an individual choose the right investment vehicle, Agora Financial also supports investors in safeguarding their wealth.

Agora Financial is primarily involved in extensive financial research. The company boasts of a broader human resource department the most seasoned professionals on matters economic analysis. The reporters at the Firm engage in serious research outside the office. The studies involve interviews with other stakeholders in the sector. Agora has not limited its financial research operations to the US alone. The firm conducts periodical surveys across different economies in the world.

Recently, the Agora Financial successfully predicted a drop in the prices of crude oil. The forecast helped investors divert their resources to the right industries for maximum gains. The firm offers a wealth of financial advice on its social media pages.

Because the company has helped many to grow their wealth, Agora Financial has morphed into one of the most trusted sources of financial news. Agora has established fast-forward research strategies to stay ahead of other players in the industry. The firm’s proprietary research strategies provide accurate and credible results. Agora Financial is a subsidiary of the group Agora Inc. that was founded in 1979.

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The early music career of Cassio Audi Read more

The early music career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a business executive in Brazil. He is involved in activities of the financial sector. He has been working with various financial corporations in positions of influence. However, this is not the only career that he has ever had. Cassio Audi has been in other careers. In his teenage life, Cassio Audi was a drummer for a music group known as Viper Rock band. He played drums for the group that specialized in rock and heavy metal music. He joined the group after finishing his high school education. He worked closely with other players in the band to make the group one of the most successful in the 1980s. His influence in the group was huge such that after he left the group struggled to implement music production.

Cassio Audio played a huge role in the group. He ensured that the group remained focused on music production. He not only participated as a drummer but also as a composer. He composed one of the songs that made it into the official album that was produced by the group. Cassio Audi was inspired by a rock band in the United Kingdom known as Iron Maiden. This is a group that had recorded great success in the rock music industry. Cassio Audi worked very hard in assisting his group to also reach such heights of popularity as Iron maiden. The group releases two albums that would see them become very popular in the world. Their first album was well received by music critics who rated it very well.

Cassio Audi participated in many live performances where he provided electrifying performances with the drums. Cassio Audio did not stay long in the group, he left so that he could concentrate on his college life. Cassio left the group in 1989. He went to the university where he could study courses related to finances.

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Let Agora Financial help you manage your money Read more

Let Agora Financial help you manage your money

Are you nearing your retirement or just need help controlling your money? When and where to invest your hard earned money can be confusing. Protect yourself from the wealth thieves that are trying to feed on your savings. Sort through all the conflicting advice that you are bombarded with every day and let Agora Financial help you protect and grow your wealth.

Join over a million readers that receive free news letters, online publication, books, seminars, and documentaries. Agora Financial has a unique and effect approach to managing money. Agora Financial offers over 20 publications, each one designed to help you navigate different areas of the market. A few examples of the publications offered are finding companies poised for rapid growth, secrets of generating income, and wealth protection strategies. Research is one hundred percent unbiased and independent meaning that we never except money from investors or companies in exchange for coverage.

Our analyst go on the scene to investigate discoveries. Agora Financial finds new ideas outside the mainstream so that you can buy in cheap. Analysts consist of highly educated experts to include a self-made billionaire, a Harvard trained geologist, a world’s leading bond expert, ex-hedge fund manager, an award winning filmmaker, three-time New York Times best selling author and an ex-banker to the presidents.

Agora Financial is on record for predicting major financial crisis for the past decade and have helped many dodge losses and instead expand their wealth. Examples of these major financial predictions include the rise of the price of gold in 1999, in 2007 the spike in price for oil, the housing market crash of 2008, and the rise of biotechnology. Build your wealth and be able to pay for the important events in your life. Visit Agora Financial’s website publications page to learn more about the publications offered and even get a preview.

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Asia Set to Benefit More from George Soros Recent Donation to the Open Society Foundations Read more

Asia Set to Benefit More from George Soros Recent Donation to the Open Society Foundations

Social injustices, crimes against humanity, discrimination, the rise in a dictatorial rule, and lack of basic needs. These are among the things that stagnate the growth of a nation. Over the years, we have had several people join the war against the elements that enable poverty and crime to thrive. Among them is George Soros. Having gone through such intolerances, George Soros has committed much of his wealth and time to fight them. Lately, according to the Wall Street Journal, Soros donated $ 18 billion to the Open Society Foundations.

Background, School, and Career

Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. Together with his family, they lived through the Nazi occupation that led to the death of 500,000 Jews. His father, with the help of a government officer, forged their papers concealing their background. According to Soros, they fought fate resisted an evil which would have otherwise consumed them. Soros takes pride in the fact that they were able to help others. After the war, Soros left Budapest for London. There, he enrolled at London School of Economics. In the course of his education, Soros worked as a part-time railway porter. In several occasion, he became a waiter in nightclubs. All these odd jobs enabled him to finance his education. After graduation, George Soros moved to the U.S and joined the world of finance investment. He would then launch a hedge fund that went to make him one of the wealthiest people in America.

His Entry into Philanthropy

George Soros work in philanthropy started by funding the studies of black people in dividend South Africa. He would then open a foundation in Hungary, his native country. Also, he created an environment that allowed for the exchange of ideas with the west. With the opening of the Open Society Foundation, Soros reach expanded to Africa, United States, and Asia. Since its inception, Soros makes his donation through the foundation.

In Asia, The work of OSF has significantly been felt and appreciated. According to Forbes, Soros says that charities providing food, water, and shelter in Asia are widely understood. However, those like OSF that advance concepts like human rights democracy are often misunderstood. Mostly, they are on the receiving end from people accusing them of meddling in politics. Undoubtedly, values like democracy bring benefits just as significant as aid. Money donated through the Open Society Foundations goes not only to bring justice but to bring basic needs like clean water closer to the people. The World Resources Institute has revealed information exposing companies in Indonesia, Mongolia, and Thailand. The companies have contributed to water pollution endangering the livelihoods of the local communities. Funds donated through OSF also go towards creating awareness. The $18 billion donations will enable the foundation to continue supporting right groups in Asia for decades.

Global Network

The OSF also uses the donations to support and enable their local partners. In Nepal, they support lawyers who take human right cases to court. In Mongolia, they support organizations that champion for the rights of physically challenged children. Children with disabilities are excluded in the Mongolian education system. While other institutions provide short-term solutions, George Soros, through OSF, seeks to equip people with the right tools that will benefit generations to come. and Follow him

Sahm Adrangi, the credit and bonds giant Read more

Sahm Adrangi, the credit and bonds giant

In a recent interview, Sahm Adrangi a former wall street bond trader now hedge fund analyst revealed that his hard work and his ability to click and blend in easily with people is what got him to where he is currently. Adrangi’s kick-started career at Merrill Lynch’s Credit desk where he was working as an intern. Here he was able to cement his career and like stated earlier his socializing skills are what enabled him to stay three more years with the company this time on the bond desk where his role was trading credit. The skills he earned while on this desk are what acted as a foundation for his success. Sahm then moved on to Longacre and later to Paulson & Co credit team. Here he managed to make approximately six billion dollars through shorting mortgage bonds. Sahm is currently owned his hedge fund known as Kerrisdale Capital and is an author who releases publications regarding matters bonds and trade. Some of his works include The Pebble deposit isn’t commercially viable which has helped many companies move up the market.

About Sahm Adrangi

Anyone who is involved in trading bonds is undoubtedly acquainted with the name Sahm Adrangi. He is a man of many titles as he has ventured in one too many fields and has worked with a diverse number of companies in the banking and financial sectors such as Paulson & Co, Longacre, and even as a creditor advisor at Chanin Capital Partners. His services at Chanin were quite efficient and very much needed as he helped represent the debt holders and even bankrupt companies. Prior to the company, Adrangi also worked with Deutsche Bank where he also left quite a mark due to his expertise. Today, the thirty-three-year-old man owns his firm known as Kerrisdale where he uses his skills to expose fraudulent companies which tend to take advantage of their clients unknowingly. Sahm can achieve that by shorting them, and some of the firms which he has successfully exposed include China marine food group among many others. He is a Yale University graduate and holds a BA in economics from the institution. He is apparently a jack of all trades as he is an author known for his research publications which he helps spread knowledge regarding current and future stocks, he is a speaker and also plays the role of an activist in investments.

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Oil Industry Reforms in Mexico Read more

Oil Industry Reforms in Mexico

Mexico has recently moved a step ahead by allowing foreign competitors to be part of its energy markets. A private firm has sunk a new offshore well in Mexican waters for the first time in eight decades. Talos Energy, Premier Oil Plc., and Sierra Oil & Gas started drilling the well on May 21st as reported by Premier last week. Talos Energy is based in Houston. Premier Oil Plc. is located in London while Sierra Oil & Gas is found in Mexico. The three energy companies had joined efforts to drill the first offshore exploration well since 1938 when the country nationalized its oil industry. The project will be launched by Petroleos Mexicanons, a state-run monopoly.

The Zama-1 well is located in the Sureste Basin, which is the Tobasco state. Premier noted that the well has a capacity of estimated 100 to 500 million barrels of crude. In the statement, Premier said that the drilling would be completed within 90 days, which will cost $16 million. The report indicated that the Premier would shoulder the drilling cost. The three energy firms won rights to the project in 2015 during the first round of bidding. The bidding took place when Mexico voted to open its oil industry, which was not doing well at the time to private investors.

The drilling is part of the energy reforms taking place in Mexico. It is the first non-Pemex well being drilled since the country opened up waters; therefore, all eyes are on it. Elaine Reynolds is an analyst at Edison Investment Research Limited, which is based in London. Reynolds said that the project has high geological chances of success because of the basin’s structure. Charlie Sharp noted that the project was one of the investments to look out for because of the implications it has on the Mexican market. Charlie is an analyst at Canaccord Genuity Ltd.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy is a privately-owned upstream oil and gas firm. Its primary goal is the exploitation, exploration, and acquisition of oil and gas properties focusing on Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. It receives investment funds from Talos management, Apollo Global Management, and Riverstone Holdings LLC.

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