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Thousands Taken From North Carolina Businessman

The IRS has been known for taking money from people who owe taxes to the government. The business tool a little over $100,000 from one man in North Carolina. This is a man who has stocked store shelves of the small country stores in the state according to Igor Cornelsen. Soon, he opened his own store in a small town in North Carolina. He saw good business, and he went to the store when his employees weren’t required to so that the inside of the store looked the best it could. One day, several agents from the IRS arrived at his store. There is something called structuring, and it’s very confusing for just about anyone to understand, but the agents claimed the man would make small deposits within a day. For some reason, this is illegal. This is absurd regulation that makes no sense at all. If you own a business and have the proper paperwork, then you should be allowed to deposit any amount that you want at any time. As long as you pay taxes on the money you make, then it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, especially one so big to take all of the money that the man had made.