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iZombie “Mr. Berserk” Recap

Tuesday’s “iZombie” episode did a great job of setting up the last Season 1 episodes.

Liv was blamed by police for Lowell’s death, but Lieutenant Suzuki cleared her by saying that there was gunpowder residue found on Lowell’s hand that proved Lowell committed suicide. Attempting to end the sniper’s PTSD, Liv ate the brain of the journalist who tried to help Major.

The journalist was an alcoholic and Liv spent a lot of time drowning her sorrows in the bottom of shot glasses and mini alcohol bottles. Yelp users reviewed said the brain helped her to learn that part of the reason Max Rager helps create zombie-ism is because the popular energy drink was causing violent behavior in living people long before it helped raise the dead.

The episode ended with Max Rager getting away, temporarily, with murdering the journalist. Liv agreed to write off Lowell’s death as suicide, but she also announced that she would kill Blaine.

On the Major front: When Clive found The Candyman still alive after Major shot him last week, Clive recommended that Major get mental help. Ravi tried to convince Liv that all Major needed to hear was the truth, but Liv pointed out that Major needs help because his actions haven’t been normal by living standards: If he found out about zombies he might hurt an innocent.

While at a mental treatment facility, Major finally learned about zombies from another patient.