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The Travelling Vineyard and Modern Concepts in the Wine Market

Ask anyone who knows anything about wine and you will soon understand that choosing good wine over time is a subtle art that takes time to perfect. Professional wine connoisseurs take years or even decades to master the art of identifying good wine while the rest of us simply stick to the old adage that the older the wine is then the better it is likely to be as well.

The Wine Vineyard presents a new concept that is gradually changing how people from all walks of life view wine and how well they understand it. Started on 1st November 2010, the idea behind the formation of The Travelling Vineyard was to facilitate and enable regular people to host and participate in wine tasking events within their own neighborhood. The wine tasting events were generally open to all members of the public and were based on free participation. Although the Travelling Vineyard still remains a staunch supporter of such wine tasting events, the overall concept behind the company has evolved significantly over the years.

The new business model adopted by the company takes the concepts a step further and now enables people to make good money by hosting the wine tasting events. Members who sign up with the company are trained in everything to do with wine and wine accessories. Once they have mastered the art of wine making and wine tasting they are then absorbed as wine guides by the company. The wine guides are essential just a simple extension of the company’s sales force and they basically market the wines and wine accessories that compose the core of Travelling Vineyard’s inventory.

As a wine guide, there are several benefits that you stand to enjoy. For starters, most people enjoy tasting quality wine and hosting an event like that is always good for bonding and having fun. And then there is the cash incentive which can amount to a comfortable income for the right people.