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Image Recognition Technology In The Modern Era

Image recognition technology uses digital devices to be able to recognize people! Yes, artificial intelligence has actually gotten to the point of being able to recognize someone. This technology can be used for a vast variety of purposes. It also is likely to continue to become even more advanced and useful as time goes on.

This technology is now used in airports to pick out people that are on a “no fly” list. This can help to prevent terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad. In the past, people who were suspects or otherwise prohibited from flying on an airplane could more easily slip through security unnoticed. Security at the airport would not be able to recognize all of the people on the “no fly” list or memorize the faces of numerous fugitives in the country. However, the devices used for image recognition technology can do just that.

Also, this technology has potential for the future. In the future, these types of cameras may be installed throughout the country. One day, they may become so accessible that they will be in stores, outside of homes, and on streets everywhere. They could sound an alarm if a criminal suspect is passing by. This would help keep dangerous crooks off the streets.

A company called Slyce is a very advanced image recognition technology company. Slyce has image recognition software that can be used by everyday business owners! Slyce’s software can be installed on to a mobile device. Then, one can simply aim the mobile device at an item. It will tell you the make and model of the item. Then, businessmen and businesswomen can use the information to know if they wish to buy the item. It also can be used by everyday customers to make sure that the seller is selling an item for a price. Many well known and successful companies use Slyce software in their businesses. This just shows how broad the applications of image recognition technology can be.