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Kylie Jenner Denies Boob Job

Kylie Jenner is still giving her loyal fans something to talk about, and now that she has admitted to using temporary lip fillers to enhance her lips, everyone is waiting to find out about what else she had had is planning on having enhanced. Any body part that looks too good to be real is now basically fair game to consider that she has had some work done. Kylie said before that she is not interested in any surgery, and she actually only get her lips plumped because they have always been one of her insecurities. Kim Kardashian has even backed Kylie up and insisted they Kylie is not obsessed with the idea of getting work done.

This week Kylie is getting some suspect looks, after Moonshine Ink was revealing a ton of cleavage in a plunging black gown during her appearance at The Sugar Factory in Miami, some of her followers are bound to think her ample breasts have got to be man made. Kylie looked amazing in the photos from the event and her dress was to die for, but of course people will talk.

Before the inevitable rumors started flying about Kylie’s possible boob job,the young Jenner took to her Instagram as she has done in the past to assure her followers that her cleavage was thanks to the assistance of duct tape and not doctors. While Kylie is most likely telling the truth, we all know this won’t be the last time she will have to address rumors of surgery.