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Intellectual Property Law


In the modern world, intellectual property law has emerged as one of the most important aspects of law. This is especially in consideration of the fact that there is a remarked increase in the number of categories that can be classified as having intellectual aspects in them.

Frans Schoeman has carved a niche for himself as one of the most successful intellectual property lawyers in South Africa. This can be credited to his unique style of leadership that places an emphasis on professionalism and a respect for all the client needs. This is done in a manner that meets the modern demands of intellectual property law. Further to the above, Frans has perfected the art of motivating his staff members at all times. The team is made of competent individuals with experience and expertise across the relevant areas.

Some of the areas that are covered under intellectual property law include:

  • Patents. This is a right that is granted by the government to the inventor or owner of a creation. This right excludes other people from using or selling anything based on that creation for a certain number of years.
  • Copyrights. This refers to the rights that are granted to the creators of certain artistic works.
  • Industrial design rights. This has increasingly become important due to the number of industrial discoveries that are made on a daily basis across the world.
  • Varieties of plants. Nature has grown to provide its fair share of surprises. New plant species are discovered, each with its own unique characteristics and features.
  • Trademarks. These are mostly used by companies, both private and public, that are in the manufacturing industry. The trademark identifies a specific product to a particular manufacturer and excludes other entities from using that trademark either for private or commercial purposes.
  • Trade secrets. This is an emerging issue in intellectual property law that seeks to protect the competitive advantage an entity has over their competitors.
  • Trade dress. A branch of intellectual property law that protects the industrial innovations that have been made by an entity.

We all wish to be acknowledged if and when we innovate something. This is the principal behind intellectual property law. If any person is found to have breached the intellectual property rights of the owner, then they can be liable to criminal proceedings just like in cases of tangible property. This has been highlighted as a great progress that has been made in the legal industry.

The main idea behind all the aspects is that they offer protection to inventions and creations that have been made by certain specific individuals. Generally, you will be faced with a matter that has elements of intellectual property at some point in your life. Due to this, it is imperative that you acquaint yourself with some of the basic considerations when it comes to intellectual property law. This can be done through a number of ways and the law firm of Frans Schoeman is ideally one of the best strategies on through which this can be achieved.

Judge Gives Shocking Judgement Against Debt Collector Read more

Judge Gives Shocking Judgement Against Debt Collector

Debt collectors are terrifying to face whether the person owes a debt to them or not. People who feel harassed by collectors are subject to numerous letters and phone calls that never stop. There are even those companies that will call neighbors and family members about the money owed. In some instances, the credit company has the wrong person and the collection process can literally destroy their financial life.

The biggest problem is that many consumers do not realize they have legal avenues to help them stop the calls. If the bill is not that of the person being contacted, the collector must stop contacting them when they are told they have the wrong person. Here is some advice from Bruce Karatz of if the consumer can prove that it is not their debt and they are still harassed, the company can be sued for millions of dollars in damages.

A Missouri woman sued Portfolio Recovery Services LLC for just that reason. They were pursuing the wrong person and had been made aware of the situation. The court agreed with the woman and awarded her a total of $83 million. The company says that it will fight the decision because they believe that it is ludicrous. That aside, other people in similar situations might take a cue from this woman to help put a stop to unfair practices by companies that make a habit of intimidating innocent people.