Tony Petrello: The CEO of the Largest Land Driller Read more

Tony Petrello: The CEO of the Largest Land Driller

Who is Tony Petrello? Many ordinary individuals may fail to recognize him, but in corporate America, he is a respected business executive at the helm of the largest land driller (of oil, natural gas, and geothermal), Nabors Industries Limited. In 2014, Tony was the talk of the town for his envy evoking income of over $68 million from Nabors; he was one of the highest paid CEO’s in America in 2014. Does he deserve such a huge amount? Tony’s income is directly related to Nabors’ performance. In fact, 80% of Tony’s income depends on the company’s performance. When he earned over $68 million in 2014, he had helped Nabors make billions of dollars.

As the CEO of the largest land driller, Tony has hundreds of employees working under him in the U.S and other countries. Tony has been known to advocate for reasonable working conditions for all Nabors’ employees, especially regarding their incomes. He subscribes to the philosophy that CEO’s other top-level managers should refrain from awarding themselves huge salaries at the expense of lower cadre employees who work round the clock to guarantee their respective companies success. Tony Petrello has openly criticized selfish business leaders who only think about themselves.
Tony is an active member of the society. Having grown in an unassuming Italian neighborhood, Newark, New Jersey, in a modest family, Tony understands that life can be rough outsides there. Tony and his spouse have made it a goal to donate part of their incomes to charities every year. Also, as the CEO of Nabors, he strives to create job opportunities for employable Americans.

Tony’s over 20 years of education in the American institutions of higher learning culminated in him getting his first job. Tony has always demonstrated a culture of hard work, integrity, and honor, and in every place that he worked at before joining Nabors industries, he showed a high potential to become a leader. Eventually, he joined Nabors where he has been for over 30 years. Of course, Tony started out his career at Nabors in one of the many lower cadre positions offered by the company. However, as time progressed, Tony also improved and eventually, he reached the pinnacle of the enterprise from where he has steered Nabors in the best direction businesswise.

Tony attended Yale University on a full scholarship after performing exceptionally well in mathematics. In the university, Tony impressed his tutors and fellow students with his prowess in math. Everyone thought that he would become a mathematician, but he quit Yale and joined the Harvard Law Schoool.

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Greg Secker Seeks To Empower Young People Read more

Greg Secker Seeks To Empower Young People

One thing that can be agreed upon is the fact that the real world is something that young people are not ready to experience in many cases. One thing that occurs is that a lot of young people are not given the tools they need to make it in their adult life. For one thing, a lot of the important lessons are not taught. At the same time, people do not have to learn the hard way. Greg Secker himself has decided that he wants to do something for young people. This is one of the reasons that he has set up the Greg Secker Foundation.


Even though the original intention of his foundation was to empower young men, the foundation actually started getting involved in more philanthropic activities in different countries. Greg has also gotten involved in rebuilding communities in areas such as the Philippines. One of the things they are doing is restoring communities that have been destroyed by a Typhoon. They are trying to build houses that are stronger against storms and helping them learn new skills that will bring them greater success than before. One thing that is certain is that Greg Secker has taken some time off to realize what is important to him.


Greg Secker has chosen a good market to get involved in with Forex. For one thing, the Forex market can help people earn tons of money in a short amount of time if they know what they are doing. Therefore, people who can trade in Forex are at a major advantage. They just have to learn about the right strategies that can bring them profits beyond their wildest hopes and dreams. Young men are especially at an advantage because of the skills they can learn from the Greg Secker Foundation which will make their lives better.