Omar Yunes’ success in Mexican Food Industry Read more

Omar Yunes’ success in Mexican Food Industry

Omar Yunes is renown Mexican businessman and a successful franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain franchise. Omar recently won 2015 Best Franchise of the World (BFW) due to his unflinching business knowledge that has enabled him to own over 13 franchise units. The award ceremony was held in Florence Italy, and it aimed to recognize exceptional; franchisees like Omar Yunes.

Omar started at the young age of 21, and ever since, he has stopped at nothing. He has expanded his units to Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. It is worth noting that all the 13 franchise units that Omar owns represent about 10 percent of all the units the Japanese brand has.

While accepting the award, Omar dedicated it to his employees. He termed them as the ones who made it possible. Omar has over 400 employees.

The award ceremony was graced by attendees from over 34 countries including Portugal, Mexico, France, and Brazil.

To arrive at the winner, the committee based their evaluations on the franchise’s influence on the whole network, not necessarily the brand. They also looked at the franchisee’s contribution regarding cost-saving measures, knowledge, employee motivation, improvements proposed to the model, among other notable factors.

His fellow entrepreneurs recognized Omar as a hardworking person who used his influential nature in bringing the top management closer to its franchisees’. Besides personal accomplishments that the awards brought to Omar Yunes, it also mapped Mexico as the country fit for business. Yunes was also applauded for his role in product modeling, excellent customer service, and hospitality.

Still, at the same awards ceremony, Ivan Tamer took the second position in the Mexican category. Ivan is a Prendamex franchisee. He is applauded for his contribution in introducing new marketing system that the whole brand is relying on.

About Omar Yunes

Omar’s family is well known due to their political nature, but Yunes has curved a different niche. He is charting a different course as a businessman and an investor. His extensive knowledge in Mexican food industry gave him a competitive edge. His restaurants are valued at an estimate of five million pesos.

Omar is regarded as a wise marketer. He presents his products in a unique way that appeals to his customers and keeps them coming back.

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David McDonald Introducing Sustainability to the OSI Group Read more

David McDonald Introducing Sustainability to the OSI Group

David McDonald is the president and chief operating officer for OSI Group, a global meat processing company with its headquarters at Aurora, Illinois. OSI has over 70 branches in 17 countries and is the top meat supplier for leading food companies around the world such as Starbuck’s Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s and Yum. The company has experienced exponential growth in recent years since David McDonald took charge of operations, expanding into Geneva and Hungary within a short period. He has also overseen the opening of two poultry plants in China, the launch of a new beef processing plant in Poland and a frozen foods’ processing plant in India.

Mr. McDonald has been actively working towards making the OSI Group a sustainable organization, able to stand on its own and achieve growth through sustainable production activities. One of the main ways that he has led this charge has been through the acquisition of companies in new markets within which they wish to make an entry. The most notable of these is the recent purchase of Baho Food, a Dutch food processing company with operations in the Netherlands and Germany. This acquisition is aimed at ensuring that the OSI Group establishes presence in European food market while not having to start operations from scratch and wrestle with the challenges of attaining market growth. Having acquired Baho Foods, OSI Group will benefit from the company’s established infrastructure, operations and established a market presence. They will also benefit from their clients and customers who are expected to continue transacting business with them henceforth.

The OSI Group has operated in China for the past 20 years and has experienced exponential growth in the country as the country has grown economically over the years. It currently operates eight facilities within the Asian country and is now engaged in the construction of what is expected to become the biggest poultry company in country. Last year they were involved in a flurry of activities in the country. They started the construction of a new mega-plant for in Henan Province. They also announced the agreement of a joint-venture with DOYOO Group in Zhoukou to form DaOSI. DaOSI became the third largest vertically integrated poultry production company in China.

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