Pointing the Perspective to the Client Means Success for White Shark Media Read more

Pointing the Perspective to the Client Means Success for White Shark Media

Some may think that a company surrounded by swaying palm trees and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in Miami would be more interested in getting a tan than making the INC. 5000 list, but they’d be very wrong with White Shark Media. White Shark was founded in South Miami, and today you’ll find it no. 724 on the Inc. 5000. They have grown over 625 percent with 144 employees and over 600 clients since opening their website WhiteSharkMedia.com.


In 2010, three, young, Dutch marketing entrepreneurs bonded together to form White Shark Media. Garth, Nygart and Lolk were experienced in advertising and marketing for both online and brick and mortar companies, but they saw a need online for a business dedicated to helping its customers promote their business. White Shark focuses on small to medium online business owners where they literally put every client first with a phenomenal team and account strategies that are stellar. The team continually works to provide individualized strategies and tools to aid in the development of strategic search campaigns.


The young company, which is led by CEO Gary Garth, has a unique approach to working with their customers in that they always put the client first, which would explain why White Shark reported $3.6 million in sales last year.


White Shark focuses on several areas of online advertising including SEO, PPC, web development, account management, and Google Adwords. As a partner with Google, many opportunities are opened while it adds to our reputation because it requires a certain quality of expertise to be a partner with Google AdWords.


Satisfying Clients is First Priority


The team of White Shark Media are experts on the Internet working together to form an agency that can effectively assist online businessmen with promotion and advertising. Every member has a contact person within the company, so they are connected to all the resources the agency has to offer.


When the company was young, Gary Garth, founder and CEO, made the decision to acknowledge all customer comments, suggestions or complaints in a positive manner in order to keep the agency improving.


In 2016, this has proved to be a wise decision as Gary used a positive result for the benefit of the client who made the suggestion as well as the other members. The company has grown 622 percent since it was founded, and all of the owners agree that they will never ignore customer comments like so many businesses do.