The success made by Troy McQuagge in transforming healthcare management Read more

The success made by Troy McQuagge in transforming healthcare management

Troy McQuagge is one of the leading executive manager worldwide. He has dedicated his time and resources in the advancement of the health care system in the United States of America. As such, Troy McQuagge received Goldas CEO of the Year in the prestigious One Planet Award. His exemplary leadership qualities contributed greatly in this achievement. This is a global recognition award that is honored to exceptional leaders across the world who have contributed in the development and success of different institutions. The award is won with both profit and non-profit making organizations who send nominees to be vetted and receive the award. The award is given purely on merit due to the contributions of the nominee to the said organization. Troy McQuagge success started in 2010 when he joined the USHealth Group, he started transforming the institution into a world leading health care group. He revolutionized management roles and made key changes in the management process which then brought positive change and development in the company. This is the basis that brought about international recognition making him to be chosen as world leading chief executive officer of 2016. One planet award is always honored to different o types of organizations across the world including public relations, marketing, corporate communications and executive departments.

Troy McQuagge has a lot of experience in the healthcare industry dating back from his time in the university. He holds a bachelors degree from the University of CentralFlorida. This culminated in his fist employment opportunity at Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. As such he has advanced his career successfully to move through the ranks into becoming a top most recognized and sought after executive personality. When Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group in 2010, he came in with the spirit of transforming the company into a productive and successful institution. The company focuses mostly in selling insurance policy plans to people across the United States of America. As such, the company has also conducted a market research where it has categorized its audiences thus focusing on people with 65years of age and below.

Prior to joining USHealth Group, Troy McQuagge was the president of Agency Marketing Group where he worked diligently in advancing the marketing segment to increase on the sales. As such, he also received recognition in his contribution at the company as a dedicated chief executives officer. He has earned many awards as the president of the USHealth Group since he assumed the leadership position. Currently, he also serves as a member of the board of directors of the company where he has continued impacting positively on policy formulation and execution. This has been a major milestone in transforming how people view and understand leadership and management roles.

Qnet is a Company with Integrity Read more

Qnet is a Company with Integrity

A Full Commitment
Qnet is a company that offers a global and corporate commitment to society. This is indeed a company that holds a firm vision. The vision is to be a worldwide ecommerce leader. They choose to lead in the direct selling industry. This is a company that is placing themselves in the position to be a highly positive influencer. This influence is in the development of sustainable network marketing communities. This is a professional network.

Raise Yourself to Help Mankind
Qnet, profiled by BsuinessForHome here, is all about teamwork and the goal is to achieve success and a good outcome while helping all of mankind. It is a dedication of service that will help others through all of the business operations. One good keyword that is well suited for this company is the word integrity. Every business deal that is conducted is done with a high level of integrity. The idea that raising oneself in the business world will also help mankind. This is accomplished by helping individuals to reach their own goals. This will lead to better lives. This is a entrepreneurial business opportunity. This business includes life-enhancing products. This is an overall win situation for everyone involved.

Business and Honesty
This is a business that is conducted with the core honesty value. Every individual is treated with complete honesty and respect is added. This leads to the achievement of obtaining the highest results for all major stakeholders. Honesty is incorporated within the entire community. This includes the following:
*independent representatives
*all company members
Qnet is all about achieving results. This is accomplished through high standards and honesty. Each and every action achieves the desired results. This includes all philanthropic activities and all business actions. This is a business that places an emphases on honesty.