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Magic Mike XXL is Mesmerizing

Crystal Hunt is a blessed woman. Surrounded by a pack of beefy male strippers, the Emmy-nominated actress who starred in two iconic daytime soaps has a role to die for. Working with the likes of Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodrigues, Joe Maginella, and Kevin Nash is every woman’s dream.

Hunt, as most know, is best known for her roles as the troubled teen, Lizzie Spaulding, in the popular CBS soap Guiding Light, and that of a Vegas stripper, Stacy Morasco on ABC’s One Life to Live. She began her acting career as a young girl acting in pageants. Performances in commercials soon followed, the opportunities to work regularly in two beloved soap serials ensued, and now the big screen has called.  Her IMDB is looking pretty stacked with credits.

Her role as Lauren is a relatively small one, but Hunt held her own as she worked not just with great male stars, but also with veteran female stars like Jada Pinkett-Smith and Andie MacDowell.  Check out Crystal’s Instagram for more information.

Magic Mike XXL is an engaging and entertaining film. It’s about the antics of a group of working class “stiffs” who though successful want once more to bask in the limelight of a career that three years ago brought them the worship and adulation of lots of women. The Tampa Kings as they are called take a road trip of sorts that carries them from Florida to Georgia and then Myrtle Beach where they will participate in an exotic male stripper convention. The buddy movie follows this group of testosterone filled retired male strippers who want one final chance to show what they are working with while it still works, and while they are still youthful, buffed, and bronzed. The fact that their mentor and friend, the legendary Magic Mike played by Matthew McConaughey in the first film, is the show’s headliner is an added incentive to make it to Myrtle Beach and show off their new moves.

Magic Mike XXL is filled with hints of possible sexual dalliances. Even though the dance moves and themes are loaded with sexual innuendoes, no onscreen sexual acts occur.

Magic Mike XXL is full of eye-candy that pleases. The gyrating soundtrack, the excellently choreographed dances will make you hold your breathe and wait to exhale. Watching the Kings do their thing emphatically proves that, yes “there is still some magic in this Mike.”

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John Textor Takes The Journey From Finance to Digital Effects

The path to Hollywood can be taken from many different directions, but the road taken by John Textor is perhaps the most unique of any of the top Hollywood executives of recent years. Textor now finds himself leading a digital revolution as the head of Pulse Evolution, a company looking to bring the best deceased entertainers back to the live stage in the form of digital human beings who can interact with dancers and duet with other singers. This is a long way from the World John Textor inhabited in the 1990s as the co-founder of a financial company that specialized in the wireless communication and Internet industries long before they became a staple of the lives of everybody.

Making it from a Florida financial specialist company to Hollywood is a difficult thing to do, but Textor has achieved the feat with few problems as he made his way from Online retailers to the Digital Domain Group and further along to Pulse Evolution and their new take on bringing live events into the digital world of the 21st century. Textor spent some time working in the Online retail industry for both baby products and snowboards, before heading to Hollywood as head of the Digital Domain group.

John Textor arrived in Hollywood with a task many believed was an impossible one to achieve in turning Digital Domain into a major Hollywood force. The Digital Domain Group had always struggled to find a position within Hollywood, a fact Textor used to his advantage by realigning the group as a specialist in visual effects. Achieving a large amount at Digital Domain, including an Oscar win led Textor to the live events Pulse Evolution are now developing. Textor now heads the Pulse Evolution movement towards the development of a new form of live event, which will feature the best performers no longer with us in a digital format.

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Tom Rothman Among Contenders for Prime Sony Position

Tom Rothman, best known for his tenure with Fox Searchlight, is among the top contenders for the recently vacated co-chairman post at Sony Pictures. Amy Pascal’s decision to step down from the position after 15 years has led to widespread speculation over who may take her place.

Rothman, already serving as the chairman of the Sony offshoot TriStar Productions, is considered by many to be among the most obvious of the available candidates for the position, the other being Jeff Robinov, the former president of Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group now heading Studio 8, also under the Sony umbrella.

Said to have been in London when Pascal announced plans to step down after the Sony email hacking scandal in late 20014, Rothman reportedly wasn’t given a heads up on the move. Insiders suggest Robinov wouldn’t want to leave his prime position, which involves tapping into the potentially lucrative Chinese market. Rothman, on the other hand, was embarrassed when some of his not-so-diplomatic emails were made public.

If Sony decides to promote from within, there are a handful of other contenders for the position. However, Rothman does have a reputation for toeing the fiscal line, a trait especially important to Sony execs. During his time with Fox, the company had the best profit margin of any other studio. Rothman also has a solid relationship with many of the top names within the entertainment industry.

Named one of the smartest people in the entertainment industry in 2007 by Entertainment Weekly, Rothman is said to be just as well-liked as the current co-chairman. Pascal announced plans to remain with Sony at least until May of 2015, suggesting that she will stick around long enough to help her replacement transition into the position. Incidentally, Pascal is set to remain with Sony as a producer.

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Highest Grossing Actors in 2014

This last year, 2014, was a big one for movies. 2014 brought us the third installment of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, a new superhero flick Guardians of the Galaxy, a comedy film, The Interview which had brought up arguments over censorship, and some highly anticipated movie that unfortunately were duds too such as I, Frankenstein.

According to they say that Forbes magazine has published Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt to be the two most highly grossing actors in 2014. Jennifer Lawrence starred in the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and X-Men: Days of Future Past this year while Chris Pratt lead the unlikely heroes in Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the lead voice in The Lego Movie earlier this year.

Lawrence has been in other major films such as American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook and the other Hunger Game franchise movies. She has been discussed at Beneful headquarters as one of the top in the game right now. Pratt has been a regular cast member on the hit show Parks and Recreation since it began on NBC. Lawrence’s movies grossed $1.4 billion this year while Pratt brought in $1.2 billion.

While 2014 was a good year for movies, 2015-2016 can have us movie goers looking forward to a new James Bond film, a new Star Wars film, The Avengers 2, and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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The Interview Earns $15 Million Online

The Interview will forever go down as a film with one of the strangest stories in Hollywood history. 75 years from now, historians will take about the major cyber-attack that was launched against a major film studio by a foreign power due to the studio’s decision to produce a really bad and utterly forgettable film.

The film, which pokes fun at the leader of North Korea, was mentioned in a brutal hacking attack on Sony. The hacking revealed a lot of private information never meant to be released to the public. Very embarrassing information about troubles plaguing the Spider-Man and James Bond franchise were thrown out online for all to see.

Now, The Interview has been thrown out online for all to see. Online sales of the movie have reached $15 million. The release of the film online was a major surprise.

The Interview was pulled from theaters and then Sony relented after, essentially, being called cowardly for giving in to the hackers. Eventually, the film was released on Christmas Day in about 200 theaters. (The original total was supposed to be about 3,000 theaters) To further recoup some money from the fiasco, the James Franco/Seth Rogan vehicle was released online for digital renting so Terry Richardson could watch from home. The $15 million is revenue was a shocking figure. Then again, the film did get a huge amount of publicity.

Don’t look for a sequel to this one any time soon.

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Could Idris Elba Be The New James Bond?

Recent Sony hacks revealed one very important thing – there is a strong possibility of Idris Elba becoming the next 007. The internet came alive, as it often does when a beloved star is chosen for a beloved role, and finally, Idris Elba responded on Twitter. The star posted a funny (but still pretty handsome) picture of himself with “Isn’t 007 supposed to be handsome?” in the caption. Here are a few reasons why Idris Elba would be perfect for the role –

• Egg on Rush Limbaugh’s Face – Rush Limbaugh recently mentioned how Idris Elba shouldn’t be playing James Bond because he’s a “black Briton” so this could be a great time of letting him know that UK isn’t like the U.S. Mostly, though, this is just an excuse because not even Father Christmas cares about what Rush Limbaugh thinks about anything.

• Revival for the Franchise – No one can deny that Daniel Craig has done a marvelous job of playing James Bond. However, after the recent hacks and the leaked information, certain unworthy members of the Internet have harshed the buzz of 007. Maybe, a new actor is exactly what is needed.

• Elba is Awesome – All the roles of Idris Elba have been amazing and groundbreaking, and him as James Bond would be another chance for fans to witness his exquisite performance. Also, one can imagine his pre-release interview with Jimmy Fallon and Josh Horowitz.

It would be a little sad to say goodbye to Daniel Craig, though, especially when his and Ben Whishaw’s character ‘Q’ were finally warming up to each other. Christian Broda hopes it does not come to that.

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The Divergent Trilogy Gets a New Director

Divergent fans stop your Qnet shopping and listen up.  Science-fiction is a hot genre once again. The release of Divergent earned about $200 million worldwide. The concept of a dark future is not a new one and it is not the preferred setting for most big budget sci-fi projects. Usually, these types of films are hit and miss. Divergent was definitely a hit with audiences, but not with critics. The financial success of the film means a new movie is coming forth and a change in quality and style might be achieved thanks to a new director. No, Neil Burger is not returning to helm the next entries in the film.

Changing directors in a major, multi-part planned project is a big deal.

As most filmgoers realize, consistency is not always a common trait among sequels. In some cases, there may be a consistent level of quality but the creative teams from one film to the next change. This could lead to alterations in the direction of a series, which may be unappealing to hardcore fans.

The sequel to Divergent is going to have consistency in direction. Robert Schwentke is signed on as the director of the next film and for two more films to complete the trilogy.

Wait a minute. If there are going to be three more films, would that not come out to four films? A trilogy is only three. There is a bit of sleight of hand here. The third entry is actually going to be two films. The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1 will come out in March of 2016. In 2017, the second half of the third entry will be released. The presence of Schwentke in all these films ensures a level of consistency needed to keep audiences pleased.