Andy Wirth Is Raising Funds For The Navy Seal Foundation Read more

Andy Wirth Is Raising Funds For The Navy Seal Foundation

It has been a long journey for Andy Wirth the President and CEO of Squaw Valley. An avid skydiver, he took to the skies on an October day, however everything changed for him that day. There was a problem with the landing and Wirth ended up in a vineyard. Vineyards are full of wires and poles and Wirth severed his arm on a pole. Thanks to his backwoods training, he was able to keep himself from going into shock and tried to control the bleeding to the best of his ability.

After a lengthy hospital stay, he returned to Squaw Valley with his arm intact. Though being an athlete, he found it to be a huge struggle trying to get back into shape. However, things began to look brighter when he met and became fast friends with Navy Seal Team doing some mountain combat training.

Wirth continued to work hard and began to regain everything that he lost in the accident. He even campaigned to bring an IRONMAN 70.3 race to his town. He went as far as sending a video of him riding a bike to longtime friend and IRONMAN CEO Andrew Messick. Wirth got his race along with a challenge from Messick to compete in this race.

Wirth formed a relay team to compete in the race. For this team, named Special Warfare Warrior Support Team, it is more than just getting to the finish line. They are raising funds for the Navy Seal Foundation. Wirth wants to do something for the men and women who loss limbs and lives doing things that we will never truly know about. Meeting the Seals gave Wirth some peace of mind in his long journey and now he is giving back. Considering helping Andy Wirth and his team to make their goal and make a donation…