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Notre Dame’s Leadership Recognizes Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has received recognition for the successful completion of the second Nonprofit Fund Development Program. This puts Seawright further along in the continuous education in his position in Newark CEDC. He has expressed knowledge of the importance of the education system, communities and government. He expresses his goal to bring more strength and power to communities.

Seawright has put together this program in order to help leaders in business keep in step in the landscape of the nonprofit sector of today which has become quite competitive. There is another course by the name of NonProfit Boards which puts the board’s structure under examination to look at the efficiency and effectiveness of the board. Kevin Seawright’s most recent achievement is his completion of the secong phase of the program with a Certificate of Achievement which is only given to those who have excelled beyond expectations.

Keven Seawright has led in public and private sectors. He has also provided benefits for communities in the east and west coast. Years of his work has culminated in the latest position with CEDC. Seawright is getting ready to begin his last phase of the program while maintaining his CFO and VP and staying active as a philanthropist.

Meanwhile, CrunchBase tells that he continues as an profesional of accounting and project management with experience in local government fields. He is also experienced in real estate and education. Other experiences include a member of the advisory board in the Babe Ruth Museum. He is also a coach for sports teams in his community. He works to keep himself very busy in his career.