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Handy Spring Cleaning Gives You Options For Services

Winter time is almost over and spring is here which means, spring cleaning. It is time to get rid of that winter blah and step into fresh and clean with spring cleaning through companies such as Handy home cleaning services. Handy is launching a new mobile app that helps both the consumer and the service personnel. Handy is a company that takes good care of the workers. They provide great working incentives as well as a great salary. The workers can choose their hours to work. This is great for stay at home moms and students needing time to study. Home cleaning and business cleaning is an option with the Handy service.

When spring cleaning time arrives a consumer must set time for things to be out of place temporarily. Spring cleaning involves care and cleaning of things and places in the home or business that normally go unnoticed during the winter months. The smells of a home that has been shut off because of the cold will be erased by the thorough cleaning it receives. Handy services are servicing over 25 towns across the United States. They also offer services in London and Canada. Handy also helps homeowners and business personnel with small “handyman” repairs. Homejoy is part of the Handy service application that is helping people schedule easier and quicker. If you have issues such as plumbing problems you can contact Handy or Homejoy for a plumber to come out.

What type of things do people expect when they are spring cleaning an office. A person spring cleaning an office may do a thorough clean to bathrooms. Rugs will be cleaned and light fixtures sparkling when they are done. All mirrors will be wiped down and old deodorizers replaced with new fresh ones. It is awful Handy to have people to come in and clean everything from top to bottom. Even ceiling fans and wall pictures will be wiped clean when they are complete. Extra services can be requested like washing curtains and bed linens. This is up to the person that is handling the contract. Most spring cleaning contractors know that when they leave your home or business it must look and smell fresh like spring. Using the application is easy and convenient. Techcrunch.com and Forbes.com can help you understand the process and benefits of using Handy or Homejoy services. Over one million customers agree.

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World-Famous Hedge Fund Manager

One of the world’s most famous hedge fund managers would be Kenneth Griffin. Born in Daytona Beach, FL on October 15, 1968, and actually became interested in investing when he was still a teenager. The catalyst for his interest came from a rather mundane decision to read a Forbes magazine article. His second year at Harvard he grew even more bold, starting a hedge fund with $265,000 from his family and friends. Even at that tender of a young age, he was able to show a number of investment insights that manifested itself when his fund was able to outperform other hedge funds and preserve capital during the tumultuos times of the massive stock market downturn of 1987.

After graduating from Harvard in 1989, he was able to actually earn a 70 percent return from the $1 million in funding provided to him from Frank C. Meyer of Glenwood Capital LLC. After showing remarkable promise in all of his investing endeavors, Griffin decided to start his own firm with a $4.6 million initial investment. During this time Griffin also saw himself gain considerable wealth. At the ripe old age of 34, Kenneth Griffin was actually featured on the Forbes 400 list. Griffin’s new firm, Citadel Capital grew from the small four million startup to a firm that handled over $1 billion in investment funds in 1998.

Kenneth Griffin’s Citadel firm has been renowned for providing diverse outlets to encourage growth in investments. The Citadel Group includes the capstone, which is itself called Citadel and manages alternative assets; a securities firm, which handles liquidity investments in the capital markets; and Citadel Technology, which provides solutions for managing investments from a technological bent.

Mr. Griffin has strived to make his company stand out among hedge fund managers, and he has definitely accomplished that goal. Citadel LLC had a very strong performance in 2014, which saw them an 18% net of fees for the year. The firm has grown to where they now manage as much as $24 billion in assets for their clients. If this alone were the only accomplishment of Mr. Griffin, he would be doing very well indeed. However, he is very greatly respected among his employees. Citadel was recently voted as “Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services” by the Great Places to Work Institute. Griffin created a strong atmosphere where employee support was at the hallmark of his goals. Kenneth Griffin was able to provide an environment where employees were able to take advantage of a free lunch, complementary musuem tours, fitness programs and a personal gift giving program.

Finally, Griffin has been strong on personal philanthropy. He has been active in promoting a number of educational endeavors in order to drive the improvement of the community. He serves on the Board of Directors on the Chicago Public Education Fund and is a member of a number of other institutions, including the Economic Club of Chicago and the Civic Committee. Griffin even donated $150 million to his alma mater, Harvard University, for the purpose of encouraging the endeavors of undergraduates.

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When Congree Calls

After their Independence Day vacation members of Congress will return to Washington DC to face a strenuous summer workload. Congress is facing a looming deadline that is looking to fund the government or risk another shutdown in the fall of this year. Critics and political analyst are already slating this funding fight to be one that will be a major partisan brawl video at beneful on youtube.The fight will be fought in an already intensifying campaign season between the large Republican field and the intensified Democratic field. Republicans do not want to repeat the Capitol Hill mess that happened a few years ago that ended in a government shutdown. They will try to keep control of Congress and are trying their best to take back the White House in next year’s election. Political analysts have said that Republicans involved are already playing the blame game when it comes to Democrats over who will be responsible for the shutdown if and when it happens. The Speaker of the House John Boehner denounced the Democrat’s dangerously misguided strategy while others have been pursuing made up crisis. Many of the issues on the table include the funding in terms of highway infrastructure as well as reform when it comes to the Justice Department and police authority in America. Congress has a history of causing bills and laws to expire over congressional inaction. It is their hopes and the hopes of the American people that Congress avoid this measure at all costs.

The Texas Pastor That Said He Would Set Himself On Fire If The Gay Marriage Ban Was Lifted Is Backpedaling Now Read more

The Texas Pastor That Said He Would Set Himself On Fire If The Gay Marriage Ban Was Lifted Is Backpedaling Now

Pastor Rick Scarborough Now Says He Doesn’t Support Physical Harm Or Violence

The Pearland Texas pastor who said he was not going to bow or bend, and if he had too he would burn if the Supreme Court lifted the ban on Gay marriages is now changing his tune. Rick Scarborough is now saying he was paraphrasing a spiritual song that used similar words. Scarborough was never going to set himself on fire; he was just trying to highlight his opposition to same-sex marriages.

Scarborough has made other statements that appear to be false. He told reporters that thousands of followers, including Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, say they would go to jail if the SCOTUS lifted the ban. That has not happened, and Scarborough hasn’t been available to explain that comment.

The Supreme Court decision to allow same-sex marriages in all states is not a surprise. Brian Bonar thought it was actually coming sooner. Political analysts said the court would give gays and lesbians equal rights. But some churches refuse to bend on the issue. Scarborough is just one pastor that will continue to tell his followers that being gay is a choice, and it is sinful.

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From Plastic Bags to Suitcases

Zevon Moore has recently moved with five other children to Richmond, Virginia. What readers might not guess though is that they carried all their belongings in a black garbage bag.

the boys’ foster mother stated that her foster children deserved “more than just a bag”. They deserved so much more that couldn’t even come close to compensating for the traumatic events that they had all suffered.

Michele Jones, a restaurant owner, heard about the fact that foster children had nothing of their own. She decided to take action. She wanted to focus on this simple yet very important thing that all kids should not be without. She began collecting suit cases from all her friends and customers. She started doing this with the intention of helping the 288 children in Richmond who are in foster care.

This new organization has been named A Cast for Hope. With her new charity, Jones is proud to say that over 500 pieces of luggage have been donated by restaurant owners across the country. The donation of this luggage is an easy way of telling all foster children that their lives matter. They no longer need trash bags to carry their belongings when they now have their very own suitcases.

This is the people’s way of saying that although not everyone can take in a foster child, people in the community truly do care about their well-being and future. Adam Sender knows that is an issue.

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Examine The Price It Costs To Meet Stars Backstage

Back in the days, if you wanted to meet your favorite star, you had to be a groupie who was very bold, or you had to have some way to get backstage. Many would do some of the craziest things, just so they could get to see their idol, but nowadays, you may not have to go so far. Meet And Greet With The Stars. You can easily pay money to get a backstage pass to see your favorite star, but it could cost you college tuition sized money. There are some stars that will even give away backstage passes for free, such as Taylor Swift, but you have to be lucky enough to get that privilege.

Other stars may charge a small nominal fee on top of your ticket price, just so you can go backstage and meet them in person. Some backstage passes have comps that come with them, but they may end up costing a small fortune. Some of these backstage passes are asking for thousands of dollars, just so a person can meet and greet their favorite star. For some people like Jim Dondero on LinkedIn it makes sense to spend money that they could use to pay for college, so they can see their favorite musician up close, but is it really worth it?

Stars like Nicki Minaj have been known to charge $295, so fans could meet with her in a private setting. Katy Perry also offered a meet and greet, but her price for the ticket was $495.

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Google Paying Bounty for Android Security Bugs

Large tech companies are notorious for paying large bounties if you report a security hole to them without exploiting it or publicly announcing it. In several cases companies such as Google and Microsoft have paid upwards of $50,000 when a security flaw was reported directly to them. The catch is none of these companies usually publicly announce their bounty offering.

Google is trying to beef up Android’s security and has announced that they will pay up to $8,000 to anyone that can find a security bug in Android. While Android devices haven’t proven to be that vulnerable on a large scale, individuals can easily be targeted if a hacker wishes to do so.

How exactly does the bounty scale work? It depends on how severe the vulnerability is and whether or not the person reporting the vulnerability includes a patch to fix the problem. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is one person still trying to figure it all out by reading up on Fortune.com and other websites. Simply reporting a vulnerability may pay as little as $500, while reporting a severe bug and including a well-written patch could pay as high as the $8,000 maximum. That’s why this bounty is most likely going to be more attractive to security researchers and coders rather than the general public.

If you think you’ve found a security vulnerability in Android and a patch to fix it, you may be in for a significant amount of cash. There is no estimate on how long Google will run this program, but their goal is to make Android as strong and secure as possible.

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Girl Gives to Cancer Patients

When a child has faced something as difficult as cancer that child feels for those who are facing similar illnesses and dealing with the kind of pain that she dealt with. Some children will choose to overlook those individuals who are dealing with what they have dealt with, though, finding it too hard to focus on that and to think about the past. One little girl who has been through cancer herself pushed through the pain of spending more time in the hospital – even if only as a visitor – and she delivered gifts to those who are currently facing cancer. Gianfrancesco Genoso thought this was extremely touching when he heard about it.

This little girl in Indiana decided to brighten the lives of cancer patients by bringing them toys, and she did this even after facing cancer, herself. This little girl feels for those who are facing what she has faced, and she has decided to work hard to brighten their lives and to help them through the pain.

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It Doesn’t Add up to Incorporate Olympic Valley

In a recent article published in the Sacramento Business Journal, the merits of incorporation for the small Olympic Valley community were found lacking. The Olympic Winter games were held in this beautiful valley but unfortunately, though an amazing claim to fame, it doesn’t support a city. A financial analysis by the Placar County Local Agency Formation Commission states that a city would be unable to be supported by such a small permanent population. The permenant population of Olympic Valley is less than 1000 people. RSG a land use firm hired by the commission for the analysis indicates that incorporation isn’t feasible.

The main revenue source of the town would be gained from hotel fees from tourists. The flux and seasonality of tourism would not provide a steady and reliable source of income. In fact, the prediction is that is if incorporated in the next year the deficit would be as much as $1.8 million by 2017-18, not a good way to start off a new city. This plan already includes a limited number of city employees as well as contracting many services out to the county. Alternative plans are being considered that more closely model the current structure of the community with the county. Unfortunately for incorporation supporters they have not been found to be sustainable either.
The push for incorporation was started by some residents a few years ago when a large hotel project was proposed by Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth, who you may have seen on the CBS show Undercover Boss. The hope was that incorporation would give the community members more say in these types of projects. Some of those opposed to the incorporation have formed a group called Save Our Valley. This group hopes the financial analysis will help all residents to see what is in the best interest of all the members of the community and their scenic home.
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Mount Everest Climbing Season May Be Canceled

The Nepalese government is weighing its options when it comes to the climbing season for the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. The potential cancellation is directly related to the earthquake that hit the region at the end of April.

The quake, centered near the nation’s capital, caused an avalanche on the mountain. The avalanche destroyed the path that is commonly taken by climbers up the mountain. While the Nepalese government has instructed sherpas to rebuild the path, the sherpas all agree that it is simply too dangerous to do so at the this time.

Mount Everest’s climbing season was gearing up when the earthquake hit Kathmandu. In fact, there were several groups already setting up at base camps on the mountain. The avalanche that was triggered by the quake claimed the lives of nearly 20 climbers.

An officially decision has not been made on the season by the government, but Sherpas are requesting the government cancel the season entirely. Not only are the sherpas tasked with climbing the mount, they are also tasked with keeping the trails safe. Because this can not be completed adequately, they’ve requested the cancellation.

If the decision comes to pass the 2015 climbing season will mark the second season in a row where climbing on Everest was canceled. The 2014 season was canceled when an avalanche killed 16 sherpas, as read by Brad Reifler. They had been working on the trails prior to the opening of the season when the avalanche took place.