The Blackhawks Have Almost Won the Series Read more

The Blackhawks Have Almost Won the Series

The Chicago Blackhawks won their first two games at home against the Minnesota Wild. They then went up to Minnesota for Game Three, feeling pretty good, and won that game as well. This really puts them in the driver’s seat and means that the team has just about taken the series. It’s a huge step forward and one that puts the Wild on the brink of elimination.

What’s more, the Hawks were able to win in a low-scoring shutout, 1-0. Usually, if a team is only able to get a single goal, it is not going to win. The new NHL really caters to high-scoring games and means that teams tend to score three or more goals with ease. For the Hawks to play so well that they could win with just that one point really shows that they are able to shut down the Wild’s offense firepower according to Crystal Hunt Photography.

Odds are that the Wild are not going to get swept. They won’t want to be embarrassed like that at home, so they should show up in Game Four and get the win. This is a team that has some talent and they won’t go quietly. However, few teams ever come back from three down and win a series, and the Hawks are too good to let that happen. This one is all but over, and it will just take two more games to make it official.