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Nine9 – The UnAgency

Anthony Toma, founder of Nine, the UnAgency in 2003. It is a talent agency that focuses on an approach that most agencies ignore. They are reinventing how actors and models break into the entertainment industry, and revolutionizing how they are represented in industry as well. Because of his approach, he is a well-respected, successful business man, and a powerful entrepreneur. See Photos Here .

Tomas became popular for for working with influential entertainment executives to bring people into the industry who previously would have never had a chance. The only qualifications you must have for his agency to represent you are drive, ambition, and determination. You must believe in yourself, and be willing to invest in your future success. Nine9 Offices .

Where Did the Idea for Nine9 Originate?

The idea for Nine9 Talent Agency actually came to Tomas when he was working in the grocery business. He was in search of a food industry franchise, but he accidentally bumped into a franchise focused on modeling and acting. This unexplored world was exciting. Not only could he build a successful career, he could help others build their career too.

Since the franchise came with preexisting structural elements and business models, set structural elements, and a well-known name he felt like he had it made. Over time, he grew his business by investing in 26 different parts of the franchises, with locations across the nation. Nine9 at LinkedIn .

Out with the Old in with the New

The business appeared successful, but with the number of investors that needed to be paid, the business eventually went under. Even though that business venture did not pan out, he learned to love the business, and decided to create his own company from scratch, using a business model similar to what he used in the franchise. In 2003, he started Coral Reef Productions Inc. Currently, this business operates under the business name Nine9. for more.