Why you should think about getting the services of MB2 dental Read more

Why you should think about getting the services of MB2 dental

According to White Pages, MB2 dental is a management firm that is affiliated with 19 dental practices. They offer solutions such as competent dentists, dental assistance and other services to the companies and practices that are associated with them.

The founders of the organization practiced as dentists for a long time and this gave them insights into the problems that are most common in the area. As a result, they have created a management practice that is responsive to the most important needs of their clients.

The firm has its headquarters in Dallas Texas and from the way it is growing, it is possible that they will be expanding their services to reach other areas soon.

The organization has been in the past involved in a controversy whereby it was claimed that they had knowingly made false claims for pediatric dental services that were not given to the Medicaid program. The company has finally agreed to make a refund to the tune of $8.45 million to resolve the case.

This announcement was made by Attorney John Parker of the Northern District of Texas. This is the first time that such a case has been made against the service, and the decision to make a settlement has been praised because it is the best way to put the past behind.

According to the attorney, the claims had been made by some of the dental practices that were affiliated with the company and had been made between 2009 and 2014. He stated that this was a step forward towards making sure that Taxpayers money did not get lost in false claims that were being made over services that were not offered.

The Medicaid program is owned jointly by the federal government and the states. Half of the settlement will be received by the state while the rest will go to the federal government.

MB2 Dental has its headquarter in Carrollton, Texas and was founded by Dr. Christopher Villanueva, Dr. Trung Mihn Tang, Dr. Mauricio Dardano and several others. They have all been ordered to each pay quarter of a million dollars towards the settlement of these claims.

The company’s head of marketing, Frank Villanueva will pay $100,000 as personal liability in the claims. A CIA has also been made to assess all of the pediatric dental claims that were made by the company to find out if there was any basis to them. This move was welcomed by the company as it will enhance their performance.