The House of Cards Collapse: Belle Gibson Wellness Guru Confesses Terminal Cancer Hoax Read more

The House of Cards Collapse: Belle Gibson Wellness Guru Confesses Terminal Cancer Hoax

In 2009, Belle Gibson claimed that she was diagnosed with an incurable form of brain cancer. She claimed that she only had months to live, but a miracle happened. After taking herself out of chemotherapy, she stated that she was going to attempt a holistic method of curing her cancer. To the world, years went by and she seemingly defeated death.

Fast forward to November of 2014, Gibson was quoted saying, “I believe that people are here to be teachers. And I know that I defied so many universal and life rules for a reason.”

Little did she know what kind of lesson she would be giving the world a few short months later. An Australian newspaper began attacking her story and piece by piece took down her holistic wellness empire.

Hoax or not? Watch the YouTube in-depth coverage of the story.

Gibson stacked a house of cards with her story, book, featured app, and over 200,000 loyal Instagram followers. She knew the cards were falling around here and confessed her lie. She simply stated, “None of it’s true,” to Australian Women’s Weekly. Gibson then continued on her high horse not asking for forgiveness, but for everyone to know she was a “human”. Quite an arrogant way to defuse a situation where you have lied to thousands of people over the past 6 years.

Brad Reifler (, a friend of mine, made a great point: Now that the world knows her entire story is a hoax, what else that she preached about living a healthier lifestyle is a lie?

Woman Poses As Dentist Read more

Woman Poses As Dentist

A 45 year-old woman named Volbona Yzeiraj from Albania was recently caught posing as a dentist near the Boraie Development LLC (more on location The woman had a small amount of dental training in Albania, but she was never trained in the United States. From 2012 to 2013, Volbona worked as an office manager for a dentist. When the dentist would leave the building, Volbona would work on the patients herself. She would introduce herself to the patients as Dr. Vol, and Volbona would then encourage her doomed patients to pay with cash for a discount. She performed root canals and other dangerous operations. However, many of her patients would return complaining that they had bad infections from the procedures.

Patients came in day after day, and they would complain about the poor work that Volbona had done. The real dentist was angry that Volbona performed the procedures without his consent. The dentist immediately fired Volbona, and the patients that Volbona worked on were surprised and angry to find out that their surgeries were preformed illegally. Volbona Yzeiraj has been sentenced to seven years in prison, which surprisingly shocked her. Stories like these are exactly why people fear the dentist. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.